In a series of 3: Identifictation 3 'Building something to hold on to through positive identification.'

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In a series of 3: Identifictation 3 'Building something to hold on to through positive identification.'


Previously, in the previous articles 'Identification 1 and 2',
( and

we talked about identification and how it sets the tone for our whole being. We talked about identifying with things that do not feel like us and do not serve our own evolution in love, or put more simply, things that do not make us feel good and that it is important to become aware of those identifications and let them go.
Today I'd like to talk about how actively identifying with the right things for you, can give you something to hold on to.

By actively identifying with the things that 'feel like you' you can create some kind of 'home' for yourself, within yourself. A place within yourself where the attributes remind you of who you are, where you can feel safe, even at moments that the world around you doesn't reflect that at all.


Example: You have a wonderful friendship with someone and being with this person makes you feel good about yourself. Your friend is respectful and considerate of you and takes the time to listen to you. So you feel good with these values: respect, consideration and kind attention. They feel right to you. This means they resonate with your inner core of Love, so they resonate with the real you. Actively identifying with those values would be saying: Yes, this is me!
In that way you are APPROPRIATING the values to yourself. This may sound weird to you but don't worry this is ok, they are not just your friends property. Because you experience them they live within you and to remind yourself of that you say:

Slowly, slowly you can start building this safe home inside of you by actively identifying with the values that resonate with your true self at the core of your being. It is a home of self awareness and this can give us a lot of strength to deal with situations where we don't feel so much at home.

Next time you might meet up with a friend who has a bad day and not being able at that moment to work through their frustration they might put it out towards you. They do not show respect, they are not considerate and least of all do they want to give you kind attention. But because you have become self aware of your own values through active identification you now have something to hold on to. You tap in to your 'home of self awareness' inside and can feel the values of respect consideration and kind attention resonating there within you. Because of that you can also see that the friend you are meeting with now, is not in contact with their own core values at the moment and is not able to be respectful, considerate or to give kind attention to you. This might take you a moment to proces, but once you clearly see it you are much more able to accept the behaviour of the friend who has a bad day and deal with in a right way, then when you wouldn't have given those positive values inside of you a home inside of you by identifying with them actively while you had the positive experience with the other friend.

In other words, you can now feel that even though the friend who's having a bad day can not give you respect. consideration or kind attention at the present moment, you DO deserve it, because it is WHO YOU ARE. :-)
How awesome is that?

I would absolutely LOVE to hear your thoughts on this , as I am really exited about this concept.
Please share them in the comments below.

Love Clara @wombloom

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This is a really interesting concept! I don't think I have thought of it exactly this way before (something similar but yet different), but I really like it and I think it could be really helpful to get into and connect to that inner core of oneself.
Thank you :)


Cool! I'm glad it appeals to you! I've only recently understood how helpful it can be, suddenly the dime dropped when I just started doing it and felt stronger somehow. Hope it helps you too. Love Clara