So the Election is over ? Really, already ?

in trump •  3 years ago  (edited)

LOL seriously Donald Trump ? he is not even trying to win the Presidency LOL . . .


This is all marketing, the media gets one year in four to make serious advertising revenue from the political spectrum for profitability.

Donald trump acted like a Presidential Candidate material personality, totally perfectly up until he had all the fools fooled. Everything points to this celebrity being a democrat.

Firstly he was always a democrat up until he failed to get the nomination in 2012. He has spent nothing on his campaign, in fact the one hundred million actually spent is most likely to have come from the hidden millions unaccounted for in the Clinton Foundation bank records . . .

Once he eliminated the other Republican Candidates he has done everything to sabotage his campaign. His wife's speech was a classic example to embarrass himself, Donald Trump is about making Donald Trump money.

Donald Trump is more likely to get a crew cut hairstyle than to want to spend four years fighting every government department imaginable to make changes. Donald is about Donald and money ! ! ! Everyone knows if you want to make money you never work for the government (unless it is printing that money at the USA Mint).

Anyone remember when at his convention he got his housekeeper up to say what a great boss he was? (I think it was his housekeeper) that is why he chose that religious fanatic from some unknown State as his running partner. Seriously no one had heard of Pence or his State before the Election and no one will remember after his election.

Of course the Republican party knows this, that is why most of the very senior Republican party strategists boycotted the National GOP Republican Convention. Think on this, your a senior Republican official, you work one year out of every four years. The only way to not be at that convention was to be having emergency surgery to have your appendix removed, and yet most of them could not bring themselves to attend...

Once Donald had eliminated all the competitors he set about creating so much confusion and fear that every person eligible to vote will turn out. Sure after Obama 20 % of Democrats will protest vote for Trump, but that is irrelevant; every person in America will be voting and the masses vote Democrat. That is why Republicans try to discourage voting.

Since his Official Nomination he has done everything to destroy his election, in fact today there is probably more people who would vote for Charles Manson rather than Trump or Clinton.

But you are not voting the Electoral College is voting and there is no way they are going to throw away their plush government jobs by electing Trump. Trump has upset every special interest group and minority he can. He has embarrassed and offended Americas allies overseas he has talked about ladies private genitalia simply to ensure no decent respectable person will ever vote for him.

The Wall, Imprisonment of Clinton without trial, Muslim roundups, deporting Spanish speaking people . . . Only the most clueless rabid fanatical Republican could ever imagine Trump has ever wanted this election to win the White House.

Donald Trump has been in the Oval Office and be assured he has absolutely zero interest in actually working there for four years ! ! !

But the media must profit and pay shareholder dividends, the only people unsure of this election are those who are watching the mass media circus : )

But what are sheep for . . .

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Religious Fanatic?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Yes a person who claims to be a respectable member of society and righteous and god fearing, blah, blah blah . . .

Now that the majority of society are free to declare themselves free of religious ideology, one of the very few platforms of decency the Republicans had going for themselves is now obsolete.

Today the Republican Party as about as relevant and useful as antiquated steam engines. However like the most boring sport ever imagined (Baseball) it will take decades and a lot of confusion, fear, expense before the world is ever cleansed of their dogma.

Today baseball has nothing going for it except decades ago it was a national sport today about one person out of 100 has any interest in such a ridiculous pursuit. America is like Yahoo, it got to the top and just thought it would naturally maintain that ascendancy. Now it is hard to see which is more irrelevant to the world America or Yahoo, personally I cannot see much use for either on the world stage, Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama have ensured that The United States will never be taken seriously ever again.

Most of the worlds problems today can be directly or indirectly traced directly back to American industrial interests !

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Outside the 4% of the world that is American, most people have no interest in baseball or yahoo, or which ever puppet is US president, and American industrial interests, although damaging, can take their place in line well behind zionist financial interests!

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