My thoughts for @steem-ua and a couple of reasons why I delegated 2500 SP!

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Hello everyone

I think we all agree that the current reputation system kinda sucks. What? No? Cmon guys, it surely does...It is a number indicating the total amount of $ received for each user total payouts. Meaning that if you come across to a 70+ account you can easily understand that the sum of its total payouts is higher than an account with a reputation score of 63. Simple as that!

But it is also a number which can easily be manipulated since even if a new user with a new account, has a lot of money to spend on bid bots his reputation score can reach at a high reputation score, even if his potential payouts aren't organic (voted by other users)

So what? Who cares anyway...?

Well, up until now nobody actually did care. But as I said before since this number can easily be manipulated, there are suspicions that some users created new accounts, made a couple of posts and boosted those posts in order to achieve high payouts. Therefore their reputation score dramatically increased which had a result to claim more Byteball tokens during the last airdrop than they should have. So I guess we should care after all....

But we have a new sheriff in town...@steem-ua!

Just kidding...we haven't changed our sheriff...

Now unless you've been living in a cave or something @steem-ua is probably what was missing from this platform. It is a very complex algorithm developed by @scipio and @holger80 and it is a totally new metric for reputation score.

In essence, UA can be seen as a new Reputation metric: it looks at the entire Steem Follower Graph and carefully tracks who follows who. It doesn't directly care about how "rich" an account is, or how old it is, or how much an account has posted, but please keep in mind that those factors do indeed indirectly influence any account's UA score.

That being said, someone can easily distinct if an account is real or if it's a bot account. So this algorithm calculates all the above parameters (I think that they will also add the comment activity in the equation) and provides a unique number for every user known as UA score and everyone can see theirs if you visit their site You can also read their introduction post if you haven't already.

Mine looks like this...

2018-08-31 19_11_06-https___steem-ua.com_5000_auth_access_token=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.png

I've delegated to @steem-ua 2.500 SP and here's why.

I think there are amazing apps built on the steem block chain like @Dtube, @Dlive, @Steepshot, etc but what these guys achieved with @steem-ua will definitely push Steemit / steem, one step forward. It is also a way to fight abuse and their partnership with @utopian-io makes a really powerful combination!

As we speak they have managed to receive almost 185.000 SP from active users in just a few days. And since members like @cryptoctopus @stellabelle @neoxian @ausbitbank @elear @jaki01 (just to name a few) trust their stake to these guys, indicates that this is a really powerful tool. Hard work eventually pays off. Well deserved guys!! It is the first time I decided to delegate part of my stake and I actually did it without second thoughts.

At this point I want to mention that anyone can delegate their SP starting from just 25SP even though there are some benefits for those who delegate to @steem-ua I decided to delegate 2500 SP because I want this program to succeed. It would be amazing to see them receive a fat delegation and spread love to everyone who deserves it on this platform.

You can also talk to them on Discord where they'll happily answer to all the questions you may have.

Thanks for your time!
As always feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section below!

PS. A resteem would be highly appreciated. The more people know about @steem-ua the better!


Until next time...
Stay awesome!
Cheers @mindtrap

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Good write-up, I am convinced. Just delegated 250 SP to them!


I delegated, too - yay neroo!


That is great @geke!


Me too geke✌️


I am really glad that you like it. Seems like a wise choice if you ask me! The more we empower them the best everyone. It’s a win-win!

Well said, I do see another push forward for Steemit

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It is a community effort and seems that community responds pretty well!


indeed, I was get to know the reputation system recently(sad), however that's coincident, another just far fair and better is released. I am very very curiosity now to see how it will look like and act like in a not far futures. Thanks both Steemit and @steem-ua

at 100SP and up to 250SP soon as I can!


Great to hear it @dynamicrypto

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How is this not the steemit establishment putting up barriers for the plebs?
I hope things like minnowbooster & small steemit co-ops will not be undermined by these whale guilds.


I don't really understand what you mean. Are you familiar with steem-ua?

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Thanks for the tips guys!
That’s almost a complete guide!!

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Great and powerful blog this is wow mindtrap your here to free minds of worry and that itself adds value to the steemit platform thanks alot for this stay well and keep the Great Blogs coming Oh thanks for joining the steemit family a joy it is


Thanks so much for stopping by and all those kind words!


Your welcome


lookintothis.jpg can I have your permission to post this in my meme blog mindtrap?


Of course you do!


Agree with your each points @mindtrap. Even a shit poster rich to a higher level just by bying bidbot votes. There are many user who keep playing with bid bots just to reach on too. Does not matter what is there. Content looks alike. @steem-ua definatelly going to show some clear picture and help more user engagement.

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I think that @smartsteem and @therealwolf have already implemented @steem-ua’s algorithm in order to have a clear picture, which I think is the first step in order to stop abuse and in my opinion, all bot owner should follow..