Update | v0.6.0: Our Most Exciting Update!

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Welcome to another DLive.io update announcement.

Before we get to the updates, we want to take a moment to thank everyone that has been using our platform. The community is what makes DLive special and that is why we truly believe the rewards belong to the author. DLive does not take any beneficiary rewards. With that being said, the DLive Team is working around the clock, to bring you the best live streaming and video experience.


Soft Launch of DLive Stream Servers

We are proud to announce the DLive Stream Servers. We have upgraded our infrastructure to include servers around the world (North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia). When using the DLive Stream Servers you will automatically be assigned to the server that suits you best.

When using the new stream servers you can expect a dramatic decrease in latency, with a higher video quality, improving the experience as a live streamer overall.

We are calling it a soft launch because we may encounter issues and want to resolve them before the official launch, but we want to give the community a chance to use these new servers and provide us feedback.

There will be a slight change in the process to start your broadcast. You will be given the option to select between the DLive Stream Servers and Wowza Servers in your Go Live Dashboard. If you use the DLive Stream Servers, enter the encoder information into your broadcasting software before clicking Next.

The recommended settings when using the DLive Stream Servers is:

Keyframe Interval: 2 seconds (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
Video Bitrate: 2500 to 2800
Authentication Needed: No
Encoding: Software (x264) or NVENC H.264
Audio Bitrate: 160
Rescale Output: 1280x720
Rate Control: CBR
Enforce Streaming service bitrate limits: Yes
Encoder Preset: Veryfast
Profile: Main
Recommended FPS: 30
When using the recommended settings above, ensure that your upload speed is atleast 3.5Mbps. If the recommended settings do not work, try lowering the settings but always keep the Keyframe Interval at 2.

Screenshot in OBS Settings:
OBS Output Advanced settings - video

OBS Output Advanced Settings - audio

When using the DLive Stream Servers you may run into an issue with the past broadcasts being lost. This is a known issue right now and a fix is being worked on.

If at any point you experience issues, please report them to the DLive Team on Discord and switch back to the Wowza Servers(legacy stream server).


URL Preview

When posting your DLive URL on other platforms (e.g. Slack) you will notice that the Thumbnail, Title and a brief Description will show up with the link. We are still working to enable this feature within Discord.



About Page

We have officially launched the About Page. This page is something that you can share with your family and friends to give them a brief description of what DLive is.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the emoji in Title bug.
  • Follow bug when entering a live stream or video of a person that you have already followed.
  • Other miscellaneous bugs fixed.

If you encounter bugs, please let us know about them. Reporting bugs can be done through the Help Center or via our Discord Server #help-center channel.


What's Coming Next?

We want to give the community something to look forward to. We will be including this section in all of our update announcements going forward.

Some of the functionality and features that we are currently working on are:

  • Off-Chain Live Chat Room.
  • DLive Streaming Alert Functionality.
  • "Gifting" Features.
  • "Make Requests to the Broadcaster" Features.
  • User Interface Re-Design.


Visit the DLive Official Shop!



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Visit the DLive website!


Great update and great app.

One question though. If you don't take beneficiary rewards, how do you plan to pay for the servers and support development in the long-run?

I imagine hosting all these videos will require a pretty big infrastructure?

Hello @kirkins,

Thank you for your question and comment.

We do not use delegation to fund the DLive project as we do not take cuts from author rewards.
In the near future, our project will be funded by:

Dlive tokens sound awesome :)

That just sound really amazing. I think you'd take over the DTube market share too with that kind of a model. Wish you the very best of luck!

Dlive has 2million delighted SP, plenty to fund the project.

Right on @quinneaker. Not taking a cut of the rewards makes me want to use this platform instead of Dtube. Thank you @dlive for creating an incredible platform for us content creators to flourish.

Been asking this since i joined dlive great you did and got some answer. I guess the answer i'm willing to take is the 2M delegated SP is enough to share with the team as @quinneaker stated.. But we don't know how this will play out in the long run... Never know when the delegator, we all know who, will take it back. So when that happens, this question will play in everyone's mind.

I have been wondering the same thing.

Thank you for asking.

We are most likely thinking about other systems and ways people can support our growth and development by their own will. That means that whoever wants to support, can do so, but we are not forcing everyone to do that.

Thank you guys. You are the most viable growth point in the whole steem ecosystem.

Awesome! Lower latency and the 'coming next' features sound great. Question for the development team: will you be adding any kind of API endpoints or anything that will be able to used to work with the new features?

Since our development team is not active on Steemit I'll take the courage to answer on behalf of them:
Yes, we are planning to release an API at some point, but before we want to get the main things done so everything will work nicely when we do that.

Let's knockout YouTube. Love it!

Great news Dlive, love all the new features. Upward and onward. I'll will try out the new settings right now on my Dlive!


Yes! This is great news! I love the URL update, now others can see a description and image. Hopefully the Discord feature will be implemented soon! Thanks for the info!

Great updates and the features that you're working on looks exciting too. Soo pleased to be part of this amazing community :D

What a comeback! Thank you so much for your great efforts and invest. I can perfectly understand that you're excited about it - and so are we.

You'll find lots of purple coloured emoji hearts in titles from now on, I hope you're aware!? :-D

Thank you!!! 💜
loved and resteemed

Cannot wait to use these for exhibition in a few weeks latency was something I was worried about; smashed it!!

Great job team @dlive! I noticed my stream quality increased quite a lot today and I already have pretty much the same settings as you recomended other than themost important one -.-

Using 2500 bitrate made me drop a lot of frames though, had to downscale to 2000. Could this be because of keyframe interval being set to 0? My connection is ~100/15.

@runicar - Most probably it's because of that. Please try by setting it to 2, it should work fine.

YES! you guys are CRUSHING it. nice one of the sharing of the settings for streaming, i'm gonna put them in today and do some testing! :) WOOT! :) any chance of like paid for 60fps/5000kps pro servers we pay for/towards a fund after the testing phase? exciting times ahead! :)

Hi @teamhumble,
Thank you for your comment.
Yes, we are planning to provide "Premium services" in future.

SWEET :) excited for that, excellent. well put me down. because i want to see @dlive succeed in this space.

Huge news and looking forward to trying out the new features on my streams later...

Love seeing all the support for Dlive and the community. Best on the blockchain....I wear this proudly lol


Nice to see this on you 😁

Yessir! Perfect fit too!

May I ask how are you satisfied with the shirt quality and with the shirt overall? Asking this to get feedback if we should change something with the shirts or not. : )

It was perfect. I'm a larger dude so finding a good fit for shirts online is always a gamble. But it fit perfectly. And the quality was bang on too.

Excellent news, dlive is growing and flourishes, hold your seats tight, folks. :D :D :D FOREVER DLİVE <3 " Off-Chain Live Chat Room, DLive Streaming Alert Functionality and User Interface Re-Design. " when are these updates likely to come? :)

I am really happy to be in @dlive. Thanks for everything...

What a great idea to make dedicated servers for different regions of the globe! I wonder, do they cost a lot? Anyway, great job for this, everybody wanted to see a decrease in latency!

They cost quite some, I'm afraid. :P

My main problem was bitrate acting like some sine wave dropping to single digits. Another was stream delay.

It's really good information, It will be a good impact for newcomers to join, they will know now how to use it to increase value. Thanks for sharing it.

Awesome! Great to see these features coming. Looking forward to the new user interface re-design as well!

Thanks so much for all your hard work. I've been having a blast streaming on DLive, and I'm excited to see that development is so active.

I am very excited about this update. Thanks for everything DLive !

here is the problem haha, I tried to use this medium for the first time and it has been impossible, now I can understand that it can be for this update, I'll wait until tomorrow to use it and take advantage of the new update, Regards!

Hey there! Please use VeryFast. "Medium" is for high powered CPU's. If you require any more advice/help please pop into our DLive discord :)

DLive Community Team

Going To Try it now!

One question though, Is there a way to stream with my smartphone ?

Thank you @dlive!

Yeah, This is Dlive Big Deal Man ....

Thats alot of updates! Good to see Dlive growing and growing.. :)

Awesome news! Keep up the good work, guys :D

a great update....! I always wish Dlive to be a huge platform.
Thanks for team Dlive, who has worked hard for this update.
I am proud to be a member of the Dlive community.
love Dlive,
greetings from Dliver.

Great news, gonna get to streaming!

Nice information

Wohoo, awesome job guys! You're doing a lot for the steem ecosystem :) tipuvote! 0.2

Great news Dlive. I really need Dlive.

Realy great news Server around the World ! Cant wait to get off chain chat rooms . No Support for the AMD h264 encoder ?

Ausgezeichnet. Da wird doch heute Abend direkt der Live Stream angeschmissen!!

Thanks for including my video thumbnail in your blog post! Well done for doing all these updates, the upcoming 'gifting' feature also looks very interesting :)

Love the update, looking forward to the new servers! What are the north american server locations?

Very nice Update.
Just great, how much you work on the platform. You are doing a great job.

I love how dlive take care of its content creators. And great to see all these development for dlive.

Awesome news!! Thanks so much for the update and everything you guys are doing. DLIVE is the best community online! 😁👍💜💜💜

Thank you @dlive. this is amazing. I live in Europe so i changed my internet (upload speed from 4 mbs to 40-45mbs) to stream games on dlive. but now i can stream on high quality level. great update :)

Nice update! Follow bug always tricks me, I will adjust my settings accordingly!

You guys are rolling updates out fast!

Love that Australia has a server... I"m not a streamer but i'm sure lots of Aussies will appreciate it.. The streaming alert is a great feature in the future, much needed..

Awesome updates in store for steemians / dlive family! Comeback is real, we may stumble but we will not fall. All of this is for our perfecting. If i could put my favorite discord pandab emoji here i would definitely would. ;)

Be strong, keep up the epic work & God bless us all! :)

We are so pleased to announce this update! Happy Streaming everybody!

Thank you for this update, you worked relentlessly for us to have the best experience.

Good post and good luck congratulations continues like this

so thankful for your tireless efforts! dLive's reliability is a godsend <3

Loving my DLive!! These updates have been most excellent.

This has been such a terrific experience for me, even during Mercury retrograde!

Thanks for being my first go-to these days for all of my favorite posts and subjects. I never had the livestream thing down before this and it's been such a cool way to build and support community.

Love you guys! Thanks for this!

always looking forward !!

Update I am so glad that you are. Because dlive needed these servers. It gets better every day. Dlive forever <3

One of the best updates, really bravo, the delay is finally reduced to bottom what allows to answer quickly, thank [email protected] !!

This is excellent, I will be aware of your announcements. I recommend to the users that they join the discord it is sensational to be able to interact directly. I did not know they had a clothing store, everything is beautiful.

Glad to see continued efforts to increase scale-ability and reliability with a drop of quality of life to top it off very nice Dlive is Lit^ all the way up^.

Awww this is so awesome to here! I love the dlive shop! So much cute gear!

Very excited for this update!! I'm hoping this will help improve my stream quality! Keep up the good work DLive :D

YES! This is totally good! <3 Thankyou so much for everything you're doing @dlive ! Please include an artists section! Creative! <3 We need a place to stream too! YAY!

Love Ya DLIVE :D

oh nice! can't wait to test out the improved latency with the new servers!

Congrats, you made the @dtube #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below

This version is so perfect , i like it 😊

I'm just testing it !! That's awesome !!!!
Congrats for this update !! And thanks !

So much better quality now! Big thank you for offering the Dlive stream service!

Very cool updates indeed and well done Dlive team! I am super excited to try out the new stream servers! 👍

Wow.... Nice
Keep it up

Nice update and nice post. Keep up the good work !! Good Luck @dlive

Despite voting compromise that should affect any ordinary team, i respect your tenacious mega effort to release the future for steemit on @dlive... just test it today and 0% drop frame on OBS, this is freaking awesome... thanks a lot @dlive, now i can concentrate on bringing in more other improvement for my live streaming, knowing the quality part have been taken care by @dlive at background... :)

works great, now I can finally use higher bitrate than 2000. so far, 2500 bitrate with nvenc and no dropped frames :-)

why do not you ever appreciate me again? is there something wrong with me?

Đây là một ứng dụng thật tuyệt vời.

Nice updates again. Thank you DLive, i am very excited about these updates...

Thank God and you! I did not expect! Thank you so much!

Một ứng dụng rất tuyệt vời

I am very excited to start live streaming! STEEM UP!


if Dlive in updated then the better, I've shared as many as three posts through Dlive, but I have not found a hard one. Thanks @dlive

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.
Good day, I give you a warm welcome ... I hope you have much success and fortune in steemit.
i followed you if you intrested follow me back.....

That sounds really great. Finally we can stream in nice quality in europe as well! Ill test it out later :)

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