Trump in a nutshell.

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The President is a delusional narcissist. His stewardship of this country consists of angry personal tweets, and a grinding, vindictive campaign to undermine the rule of law, and the central ideas that made America great in the first place.

His “policy priorities” (if you can call them that) have been to systematically crush and oppress immigrants, to start a trade war, and to ratchet up racial, gender, and other animosities. He has attacked every right the government ought to protect, from free speech to due process, and even the right to bear arms. He’s not just being investigated for violating campaign regs, he’s being investigated for deep and personal ties to a country that has been America’s most consistent enemy for over 70 years. Every day brings a new constitutional challenge. He enjoys almost 90% approval from Republicans.

What message do we hear from the Dems? Where is his supposed “opposition?” Are they putting themselves between Trump and the immigrants he’s attacking? Are they jumping to the defense of free trade and economic sanity? Are they, at the very least, standing up for the racial and gender minorities that make up the core of the Democratic Party? No. They’re upset that he hasn’t yet delivered single payer healthcare, higher minimum wage, a jobs guarantee, and “free” college.

Why? I’m not asking how “free stuff” can pass for policy expertise in Democrat land. I’m going to keep that in my pocket until we restore political normalcy (assuming, optimistically, that we ever will). Why don’t they care about the millions of people who are being abused, and the tens of millions in imminent danger?

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I'm a Filipino, but I believe all things have a better place, like our leaders in our country, to U.S trump lets give a chance of time to prove themselves to lead the nation, I believe that it will be great for the U.S to focus there own economic and social ties to the other nations, hand in hand, helping each economic system growth and development.

Refreshing to find a political view on Steem that isn't about the deep state or conspiracy theories. Following honeybee keep up the good work.

After Obama, I thought nobody less qualified could be elected. I was wrong. What a mess we are in. Rome had 3 really bad leaders at the end. Trump is Nero....also Calligula.🤤

Trump is not understandable for the world..he dont know what to do.

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I am not an American nor in America but the news I read daily about president Trump is achieving feat that his predecessor couldn't achieve is making think that either your analysis of his performance is bias or those people singing his praise and achievement all over the place are all his party members. No leader can be 90% good, if he's tried in some aspects, praise him on those aspects and criticize hi on those areas you think he can improve. America controls the politics of the world, so you people should not put the world in confusion. Peace!

@honeybee There is a difference between illegal immigrants and legal immigrants. Trade wars? so you suggest that the US just let other countries do as they wish putting Americans out of jobs? Interesting. Wont go into the rest isn't worth my time but thanks for posting a thought provoking topic.

Two party political system does not work. People voted for Trump because they believed he was an outsider. They believed he was different from the existing democrats and republicans. On the the outside he appears very different. On the inside, not really. His policies have done little to nothing to reverse the damage done by Obama, Bush, etc.

When you say 'free stuff'. There is no 'free stuff'. We either directly through user pay or indirectly through taxes. I prefer user pay. Keeps some of the decision-making with the people rather than higher taxes and letting the Government decide what is in our 'best interest'.

I found some of the things that Trump said quite appealing at times during the lead up to the election. Even back then I was suspicious of his flipping and flopping on things.