TSP: Interview with Dr. Dave Roberts - Startup Founder & Professor

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We have a very special episode of the Steemit Podcast today which features Dr. Dave Roberts. Unlike most of our guests like Mahbod Moghadam or the @good-karma the founder of eSteem who come from within the blockchain space, Dr. Roberts has an academic background, despite also having founded a startup that has raised multiple rounds of investment.

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Professor & Startup Founder

Dr. Roberts is not only a Professor of Computer Science at NC State where he runs their CIIGAR lab (Computational Intelligence and Interactive Games Research lab), but he is also the co-founder of a Silicon Valley startup.

Dr. Roberts got his undergrad degree in Math and Computer Science, and went on to study “Interactive Virtual Experiences” at Georgia Tech, which he admits is just an academic way of saying “Computer Games.”

Machine Learning & AI

His current research interests are generally in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence and their applications to the design of interactive technological experiences such as computer games, interactive dramas, or training scenarios. The designs of his algorithms are informed by concepts from psychology that can enable efficient and intuitive authorial and gameplay experiences.

Games as Cultural Artifacts

Dr. Roberts views games as cultural artifacts and important platforms for Artificial Intelligence research. He seeks to use them as a window into human behavior by incorporating concepts from social psychology and observing how they manifest themselves in game play.

Tech Outsider

Given his area of expertise, as well as his experience going from a tech-outsider to a startup co-founder, we believe that the insights Dr. Roberts can provide to anyone trying to build a business in the blockchain space is invaluable.

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Besides the things he said, I think one thing which is really important is also offering your mentor something in exchange. I think, even if subconsciously, most mentors participate in this "relationship" only if it is mutually beneficial.
In this case, I think Steem has a lot to offer, I just finished my first University project on the Steem chain and the ease to develop it was immense compared to most other Blockchains. Ethereum is quite easy as well, but it is much more difficult to run the app on the main change for an assessment.

I hope my Paper will be accepted at the Journal I'm sending it to =D

Hello Dr. Dave!! Very nice podcast, you are awesome!!

@steem.marketing, Good to know about Dave Roberts and definitely his experience and expertise can give birth to effective projects on Steem Blockchain. Looking forward to see his journey on this Blockchain Space.

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Cool Interview..

Great interview with Dr. Dave. Glad to know about him. Great job steem marketing.

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