Animated 2D Door Open Close on Trigger | Unity Tutorial with Example / Scripts

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Here's my animated 2D door for Unity Games. It allows player objects to trigger the door to open by walking on a trigger zone and close when all objects have left the trigger zone. It can play audio sounds when opening and closing and comes setup with my sample animations.

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Thank you for sharing your experience @christutorials, I must show it to my son, my son is very interested in writing programs as they have a programing classes and his own dream is to create a program for computer games too. That was not something I wanted him to be interested in but that is his dream and I just support it how I can. I love the way you did a presentation, it is nice to have a track what command you use and how it will come out. Thank you for tutorial,

Cheers, from Art-supporting blog @art-venture

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What a sweet dog :-)

Great, my best friend uses the unity technologies. I send him your detailed video immediately. Perfect - that you share here a fantastic tutorial to improve a game or a little animation.

What do you use for graphics and stuff? In my eyes blender is very cool and easy to use.

By the way: i hope you keep going on with this. 👍

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Could that be also and as well be on 3D?
Have you tried 3D Chris?

But that's pretty awesome and pretty cool!

Unfortunately, I couldn't load the video because we're having a slow internet connection here now. I would love to see the tutorial!

Get you back in a couple of hours maybe.

hay @christutorials. Steem needs more tutorials and educational content. Delighted to see a fellow Udemy and skillshare instructor here. Nice work and thank you for sharing

Amazing tutorial video.
To bad my laptop just got spoilt, i have loved to try it out. Anyways nice video. Thanks for sharing

howdy sir christutorials! wow this is an excellent video with detailed instructions and explanations, are you a programmer by profession?

I tried to learn Unity before back when the urge to learn programming as a hobby became a thing. The urge still comes back from time to time when I see posts like yours making things look easy and inspiring. Unfortunately I can't answer the call to create games due to a different career pursuit. But learning how to program will be on the bucket list. Cool tutorial :D

That's not too bad of a setup. The patreon site to host the assets is a pretty sweet idea, I have not seen it used like that before. I guess I'm way behind....

Hi @christutorials,

Great tutorial. I love how the platform can bring together not only gamers, game reviewers, but also game makers.

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