The Work is Your Proof

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I've done a lot of consulting in the past and I still do some consulting here and there. I've been getting into different kinds of consulting recently, but it's really interesting to consider this new type of economy we live in.

I'm now consulting with businesses that I've never been to. I've consulted with businesses that aren't even in the same country as me. How is that possible? This new economy allows us to be super-connected to each other - no matter where we are in the world.

When I reach out to these companies, I show them the work that I've done - the writing I've produced, the photography, the videography, etc. I have a place that showcases my talents.

In this new economy, everyone has ideas. Ideas are no longer enough to cut it. Decades ago, people would pay big money for new ideas and innovative thinking.

Today however, it seems that everyone can come up with innovative ideas. Everyone can come up with these wild dreams of this or that. That's just the nature of technology. It's made us more forward-oriented.

That also means that ideas are no longer as valuable as they used to be. It's less likely that you're going to get a job as an "idea-man" today than it was yesterday.

What people are looking for in this new economy are people who can both come up with a great idea and then have the wherewithal and skills to make it reality.

Skills, experience and the grind are the new ways of this economy. They're the new resume highlights. They're what you showcase in your portfolio when you're trying to convince a company to hire you.

When I message these international companies, I send them a few ideas of what I think will convert well on their social media. That's not all I send them though. At the end of the message, I put specific links to the previous work I've done. It links them to things that I've done that are similar to the idea that I've proposed.

They can see the work - they can see the proof of concept.

They can see that I'm not just another "idea-man" trying to sell them something for a quick buck. I'm an "idea-man" who comes up with those outlandish creative ideas and then also executes to pull them into reality and thus, pull customers into their business.

So to those of you who want to make something happen in this new economy. Make sure that you bring both big ideas and execution to the table. One or the other no longer cuts it.

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That's why it's better to keep track of your work, either be it in a diary or blogs.

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Absolutely, I keep track of my work every single day in a personal journal!

Well said. There are a load of ideas online and offline, which most of us can come up with. Yet, what is way more important, I totally believe, to make an idea into reality to be the new rich.


Thank you! I agree, execution is the variable of success; not how many ideas you have! Ideas are cheap, action is rare and expensive!

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nice post. you are right. work is worship which type of work done proof your realty and reptation also. welldone dear triptolemus (70)


Thank you!! I'm glad you loved the post! It means a lot!

Thanks for sharing the wisdom!
I've noticed the "normalness" of the rounded grounded consultant being more and less in different cultures. Some places just have more roadblocks that make things a little more challenging at first.

Thanks for the clarity reminder on this. I'm just about to relaunch and I appreciate keeping "simple showing up" in front of focus!

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Big ideas and execution on the table ... Got the point ;)


Thank you! I'm glad you got the point!


Thanks for reading it ianperic!! Exactly, showing up is 80% of the battle. The ladder 20% is the nitty gritty details and grinding through with determination!! It's always hardest to just get yourself to start!

Very true. Results speak a thousand words.


Absolutely! The talented and hard working always rise to the top no matter the external circumstances!

I think is the normal evolution of everything, the things that used to work before, don't necessarily work now. We need to be better everyday and our work needs to reflect that, if you're able to show someone that you have a grounbreaking idea and that you know exactly how to make it happen, you're in it to win it.


I agree!! everything moves forward and our ability to adapt and become a better version of ourselves is the key. Talent matters!!


Yes Peterveronika!! Competition is so much stronger now adays on both Steem and on the internet as a whole! Hard work and authenticity are the ways to break through the noise!


Absolutely!! Keeping track of all your good ideas is the key to clarity in thought! Keep up the good work my friend!

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I think competition is much stronger nowadays than t used to be mainly due to the fact that the internet connects people so well. To really stand out, you need to work hard and do something very original. And yes, you need to have that original idea but it's just as important to know how to execute it, without it it's not worth much.

Great tittle to select and as the consulting and ideas are important , it is also truely requiring one more essential expereince .... By the way all great blog to share your veiw

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Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it and my view on it as well!!


How are you liking that partiko app? I'm seeing it more and more around here!


All welcome dear !!

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