@tyrnannoght : updated washed-up beach tileset

in tyrnannoght •  2 months ago 

Work in progress , i don't really have an idea on how this all impacts memory usage - i sure can get an idea on how it impacts bytevolume, im seriously in the megabytes by now but since Tyrnannoght is not "mobile first" i somewhat rest assured in the fact that the last C.O.D. demo i downloaded on Steam (not steem :p) was over 15 GiGabytes, for a demo .... to think people still want "limited" dataplans for internet usage equal El-mao imo


Also available on #opengameart

here : https://opengameart.org/users/alleycat

among other #stuff ... i already have a buyer (= lol ) for the "itchy" tune here and also here , which is really nice, thank you @ Grod Vidar - if you make six figures feel free to get me a server rig i can use for this here game :p, otherwise, it's nice to be appreciated enough to be used in a project !!!

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