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Something subtle and subconscious comes to mess with your mind in the way of Predictive Programming.

Basically, it falls into two buckets.

  1. Ideas and stuff put into our minds ahead of time, before said shit actually happens or is introduced, to make us more receptive and open to it all. The premise is that we are therefore more willing to accept it as done like dinner once implemented because the seeds have already been sown.

  2. As above, but more like a warning of sorts, in hidden / veiled / cryptic manner for more nefarious purposes, so when some shit hits the fan post said “stuff” happening, the mofos behind it have deniability against any negative karma backlash and can state, “Hey, we told your sorry stupid asses … you weren’t hip to the shit … so we are good to go. It’s all on you now. Deal with it.” Another view here is “We have our shit so together on this, that even if you figure it out beforehand, you’ll never be able to do anything about it anyway, let alone stop it.”

Theoretical banter on the first item goes two ways of pro and con in terms of believability and plausibility. Consider them both openly for background and context. Its origins seem to come from researcher Alan Watt, and there are many who totally disregard it. Pieces to mull as regards that angle can be read in 5 Reasons Why “Predictive Programming” Is Psychologically Implausible and What Is Predictive Programming.

You read that and can handily dismiss it since it can’t possibly work, there’s no way the system could keep a lid on this if it was real, or it’s just all got to be “coink-e-dink” on a grand scale. Bob’s more interested in the second angle, saying, screw the theoretical perspective of 1) above and observing 2) having been played out repeatedly.

Primo example of what Bob be talking ‘bout here is 9/11. This watershed day is what started to wake Bob up to what’s going on out there generally in our realm, as before that, he was like everyone else who was/is blissfully asleep. The official narrative of the day is utter bollocks as the Brits might quip, but we’ll save analysis of that operathat operathat operathat operathat operation for another time.

If one is not yet aware of Predictive Programming in practice, let’s take a look at that past notable day from this perspective. Here’s a compilation at under 13 minutes of 100 coink-e-dinks surrounding 9/11 and telegraphing it years (and even decades) before it actually happened.

If that shortie wasn’t enough for you, here’s a near hour on it here.

Here’s a gem dating to 1979 and that Supertramp LP release, Breakfast in America. The album cover is reversed here to make it more obvious.

And some will understand the prominent placement and use of the color orange (33) here. Of course, again, just pure coink-e-dink.

Note our main man Michael has his arms in the 08:50 position back in 1997 as another clue re time of day.

If that’s not enough, let’s look at redesigned US currency bills issued years before the event as an added bonus.

Nothing to see here … move along. Enough said and have a think on implied levels of orchestration to pull off this last manipulation.

You can find a lot more on this eventful date so have at it. There are MANY more examples of predictive programming for other events and incidents over the years. You just gotta look and turn off your tel-LIE-vision.

Okey doke, let’s get more current as regards Las Vegas on 10/01/17 of late and Jason Aldean’s tattoo, per the Illuminati card game coink-e-dink.

Source: Las Vegas card, Illuminati – The Game of Conspiracy | Steve Jackson Games

And of course, the Freeman School "incident" on Sept 13, 2017 that preceded Las Vegas wasn’t saying something either as a foreshadowing clue.

And the fire truck here on the scene in Las Vegas after the fact with the front and center "33" ain’t saying nothing neither, Corky. Note generally that numbers, symbols, colors, signage and words all have meaning with these operations and imagery put forth to the public. But this is off topic and not “predictive” so much as a tool to deciphering and determining what has happened post event, or not, and needs its own proper post.

Source: Express UK

Anyway, we ain’t gonna dwell more on what has happened ALREADY, so much as to pay attention to what is potentially NEXT, and taking stock of the methodology employed per above. And so, now we piddle along to what may lie shortly ahead. This is why this post is happening today, as opposed to later. This has come to Bob’s attention only in the last month and he needed to take a little closer look at it these last weeks.

This cat here, with his YouTube channel, SPUD U_LIKE, has been all over this topic for 5 years now by his admission. His channel(s) keep getting taken down, and so he keeps doggedly coming back. He dives deep (pardon the submarine pun),,, and so what’s the core narrative?

Hit Seattle (nicknamed “The Emerald City” and designated SEA by airport code), via submarine, and most likely make it look like North Korea did it—a classic,,, massive false flag attack a la 9/11 a la 9/11 a la 9/11. Then, use your imagination to fill in the blanks as to what may unfold thereafter. Since they seem to want to make the event be “nuclear” in scale for added BOOM effect, consider this past post, TSTDWYTKAD #0004 – Nukes.

SPUD U_LIKE has 170+ videos there, and they are largely short at under 10 minutes, and falling into two styles typically. At first, given the numerology involved, there was interpretation as to possibilities of recent dates gone by such as October 31 or November 3 (i.e., number reversal 311 / 113, etc.), but he has usually favored the 13th because of many examples he brings out from the vast assortment he highlights. The clues are buried across dozens of movies, going back decades, and also include music, TV shows, ads, indie videos, posters, photos and graphic novels.

@DylanSaccoccio is aware of our chap too, and posted one of his videos here a little over two weeks back with A DEEP look at NOV 13th for the SEATTLE FALSE FLAG.

Bob plucks five examples below from just about all reviewed on SPUD’s channel. Digging deeper by watching more there will lend additional insights, even if there is some repetition and overlap at times. But hey, sometimes you need to be told stuff more than once to have it sink in.

The movie Back To The Future (1985) plays a part here for SEA, as it also did re 9/11. Here's the key image.

Source: Back To The Future

This is another big part of the potential planned potpotential planned ential planned potpotential planned ential planned equation.

Source: Rogue Boomer card, Illuminati – The Game of Conspiracy | Steve Jackson Games

As an aside, but still related, it should be noted that back in the day before 9/11, the twin towers were having major elevator "maintenance" going on from 10 months beforehand. Important? Well, it just so happens the SEA Space Needle is undergoing its biggest ever renovation as from September 2017, as seen with Space Needle to get its biggest renovation ever: glass floor, opened views, more elevators. Of course, the elevator shaftssss and building core are key in such tall structures.

Let’s not also forget this coy nugget of goodness from a month back for added context.

But hey, that’s completely random and no doubt can be interpreted 25 ways to Sunday.

Who knows what Monday (or any other day for that matter) may bring, but do note that 11/13 2015 was the Paris / Bataclan](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/November_2015_Paris_attacks)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/November_2015_Paris_attacks)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/November_2015_Paris_attacks) “attack” date. It means nothing, unless one remembers those Westminster (London) and Brussels “incidents” cum "operations" which went down exactly on 3/22 in 2017 and 2016, respectively. Skull & Bones anyone?

Source: Wikimedia

Let’s smoke and swallow another one, shall we?

As stated in prior posts generally a few times now, Bob’s not trying to convince anyone of anything, so much as throwing out a few crumbs along the path as jump-off points for any open and interested parties to do their own investigation and critical thinking on these topics. It’s all a small part of uncovering and discovering the greater mosaic and web of deceit we are spun about everything.

Humor is a definite asset to navigate it all—“It’s always funny until someone loses a testicle.” Unless you have an extra one, or none, and then your ass is probably golden.

Stuff is happening on humanity’s collective watch at an increasingly accelerating pace on multiple fronts, and we are all mostly missing the point and asleep on the job. Our mainstream media keeps us occupied with a distracting flurry of activity, such as these sexual harassment scandals as top of headline news with a mélange of other scripted events. But hey, it is what it is. Consider TSTDWYTKAD #0001 - The News when it comes to our mainstream sources of information and believing we (m)asses be getting the real deal.

Each one of us needs to figure it out for oneself, or not, as the case may be. There’s so much more to say on myriad other matters, but let’s save that for other days. Bob’s gonna do Sunday brunch with his vertically challenged, three-foot, non-binary friend with a flat head (for a beer) and a purple lactating breast on its forehead.

Cue some suitably sinister song (randomly chosen of course, just like a lottery ticket) that subtly scores said situation.

The Prodigy - Climbatize
Electronica / Leftfield / Instrumental
Release: The Fat of the Land | XL Recordings [XLCD 121] (1997)

The Stuff (or Shit) They Don't Want You To Know About Department (aka TSTDWYTKAD)

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So when nothing happened on 11/13 2017, SPUD U_LIKE has since recalibrated his best guess per more examples to 11/23, which is Thanksgiving Day in America. He's put a lot on the line with this.

Generally, one can see the entire SEA "event" lining up for sure. However, the precise date has been trickier to predict and perhaps more hidden and indirect until now with the prior date possibilities now blown by.

Here is but one of his latest videos trying to take stock of things. One element is his Route 91 Harvest (Vegas) as tied to the 91st Macy's Thanksgiving Day (NYC) parade as the date marker.

But what you can do? Very few are open to listening, and it's not as if it can be stopped anyway. All you'll be in a position to do is brace for it, and the rapid fallout thereafter, be mentally prepared, and knowing the official narrative is just another big lie to advance the agenda.

Remember, the big plan is this below, and 2018 is just around the corner. This Economist cover goes back to January 1988 as a fine, shining example of predictive programming.

Source: The Economist cover, January 9, 1988, Vol 306

Something big is needed to set this chain of events all off (i.e., world financial system collapse with a new one world currency as the "saviour" of all). It will be the SEA "event" bookend to 9/11 as the catalyst to get us there.

P.S. What is rather interesting is that Bob notes that now that he can no longer edit his original post above, what was a formatting error-free post now has been somehow altered in a few places where it was fine before (e.g. repeated words and links in two particular spots). Righto.


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