One more adventure of TrueFlip

in trueflip •  last year

Hello. I was a little late, because I did not see the last post where it was said in difference from the original post (till july 28), that the works are accepted until midnight on July 26. Please accept this work, as I worked very hard and did not meet the deadline. I was engaged in 3d modeling after work for almost the entire period. I'm not a professional artist and I had to put all my heart and all my efforts to bring it to work to the community. And now about the essence of the story.

Truflip got into a mysterious and alien to our understanding a dying world. In one of his adventures in the depths of the dark and hostile seas, he found the core of knowledge. The core of knowledge is the totality of all accumulated experience of the deceased civilization. TrueFlip, with such joy, wants to deliver to the earth and share this knowledge with us.


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Very impressive 3D artwork, took a lot serious work! Thanks for your link!

animation from