Let's welcome Tron users to Steem!

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Hello Tron users, I'm writing this post with the intention to share it on your subreddit after the recent news of Justin Tron acquiring Steemit and their stake in a partnership with the Steem blockchain and Tron and all of their acquisitions.

I don't know much about Tron but I am certain you guys don't have a decentralized social media platform on it but have a bunch of users and dapps you like to use. If you like dapps and want to check out ours, here's a good place to start: https://steemapps.com/ and for Steem users wanting to get more involved with Tron dapps, here's where you can check those out: https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/tron and their wallets: https://tron.network/wallet?lng=en (TronLink is probably a good start considering how similar it is to our KeyChain).

Getting yourself an account

Starting out you'll want to create a Steem account which you can either apply for here on Steemit.com (requires email and phone number) or on other dapps that are able to generate you a free Steem account such as SteemHunt, SplinterLands, eSteem App or if you prefer to pay to get it faster you can use Blocktrades or AnonSteem, the last two are good for privacy.

If you are unsure if you want a Steem account just yet you can always use front-ends such as SteemPeak, SteemPress (WordPress plugin) or 3speak (Video & Livestream platform) with a guest account until you've made up your mind and decided to dive into the deep waters of Steem. Apologize to the front-ends/dapps I may have left out, there's too many of you.

Our community OCD also offers free accounts that you can easily apply for through our Discord server in the #steem-accounts channel other than that we are also checking and curating all posts in that community so if you are a regular user feel free to start with an introduction post or share with us your work if you are a content creator.

Things to keep in mind when using Steem

All text based content you post on the chain remains on the chain forever, you can edit it out but if someone is curious enough they can check the edit history so be careful not to post anything you don't want out there, the saying "once on the internet - forever on the internet" is especially true on our immutable blockchain.

Consistency and connections are key to thriving as a user and content creator. Check out tags you are interested in, follow users posting content you are interested in, connect with them by commenting and voting. Being consistent helps keep you on the radar with the users you've connected with, there are also curation projects out there actively looking for under-rewarded content from new users and are very helpful to get you some extra visibility and rewards for your efforts.

Communities now exist on the beta page and soon on the live site where you can find what interests you easier and people you have something in common with, so feel free to already test it out and post in various communities. They'll also be a lot cleaner with moderation and focused curation than just browsing tag, you can look at the "new" section on Steemit as the deep web of the internet where anything and everything gets posted so posting through communities will give you higher odds of being seen by other stakeholders.

I'll keep this short as we all have very short attention spans in this day and age, if you have any questions after reading this on your subreddit, feel free to ask away in the reddit thread or on our Subreddit.

Looking forward to getting to know you and remember to save those keys!


For any users interested in travel, we offer free, fast and easy Steem account creation on https://travelfeed.io/join, you can add that to your post as well ;)

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cough cough

Reddit already showing everything wrong with it, my share on the Tron subreddit is shadowbanned...

Window to the left is what I see, window to the right is without being logged in from incognito:

Well @acidyo, it's similar to what happed to share posts of CO2Fund ( @co2fund) on Reddit. Even in the subreddit environment they have been deleted because one of the moderators simply don't like our commitment - even though everybody else was talking about FridaysForFuture and CO2 issues in this subreddit. Several times - all shared links have been removed...
It clearly shows the advantage of our Steem blockchain. Steemians can't be stopped by somebody 'mighty' who disagree ✊

Window to the left of me, window to the right - shadowbanned in the middle with you.

also..... @acidyo, I just wrote up an article on what I believe the steemit community wants from Justin in order to give him our full support and what we really have to offer if he works with us. I would love to hear your feedback on it and see if you have anything to add.

Look @overkillcoin, he’s still using your art! :)

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It's awesome :D

a very good explanation for those who is new on steem. You gave them an insight how steem works and what is steem. Hopefully we can encourage them and make our platform will be accepted in their thoughts.

Your gif is awesome...let's liquefy all of them!!

Do you guys think that steemit can influence and even help china with freedom of speech? The reason why i say this is because china doesn't have any and steemit is decentralize. is it possible loophole for the chinese poeple to get in touch with the western world or world outside of china using decentralize systems? :O just my 2 cents?

Steemit the website is banned in China but there are other frontends and there's always gonna be VPNs.

There are Chinese people living in China joining Steem so the answer is yes.

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For someone with a short attention span this post is 4-5 times too long.
If you know nothing about Steem this isn't an easy read either.
Anyone from Tron joined?

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I've seen a few intro posts mentioning they got here due to the @justinsunsteemit tweets. :)

Well, I guess that is good news. Thanks for answering. I wish you a great day. 💕

Hello Tron Users !


hahaha. Read it in a robotic voice. sounded awesome.

Come on man, tow the line for a day at least?! :D

Geez someone forgot to open the door to let them in!

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Welcome tron users...please don't make our dApp list look like yours.

Where are most Tron users from, anyone know?

Amazon I think

That is so hilarious xD, i cannot tell if you are being serious or sarcastic but its hilarious.

What Tron users? Wait, there are users???

like the devs and bot operators I guess. :p

They are absorbing the steem chum so that they can groove with this blockchain which is the next movement.
Engagement is not for free...
The tron army should stop what they are doing and experience this community blockchain.
Let's set an emotion for them. LOL

You are welcome buddies

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Welcome new users! Glad to have the TRON community here!! 🤘

Good move! 😁😁👍
I will share this in Twitter

Yes we as steem community must welcome justin sun and tron users to steemit and steem with open mind and heavy heart because they are also a good source of content and development of steem blockchain if both #tron and steem community Welcomed each other or work together

Time to start using those account creation tokens we have stacked, we should invite them to the subreddit and create accounts :-D

Insane MSP community outpouring. Huge questions are coming out and definitely interested in seeing the beginning of a newnew steem! Newsteem is dead. Newnew steem lives again!

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Embracing the change, welcome one and all!

This is really good. Thanks for being proactive while everyone is freaking out. It’s good that people are preparing for the worst case scenarios but we also need to prepare for the best case scenario, that Justin actually listens to us and gives us what we want.

I asked my Chinese friends in Tron, they didn’t care about it and had no influence.

You very posh.

Welcome Tron dudes!

The poshest.

I'm so posh I've been called Victoria Beckham.

It's the hair.

Not the shades? 😎

Welcome Tron users to the STEEM blockchain! Hope you have a wonderful experience here!

Have any tronians made steem accounts yet? I checked the intro tag haven’t seen any posts

Only da best of da internet has a steem account.

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I made a tron account because I was playing a game that award the Hora token which is a TRX-20 token I think, the apps don't work nearly as well as the steemit apps and a lot of the instructions are confusing. Also noticed on telegram that it's not a very user friendly environment

I think most Tron users are bag holders their tokens are worth less than SE tokens and that’s saying something!

Some OG told me that Tron's CEO said that Tron is a shitcoin.
Then he told me that steemit is so centralised and that if I wanted to KNOW THE REAL MEANING of DECENTRALISATION I should click


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If this is just the way that tron user will join us in steemit, it's a very nice way to welcome everyone. Steem to the moon and Sun!

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In Tron we welcome 💥🔥👊🏼

Hey look steem showing everything that is wrong with it. I am shadowbanned for months.

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Then how come I could see this comment.

Because you clicked reveal.

and where is that button on Reddit?

is there a way to check users TRON address knowing his STEEM username?

As a marketer, this needs to be built as a marketing funnel and then coded into something simple we can insert into TRON-STEEM-related conversations.

Here is what I think we need:

Landing page with proper tracking to allow for conversion tracking like proper marketers.
Landing page funnels 2 types of users:

  • Referred Friends
  • New Users

Each requires a different process. With referrals based on account generation tokens and new accounts getting all the options (buy account, apply for account, join the discord to ask for one)

The rest of the funnel for both types of users is about engagement, and that's pretty easy to do with an optional weekly newsletter and/or content digest offered during the registration. Emails that remind you that you've made STEEM or that someone you follow posted. Easy to do with some creative MailChimp customization.

Now I just need some help creating the framework and I can take care of the rest in terms of content and promotion.

Yes please Ilana.

How could we take this forward? Who could action and what resources would be needed?

Mostly a webdev and someone who can create the invite integration. And a place to hold the system on the web. The content we need for this page is scattered around the blockchain and it's just about putting it together in a place that would be attractive for new users.

But lead capture is the easy part. The hard part is creating an onboarding process to ensure each person registering ends up coming back to the platform via emails reminding them what's up and why they should be steeming.

Could be useful to talk with @anomadsoul and his @steemonboarding project. They have just recently started getting funding from the SPS.

And also the Steem Foundation @steemalliance - @shadowspub and @aggroed - I think you are already connecting with them.

This sounds like a group of people who need to be in a group chat on Discord to coordinate stuff. Can you make this happen? You know people. :)

I believe they already have a Discord. @shadowspub / @anomadsoul ?

the Steem Foundation does have a discord https://discord.gg/UnjHgGf

Yeah, I am there. But I think we don't need a server but a small taskforce to execute this quickly and effectively.

Can you DM me on discord when you find a minute or two please?

Coder and copywriter here, hit me up at Besto#0865 and I'll help you at least make the basics. The integration with a platform needs to be done by the platform guys at Steempeak and, well, whoever is coding Steemit now.

I don't think we need them. Steeminvite works without them. The question is if there's already code ready somewhere that we can use for an invite system with invite / referral codes.

I agree with everything you say, but I would like to add one more thing. :) If you are a travel blogger, you are more than welcome to join https://travelfeed.io. It's a platform that is built on top of the Steem Blockchain. If you decide to join our community and start your own travel blog, you will get a STEEM account FOR FREE! :) The sign up process is super easy!

You commenting to folks with steemit accounts already...LoL

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