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RE: STEEM is still not Steemit, even if Tron buys Steemit.

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Thank you for the link, definitely appreciated.

As you say:

The answer is, they can't. The Steem witnesses, and indeed, the existing Steem chain at large, will have nothing to do with the TRC STEEM token.

Then again, I was not aware of the Polo token swap announcement you mention:

It may all come down to how the exchanges respond and how the liquidity in the market responds.


IMO, the urgent plan of action from top witnesses should be to collaborate, contact exchanges and Tron, negotiate a hold on the swap ASAP. This stuff needs to be discussed and worked out. If the swap is allowed to go forward, it'll be too late, the Tron STEEM will be the new STEEM.

What if the new price of tron steem open up less than a penny? lol sounds sketch to me in the conversion details alone!!!!

That does seem like a rational plan of action but who has direct contact with the exchanges? It's most likely Steemit, Inc.

And Steemit, Inc. is now owned by Tron, which is why the odds are stacked heavily against the witnesses of the current chain. There's not much choice but to contact Tron and the exchanges and work it out.

@lukestokes what about Steem that is powered up and locked for 13 weeks, has anyone considered this??? Then there is the question about Delegation's.....

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