#24hourcontest: People on another planet discover Earth holds life.

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The two space armadas met to engage in all out war. They represented Galactic Civilizations. Meaning their respective galaxies had been completely colonized as they looked to add nearby galaxies to their systems of technology and commerce.

This war would establish a boundary in the infinite universe.

Giant spaceships like aircraft carriers launched the smaller fighters. Medium sized ships served different functions from supply to shields to large guns. Each side had developed their own successful model for engaging in space warfare that had served them well for millions of years.

Now these burgeoning empires faced each other in a monumental display of power. Ironically, the different stories of evolution rang surprisingly familiar.

“Here we go!” Said the Pilot to his Navigator, as their small space fighter craft shot lasers at an enemy spaceship causing an explosion in the vacuum of the void surrounding everything.

“Hold on, looks like we’ve got something on our tail!” Yelled the Navigator, as he looked out his window at a medium heavy cruiser closing in with a powerful experimental weapon.

“Read you loud and clear. Performing an evasive maneuver to protect the mother ship!”

Both the Pilot and the Navigator were pushed back in their seats with the G forces created at such a high speed even in outer space. They were now facing the medium heavy cruiser in what amounted to a suicide mission.

The Pilot began firing the lasers from the small fighter at the medium heavy cruiser, which fired its new experimental weapon. The Pilot dodged the ray as he continued on a path of destruction. The mother ship then shot what amounted to an advance missile destroying the medium heavy cruiser.

The unintended consequence of this skirmish within the larger battle happened to be the creation of a wormhole that swallowed the small fighter craft before disappearing. The reason would later be discovered and attributed to the new experimental weapon of the enemy.


In the chaos that ensued because of the wormhole both the Pilot and the Navigator were knocked unconscious.

When they woke up, they were sitting in their small fighter craft in the middle of nowhere.

“Any idea where we are?” Asked the Pilot.

The Navigator used their system to pinpoint their position in the universe in relation to the empire that they served.

“Looks like we’re about a hundred light years from Numus, on the edge of the frontier,” said the Navigator. “We’ve jumped into a region of space untouched by the advances of a Galactic Civilization. Neither Adromeda, nor Lexcon have scouted this galaxy. We’re pioneers!”

“Good God. At least we’re in neutral territory,” said the Pilot. “We’re looking banged up here. We need to find a source of fuel.”

“I’ll see what I can find,” said the Navigator.

“Might have beat you to it. Looks like there’s a tin can flying in front of us, let’s get a closer look.” And the Pilot hit the thrusters a bit until they were beside the UFO he’d seen with his eyes. It had a large disc pointing toward the nearest star, and antennae for communication. In letters they could not understand it said, “Voyager 1”.

“Well look at this! Must have been launched from some primitive population,” said the Pilot.

“Let me double check the trajectory,” said the Navigator. And a moment later he added, “Yep, it’s from a solar system around that nearest star. Must be the first vehicle they’ve launched into interstellar space. They have no idea.”

“Well let’s keep them in the dark. Switching to stealth mode. We can make it there no problem. We’ll even have some time to figure things out. Only were going to need to find some fuel if we want to make it back home.”

“Roger that!”

About an hour later they touched down on a remote island on Earth. Here they would be able to rest and get cleaned up before their search for fuel began.

Thank you,
Cyrus Emerson

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Red Roses Dress.jpg

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Red Roses sound by Pond5

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