Tutorial- How to use chronicle script by @inertia

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Today I'll show you how to use Chronicle script by @inertia.

You will need linux or any flavor of linux like ubuntu ,centOS or fedora. If you dont have one check here to run it as virtual player on windows machine.

You will also need ruby and gem installed on linux, if you don't have it check here uptil step 11.

Now we are ready to download chronicle and run, here are commands

$ git clone https://gist.github.com/e8325ad50b42f1fd9d01d3dddde397ef.git chronicle
$ cd chronicle
$ bundle install


Now we need to go to chronicle folder and open up chronicle.yml, here we will create our post. You have additional customization options such as max upvote, selecting percent_steemdollars etc. Also don't forget to replace social account and key with your account and posting key.


For this post, i've set percent steem dollars to 10%, meaning 90% of this post payout will be in steem power!
Once your done with editing ,save and go back to terminal.

In terminal type following command:

$ ruby chronicle.rb

You have now successfully submitted a new story using chronicle script to steemit blockchain!

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