The Steemit Podcast: Episode 1 - Mahbod Moghadam

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I'm @andrarchy, Head of Communications & Advocacy for Steemit, and my mission is to communicate to the world what our community is doing to accelerate the adoption of decentralized social media technologies through the release of open source software. While anyone who uses or the Steem blockchain is a critical audience who needs to have as much insight into what we’re doing as anyone, I also believe it is important that we spread our message to people who are not yet users, but who would derive tremendous value from joining the Steem community. I recently created this account ( to serve that function. To read more about the intent behind, check out this introduction post.

The Steemit Podcast

One of the efforts I am currently developing is an official Steemit podcast that is aimed at broadcasting our message to a new audience while also adding value to existing Steem users. I hope to do a number of “series” in this podcast, the first of which is: Decentralized Entrepreneurship and Marketing. The goal of this series is to help prepare aspiring entrepreneurs (including developers) and marketers for a future that is being disrupted at an accelerating rate through the advent of decentralized technologies like blockchain.

Mahbod Moghadam

The first interview in this series is with Mahbod Moghadan, co-founder of (now and Everipedia, and Entrepreneur in Residence at Mucker Capital. As somebody who has helped build a web startup from nothing into the 240th biggest website on Earth as well as a blockchain-focused project like Everipedia, I found Mahbod’s thoughts about building companies in this rapidly evolving world extremely insightful.

Mahbod Thumb.jpg

I’ll include the full interview in both video and audio format at the end of this post, but I’ve also published a series of short excerpts in which we discuss especially interesting topics. The first excerpt is particularly relevant to Steem users because in it Mahbod explains how he went from being a non-technical power user of social media sites like Facebook, to co-founding two tech companies.

Power User Play.jpg

In the second excerpt, Mahbod talks about why community is so important when building a technology company, and why marketers shouldn’t try to pay an engineer to build their idea for a product, but to find an engineer who is already building something that resonates with them.

Marketing v Engineering.jpg

In the third and final excerpt, Mahbod discusses how blockchain empowers content creators by allowing them to retain ownership over the value they create.

Own Your Value Play.jpg

If you’d like to see more of our interview, you can find the full video below as well as an audio only podcast version.

Decentralized Entrepreneurship & Marketing [Ep. 1]: Mahbod Moghadam

Mahbod Thumb Play.jpg

Podcast Version

Thanks so much for watching or listening and leaving any feedback on how I can make this series more engaging. If you know any great entrepreneurs or marketers who you think would make compelling guests, or if you would like to help me produce content like these, please e-mail me at [email protected]

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How about we turn into something of value? It's going to take you guys spending money though... spefically on major advertising, which you seem to be unwilling to do for whatever reason?

Yeah it sucks, i want to be nice to them but they wont fucking spend any money and @ned IGNORES his project, wtf why cant he just pay pewdiepie ? DLIVE did and didnt NED PAY to start DLIVE only to have people scam him out of millions?

IU am watching @andrarchy 's new videos and im impressed hes making videos and interviewing everpedia guys but wtf why cant he beg this gu to buy some steempower and get on steem/ WE NEED everpedia man we NEED juicy J the rapper who they made a MUSIC video with! WE HAVE rappers and Artists and PROFESSIONAl famous producers like @christheglove

If they want people to consume the content on here we need some major influencers to sign up to help bring those users in... I am not sure why this is so hard for them to understand?!

Any chance we can get something like this done?

EOS continues to get real-world partnerships while steem languishes in the wind.

I saw these videos on my status on YouTube, I would share across several other platforms in order to achieve the goal of communication.

Well done Andrarchy 👊🏼

Firstly, great to see such videos being done - hopefully will get on the crypto aggregators.

However, you repeatedly failed to take on board one of Mahbod's key insights: the engineers must also be users! It is not enough to "facilitate communication" between the devs and the users, Mahbod's own word was symbiosis.

Do we have that? Do we see it? Apart from the early days, do any of the Steemit employees post on Steemit because they really enjoy doing it and as part of their development? You don't need feedback if you have engagement.

You are right, for example @aggroed and @yabapmatt play Steem Monsters themselves which shows they love their own game and gives even more confidence to their customers.

Yes, there are other example in the Steemverse, eg. @lemouth posts regularly on @steemstem - and not just about the project but also adding to the popular science content.

I try... But for now, my time is really limited. I hope to be able to post again next week.

I love these videos. I will definitely share them on my other social media platform. Lovely combination.

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I would really appreciate that. We gotta get the word out on traditional social media!

Great flow, looking forward to more of these!

You started this @theycallmedan and its a way to grow #steem.

It would be great to have Mahbod Moghadam on #steem. The synergy will produce great results.

Are you guys going to be spending money on advertising/promotion of Is that part of your plan? If not, it really needs to be. Word of mouth is not enough, as we have clearly seen.

Thanks boss!

Love it @andrarchy I can share all your videos on my social accounts

Excellent work @andrarchy thank you!

I like this idea!

I look forward to seeing more posts, interviews, and podcasts from this new account!

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Thanks Nate, glad to hear it!

Not a fan of Mahbod... His opinions on STEEM border on FUD while not having nearly enough knowledge about STEEM to make such claims. ..

I think you'll find that in our conversation he was very deferential to Steem. Mahbod is an interesting character who likes to trigger people, but after our conversation I came away with a very positive impression. At the end of the day I believe that Steem is strong enough to withstand any attack. As long as people are talking about Steem, I'm happy because the more people learn about Steem the more likely they are to realize how innovative and important it is. Thanks for the comment!

At the end of the day I believe that Steem is strong enough to withstand any attack.

It is. Thats why its important to not let things slip by. Which is why its great that you and Dan did an interview with him.
Id maybe just want to see a bit more confidence and zeal out of Justin Suns book from anyone representing STEEM in interviews like this. But thats just my preference.

When you dont counter what is said, even return in kind you are seen as an easy target or dismissed completely. The crypto space isnt as friendly as STEEM.

That's definitely good feedback. I think I want this series to be one where people feel comfortable coming on and talking about their project, but I think you might have given me an idea for the next series! ;)

I am with @lordbutterfly

Everyone loves a good rally of back and forth , doesn't need to get nasty....but a fact based pushback is called for !!

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Hi @andrarchy I was passing by and I saw this post about Steemit Podcast. I like the idea as I have seen few of yours youtube videos about spreading awareness of Steemit. It's very helpful and existing.

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Hola me encanto tu post, la idea de informar sobre Marketin digital es esencial en esta era tecnologica en la que vivimos y muy valiosa herramienta para hacer crecer esta comunidad.

great videos

Thanks @andrarchy for putting in the work and producing these videos!

Good work, @andrarchy

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great to know this one, tq

I love it I can share these videos on my other socials accounts you done such a great job