How To: Live-Stream To Multiple Platforms Simultaneously. OBS to nginx to DLive, Restream, Twitch, YouTube

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Imagine this scenario:

  • You're a live streamer and you built a following of faithful viewers.
  • Your channel's growth stagnates lately but you want to become bigger.
  • You discover a new alternative streaming platform and want to try it.
  • You like the new platform but you don't want to abandon your hard-built, faithful viewership on your original platform.
  • You don't have to decide between them, you can use them all at the same time!

Whether you can relate to this scenario or not, you clicked my article, so chances are that for whatever reason you need to or want to do this. ;-)
Maybe just for the sake of it (like me, because I can) or for the potential of getting viewers over from one platform to another, for example from to or vice versa.
Another nice side effect: this will give DLive more exposure on other platforms and get new users interested in both DLive and Steemit.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do that. I won't focus too much on generally setting up each individual application or service in detail, but more on how to fill the missing links between them.


Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) streams to a local proxy server (nginx), which relays your stream to multiple destinations via the RTMP protocol.
restream flowchart.png


  1. nginx Download + Setup
  2. DLive Settings
  3. (Optional) Sign Up + Setup
  4. OBS Settings
  5. Start streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously

Step 1: nginx

  • Download nginx with the RTMP module included.
    To save time, I used this precompiled version of nginx. You could also use this newer one or compile the latest version yourself, I didn't try it yet though.

  • Extract nginx to a folder of your choosing (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\nginx-rtmp-win32-master)

  • Configure nginx
    Go to the conf subfolder and edit nginx.conf (I use Notepad++ for better readability).
    If you already know the RTMP URLs and stream keys of the respective platforms, you can enter them now. Otherwise, keep nginx.conf open to fill the blanks later.
    In the screenshot, you can see three destination servers (the second one is inactive/commented out by using # in front of the text)
    nginx conf blacked.png
    You can add as many destinations as you want by adding another push line, consisting of the RTMP URL ended by a semicolon:
    push rtmp://[Streaming Server and Key];
    The URL syntax differs from platform to platform, be sure to copy it correctly.

  • Start nginx.exe
    If configured correctly, it will be listening on port 1935 for incoming RTMP transmissions. You can skip to step 4, if you have already set up your streaming platforms.
    If nginx doesn't start, check the error.log in the logs subfolder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\nginx-rtmp-win32-master\logs)

Step 2: DLive Settings

On, click Go Live

  • Make sure Current Transcoder is set to DLive (Update | v0.6.0: Our Most Exciting Update!)
  • Get Server URL and enter it into nginx.conf like described in step 1:
    rtmp://[Stream Key]/[Stream Name]
    dlive encoder auth.png

Step 3: (Optional) Sign Up + Setup

Theoretically, you wouldn't need, you could use nginx locally for an unlimited number of output destinations.
In reality, you may face the problem of limited upstream bandwidth though.
To solve that problem, I use nginx to forward the stream to only two destinations: DLive and From, you can then forward to all 30+ supported destinations for free.
You may wonder why not just stream directly from OBS to
Well, you can do that, but not for free. They don't support DLive yet, so you would need the custom RTMP option, which costs $ 14.99 / month.

restream dashboard.png Dashboard

  • Get RTMP URL of your nearest/fastest Server
  • Enter it into nginx.conf like described in step 1 (e.g. rtmp://[Stream Key])

Step 4: OBS Settings

obs stream settings.png

  • In OBS Settings, go to Stream.
  • Select Stream Type Custom Streaming Server
  • Enter the RTMP URL rtmp://[Local IP Address]/live/
  • Stream key can be anything because we don't have authentication enabled in nginx.

Step 5: Start Streaming

Once everything is set up correctly:

  1. Start nginx.exe
  2. Start OBS
  3. Go Live on DLive
  4. Start Streaming in OBS

obs cam with chat.png
OBS scene with camera and browser chat windows

Congratulations, you're now streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously!

  • Check your channel on each platform to verify the stream is running fine.
  • Monitor each channel's chat room for best viewer interaction. There is a nice feature on, combining multiple chat rooms.
  • Have fun.

I hope you liked my tutorial, thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

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Although, I am not a broadcaster but it is good to know something like this method exist. You really nail it to the head @spreadfire for making us knew about this tactics. It help somehow to lessen the burden of broadcastibg live. Great information


Thanks @hiroyamagishi! I'm glad you like it. Although my steemit name is @spreadfire1, the other one must be an imposter 😉 just kidding

valuable post. need to resteem for my future references. I need it. thanks again


I'm glad you find it helpful, thanks for reading and resteeming! :-)

Hey! I loved the tutorial! I was wondering if you could clarify for me what im actually supposed to put in there? or tell me how to find it? thanks in advance!


Hi @thatterrioguy,
You can use this rtmp address:


So just that will work? thanks dude! You should do an update on this article now that this is going to be sought after more after the dlive thing....

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Nice detailed post. That's the kind of content that should be promoted on steemit

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Fabulous article, even though I will have to go back and reread it a couple times to process everything. My husband and I were just talking about how to cover all avenues to continue to grown and expand out business.

Okay I have a really big important time sensitive question. Lol. I'm Omi by the way. Hi. Last year I was researching multistreaming and I'm wondering if you know this set up can also multi-stream to Facebook and Periscope. I heard Periscope has a new streaming api or something. Have you done it? I'm possibly looking to do a big steem campaign on Saturday. Thanks @spreadfire1


Hi @omitaylor,
Yes you can :-)
I haven't tried those two platforms, but the principle should be the same like in my article. Get the rtmp URL of each respective platform and enter it in nginx.conf


Okay so has free periscope, but Facebook is a custom rtmp that you have to pay for on So would it be more efficient to use periscope within and fb at the nginx point? keeps your ram and bandwidth from running out, right?

This is a legit guide my man

very very good post🙏🙏
thank you for share post❤
If you have time to visit my blog

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

just the information I was looking for thank you!


I'm glad I could be helpful :-)

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Think well in the post about how to reach the top of the peak, from the platform of viewers, from different platforms through different streams of live streams, DBL, Restrict, Twitch, YouTube to NBX, OBS, for example, invite people to see everyone on different days.

"To save time, I used this precompiled version of nginx. You could also use this newer one or compile the latest version yourself, I didn't try it yet though." why do you link it then...


Hi @vanvaldenburg!

why do you link it then...

There are people who don't trust precompiled software by some random dude because there could be malicious code in it. I, for my part, decided to prioritize the lesser time consumption higher than the small uncertainty of malicious software. Also, it is in the nature of software, that there are improvements made, bugs fixed, and updates get released over time. Just to name two good reasons, why you would want to use a newer precompiled version or compile one yourself.
Since the older version works for me, I will keep using it for now. Maybe you heard of the phrase "Never touch a running system". ;-)
I hope I could clear this up. :-)

it just doesn't work, nginx has no errors and i can start the stream in OBS but nginx never sends out anything to the rtmp urls i specified


Hi @vanvaldenburg!
Please make sure you read the instructions thoroughly and followed them correctly.
If so, let's narrow down the possible error causes.
Is the RTMP URL correct? Did you successfully stream to it before, without the nginx layer between?
If yes, the problem could be in the nginx configuration.
Is there an error.log existing in the logs subfolder of nginx (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\nginx-rtmp-win32-master\logs)?
This usually gives a pretty good idea about the problem's cause.
Please let me know if you made any progress or if there is anything you need help with.

thanks for wasting my time with this garbage tutorial

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