Do you know what Typeearn is ... ?.... I invite you to discover what it is.

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Let's make this more interesting, Open contest I offer 30% of what this publication generates will be for the winner .. Keep reading until the end there are rules.

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Recently I was reading the following post: BuildTeam Spotlight: TypeEarn which I thought was great and surprising, the first thing I thought was to find out more about what it is and share this information.

Do you know what typeearn is?

What I understood from the project is that Typeearn serves so that people can learn much better to type by checking the writing speed and best of all, they gain more experience.

According to the creator of this tool @tykee, he says that there is another layer that will allow people to create tasks of different types. This function is not available because they will need professionals to take care of the tasks based on their needs, which I think will be great since you can become a new way of working with this tools.

But something big is happening, the creators are also supporting Steem-engine created a negotiable token called Typecoin (TPC) to reward people as they get involved in the typing challenge, and work on the platform.

Screenshot_2019-10-19 Steem Engine - Smart Contracts on the STEEM blockchain.png

Typeearn is created so that all users can have fun taking the time it takes to write in this way you can increase your writing speed, serve as a means for people to access quality services of freelancers, obtain monetary value to through the Typeearn currency and more.

How can you win Typecoin (TPC)

This is the section to undermine while improving your typing skills. There are chances of mining five times in 24 hours. The number of words written and your writing speed will determine the amount of Typecoin you will earn. The additional and smart way to maximize your earnings is to have a tangible amount of Typecoin in the Steem engine portfolio. The amount of Typecoin in your Steem engine wallet is converted to Typepower by default, which will be added to the TPC volume you will earn.

Ok there is a method to get TypeCoin, the first thing you should do is log in to your using SteemConnect then look for the Earn option press start

Screenshot_2019-10-18 Typeearn(2).png

You have to know that, there must be a minimum of 20TPC in the user portfolio of the Steem engine before he / she can win. This is to reduce potential abuse. In addition, mining metrics are subject to change depending on how effective they are on the value of the token and the growth of the project. In addition, we are not storing any token, and the good thing is security since you use Steemconnect to log in to the application.

There is a publishing functionality where you can write about your typing activities and publish on Steem. After each round of typing, a pop-up window appears asking if you want to share on Steem. This feature will direct the user to the publication editor, and the user can write and publish directly through the site. At the moment, there is no function to access the blogs or feeds of [] ( But, they are creating improvements for the project, and implementing some features similar to those of Steemit.

Practicing becomes the teacher

The gain is limited; practice is not. There is an unlimited section for users to continue writing. The section is also accessible without registering. The only objective is to involve all users in continuous practice.

Screenshot_2019-10-18 Typeearn(1).png

If you have any questions or suggestions you can join their server Discord. I suggest you follow: @tykee, @typeearn, @typeearnblog

Let's make this more interesting, I offer 30% of what this publication generates.

But you must log in at, you must achieve the best time in typing the paragraph described there.

The contest rules:

  • You must give Resteem to this publication.
  • You can make a publication that talks about typpeearn but you should include the capture where the time it takes to transcribe is shown and if you announce it in your Discord. in the room # typeearn-promotion.
  • If you make a post you have to leave a comment on this post with the link.
  • If you do not want to make a publication about it just leave a comment with the screenshot to verify the time you did in the transcription.
  • One entry per participant.

Success to the best participant.

Example image.

Project Hope Venezuela is an initiative created to grow.

You See more about it at:

@coach.piotr -PROJECT #HOPE - day one

Visit our website


Partners supporting my work:

Thanks for visiting, I appreciate your opinion.

"In your constant evolution".


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A very interesting way to earn chips and learn at the same time. The typing exercise is of great importance to all of us who are in this job, it would save time that can be used in other activities.

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Hi @ekushya
Thank you for your participation, you are already in the game ..

Greetings from Venezuela

The vision behind this project is wonderful. Earning while having fun typing and at the same time increasing your speed.

Hi @lanzjoseg

I must admit that I've never heard about Typeearn until just now. We're learning through our entire life :)

What I understood from the project is that Typeearn serves so that people can learn much better to type by checking the writing speed and best of all, they gain more experience.

I did find it a bit confusing. So why word "earn" is being used here.

It does look like interesting tool, however I don't see it really being usefull. Plus TPC economy doesn't look very sustainable.

The problem most tools and tokens have is the fact, that many developers have an idea and then they are trying to sell their idea. Instead of looking for problems that users have and find solution to those problems.
Perhaps I'm wrong here. I just don't see much use for that tool and I don't see way of bringing value into TPC token.

Surely this is well done tool, with very neat website. I wish them all the best.


Hi, and thanks for sharing your opinion on Typeearn.

It does look like interesting tool, however I don't see it really being usefull. Plus TPC economy doesn't look very sustainable.

Typeearn is still a pretty new project and there are huge plans for expansion. We are currently working on adding more features and functionality that could bring in more value to the project as well as the token. We are just on the first phase of the project. Believe me, the real typeearn is just on its way. This is the intro post and I think you will get more info here

One of the use cases of the Typecoin will be a means of payment for professional services. Did you check the TASK page? While we work on building the project, we are also reaching out to many professionals within and outside the blockchain to join the moving train of typeearn and adopt Typecoin as the means of payment.

Perhaps I'm wrong here. I just don't see much use for that tool

The basic reason for the basic typing tools is to bring more people to the Steem Blockchain with simple, easy to use and fun dapp. Thousands of people Spend time on Typeraser everyday. What do you think would happen if we can bring these huge numbers here on the Steem BC?

Again, thank you!

@tykee, Typeearn founder.

I like this one... makes me remind a game I used to play...


Just not sure why "," and "'" and "." help on writing like this... Would like to understand if there is an already study about it, in case it helps.

Otherwise I can only think the above (punctuation) to be an "on purpose" random difficulty to avoid parser's to game the software.

Thanks for this one... will definitively play a couple of times to see until where I can go...

Hello @forykw Friend

I give you the reason when you say that it is possible that it is a random way when placing the words, I have practiced several times and they always change.

Thanks for participating.

It is good to practice writing speed :-)

Hi @bucipuci
Okay, I'm waiting for your entry.



I haven't registered yet. Maybe postpone it to Saturday :-)

Hey @lanzjoseg, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

@tipu curate and nominate

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Interesting app. I'd like to check it out, but even more fascinated that this kind of thing is happening on blockchain.

How much it will cost to get that 20 TPC?

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Hi @hafiz34

You can do it in the practice area, without buying.

@lanzjoseg, Looks like fun game. If Typing becomes rewarding then there is nothing exciting aspect than that. Keep up the good work and stay blessed.

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To be able to win TPC, must I have 20 TPC in my wallet?
There is no other way?

Yup, having 20 TPC is necessay.

The punctuation marks are pretty much useless.


I can do better tho, get 10 tpc per day.

Hi @darksun You're right but part of the test. Thanks for participating

Thanks for having me.

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