Altering Perceptions | Collect Experiences that Excite You!

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Everything we do in life adds up to create the experience that we inhabit from any given moment to any given moment.

This is similar to the topic that I talked about on yesterday’s episode of my new podcast.

Our perception of the world is such an interesting thing to consider. We can alter our perception in a myriad of ways and the results can be really beneficial in living your best life.

“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” - Anaïs Nin

This is one of my favorite quotes. Our experience of anything that happens to us is shaped by the years of experiences that precede it.

Even our remembering of the past - our recall of past experiences - is shaped by the experiences that we have collected since that memory.

Think back to an old childhood memory and you can see this in action.

I look back on my childhood and some of the things I did - many of them being how I was always causing mischief and getting in trouble at school - and I see it as hilarious.

I used to do some really funny stuff that, in the moment I didn’t think there was anything wrong with, but looking back on the experience with my since gained knowledge of the world shows me that there are some things that I should have done and somethings that I should not have done.

Life is really interesting in that we are all walking around with our own lenses of the world. Any given individual you run into on the street has their own way of seeing the world and experiencing it.

Say that you and your friend Sally go to a restaurant. You both order the same dish and you think it’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten, but Sally hates the dish and thinks it’s the worst food ever made.

Your taste buds are like your perception. You taste a rich palette of flavors while Sally tastes garbage dump.

Similar to our perception of the world, our tastebuds can be developed and altered. Ever hear the phrase “wine is an acquired taste”?

In my opinion, acquiring experiences and living life to the fullest is the point of being on this Earth. There is no pursuit more noble than trying to be your best self and acquire experiences that make your life worthwhile.

I like to also think of the idea of “live your life as if it was a movie and you had to watch that movie on repeat over and over again”. If you live life as if every moment was precious, then you wouldn’t squander time over pointless aims. You would only pursue exciting and adventurous and honorable goals.

What are you doing every day to alter your perception of the world? What experiences are you adding to your toolbox?

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nice post

es una manera de ver las cosas ser positivos y ser optimistas de esa maner se crean grandes sueños metas y aventuras, pensamos iguales de verdad esta muy interesante


Thank you for reading!! I hope you liked the post!!!

True talk...
This is really fascinating and mind blowing.....


I'm glad you found it interesting!

En este mundo tan cruel no hay verdad ni mentira, todo es según el color a través del cual se mira.Cada quien tiene una percepción de la vida diferente, cuando hablamos de percepción es la forma como nuestro cerebro descubre, detecta sensaciones que se reciben a través de los sentidos, para darle un respuesta a la realidad a través de esa percepción. Es interesante alterar tu percepción del mundo por que surgen en tu cuerpo, a través de los neurotransmisores experiencias diferentes. Podemos hacer cosas que nunca antes habíamos realizado, como en mi caso subirme a la montaña rusa, debe ser una experiencia interesante y cargada de mucha adrenalina, solo es cuestión de probar.

Great post.
World is no about what is good or what is wrong. It's about what we think is good and what we think is wrong. Dot!
What is wrong for someone could be a good thing for me, what is good for me could be wrong for you. And so on...
Why you think there are so many hate, wars, violence and nonsense fights in this planet? Every body claim to be right.
What is "right"?


More experiences are the best way to exponentially make your life better!!!

Excellent way for us to leave a piece of information, the whole text is interesting and it leads us to ask ourselves questions, very important thanks in truth, good way to write greetings and my respects my support with my vote.

I love this post!

Amo este articulo porque describe a la perfección la belleza de la subjetividad que enrolla nuestro día a día. Con esto quiero decir que, así como lo que es correcto para unos no lo es para otros, la belleza también es así y, ¿quién define lo que realmente es bello y lo que es feo? Pues son normativas que se han forjado de acuerdo a los estratos sociales que vivimos y esos estereotipos nos han separado pero en ningún lado están escritos. Con estas percepciones de una cruda sociedad nacieron las discriminaciones que acarrearon una serie de actos inhumanos como violaciones, restricciones y sacrificios que nadie los merece. Debemos evaluar nuestras percepciones y darnos cuenta si lo que juzgamos realmente está mal o simplemente nos hemos dejado atrapar por las opiniones de las grandes masas.

Hay que buscar encajar y no simplemente encajar en un estrato, nuestras opiniones por más diferentes que sean también cuentan.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

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There is no pursuit more noble than trying to be your best self and acquire experiences that make your life worthwhile.

Nice one @triptolemus, I really enjoyed reading this and agree that collecting experiences is a very noble pursuit. And what fascinates me the most, is the serendipitous way the universe unfolds when this journey begins and all the unexpected avenues and insights come from both; where I intended to go, and where the universe actually ended up taking me. It's a wonderful and constant 'wow' to behold!

All the best to you,


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@triptolemus every experience in life excites me as its come on my cv hehe


that's good!! Exciting experiences are so essential to an amazing life!!

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Great. This is excellent.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!


That's great!! experiences are what make life so fascinating and interesting!!!