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This is a re-post and re-titling of BNB's original Getting all "newsy" before it was decided to make this into the budding TSTDWYTKAD series. Plus we wanted to add the musical interlude at the end, and have the new topic tag inserted as well. So go put that in your pipe and smoke it.

So, whaddup with all that there news stuff? We have the traditional “real” (mainstream) news that is actually fake, and alleged “fake” (non-mainstream) news that is actually somewhat or more real once you dig into it. Also making the rounds of late has been the spin of “alternative facts” that muddy the waters even further.

The first few decades of your life, when your sorry ass is more naive, cuz that’s all you are taught and think there is to know, you’re led to believe that the news is accurate and true, hopefully most of the time, right? I mean, you gotta sorta trust in the “system.” Plus, you’re distracted by a lot of other shit out there in the world and don’t care to spend the time to look any further on things that are placed on a plate in front of you for easier consumption. Then, slowly, as the years go by, certain telltale things and events transpire in the world on your watch that make you start to question it all.

You do some of your own investigating. Dig a bit, and find some good stuff. Dive a little deeper, and a whole mess of things comes to light. The flow goes from a trickle to a torrent to a titanic tsunami. Bob likens this to finally figuring out the real deal on Santa Claus when you were a kid, but now it's on a much larger scale on steroids, as it covers everything you believed to be true.

This is the case with many things in this world that we're taught and told from birth to be "true" , and dismantling it all starts with the mainstream media, which may as well be double-down re-badged as below.

The four following clips are my personal favorites to show anybody who believes (or won't question) that the mainstream media is telling us anything useful, let alone true. It starts with being open to the possibility that things aren’t as they appear, and how you’re told things supposedly operate. This controlling of the media, news and information we have access to has been going on for a very long time, even before the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird and some light put on it via the Church Committee in 1975.

Then they’ll you that Operation Mockingbird no longer exists. Perhaps so, as they likely just call it something else now.

Scripting the news for our benefit is common now so we call get the same message, regardless of the network watched.

This one is a little longer from 2014 but shows how the manipulation and control persists to current day.

Note our forthright outspoken cat above, German journalist Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, recently died of a “heart attack” on January 13, 2017.

Let’s call his demise a convenient “coink-e-dink” that has befallen many truth tellers over the years, you know ... stuff like freak car accidents, falling out of buildings, gunshot suicides, sudden onset of advanced terminal cancer, etc., unless it was something like this dating back again to 1975. You can just imagine the creative / technological possibilities that exist today.

It’s just like that very old, wise, and "really deep" saying in the Chinese restaurant business (that Bob's ass just made up right now actually).

"That’s not chicken in your chicken chow mein.
What?! You mean it’s turkey? The bastards!"

And then, if and when you do start to suss things out, you’ll need to decide whether to take the red pill, or the blue pill.

Then when things really start to change in the world, you’ll be in a position to at least not be surprised by it all or already know what’s happening, if not necessarily being able to do much about it. Or consider taking neither pill, because no news is also possibly a solution too.

At the end of the day, if you’re really wanting to find the truth, question everything, do your own research and think critically, while you still can.

It’s not an easy journey, as the road is rife with agents of mis- and dis- information (there is a difference between the two) with partial or half-truths and controlled opposition. If you do ever get going, you’ll be surprised, maybe even shocked, at how deep the rabbit hole goes.

There’s no going back, as it becomes hard to ignore what’s out there staring you in the face, often hidden in plain sight. It may not be a trip for all, as our writer of note plainly states here, and then ably assisted in follow-up fashion by our main man Jack spelling it out to Dom Cruz [sic] in this classic cinematic exchange from A Few Good Men.

It's your own choice as to whether you ever want to know what the real deal is in our world, or not, as the case may be. Unpacking and deconstructing the news is a good place to start. I liken it all to a really big ball of yarn with a very tight, intricate knot holding it together. It takes a shitload of spinning some cerebral cycles in the washing machine upstairs to break the knot (in your mind, mostly), and then when it happens, the whole ball unravels real skippy damn fast to its core.

And now, for today's closing tune selection which is an oldie, but a goodie, with some new life breathed into it.

Skeewiff & Syd Dale - Brass, Beats and Bongos
Latin Jazz / Mambo / Breaks
re-working the original song: Syd Dale - The Hell Raisers (1966)
Album: Skeewiff vs. KPM | Bootleg (2012)

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Irie, thanks. We (will) be tryN, with many more to come in time on myriad topics (per prior introductory TSTDWYTKAD #0000 yesterday) . Happy Pappy Day, and enjoy. Crack open some of the good stuff.

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Yup, periodic checking on these older posts reveals some videos keep getting taken down as part of the greater crackdown and censorship of truth. Shows they are on target. Here is a re-post / new link for the short second clip (2m 8 sec) on pre-packaged news for we masses. A nice little nugget.