In a series of 3: Identification 2 'De-identifying with what does not serve our true self.'

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In a series of 3: Identification 2

'De-identifying with what does not serve our true self.'


'Everything that does not feel good is not you.'

Bam, there you have it! What ever doesn't resonate with the Loving core of your being ( For more explanation on that read the first article) is not essentially you.

Example: You think you do not deserve Love.
How does that make you feel? Awful right? That's because it is not true.

The Loving core of our being, otherwise known as atma, holds the true blue print of us as a son or daughter of Life/Love. It will ALWAYS tell us we DO deserve Love. Those are it's settings. Anything that doesn't not resonate with that will cause friction and pain.
And although that is very uncomfortable it is meant to tell us: "Hey! Pay attention, there's something going on here on the software level that does not agree with our hardware settings of Love and Truth, please move it to the virus chest." Or in other words, our belief that we do not deserve Love, does not agree with the truth of our Loving core, please do something about it to stop the pain.

Life does not mean to hurt us, we do that by identifying with the wrong things.
Often they are merely wrong ideas we have about ourselves, imprinted on us when we were children or later in life. Those ideas in turn attract situations that are painful. And MOST of the time we merely need to change our ideas in order to change our situation. Remember: What we think and feel about things creates our vibration and that in turn starts attracting things that ressonate with that.
It is even possible for us to start experiencing a certain situation that we felt was harming us, in a possitive way, all of a sudden contributing to our growth in Love, just because we brought our ideas back in alignment with the truth of our Loving core.

This is a truth I'm reminding myself of while I am sharing it with you.

Feel free to cast any ideas away from the mind that do not serve you to grow in Love.

One thing I must say: There IS actually such a thing as good pain, which is not a warning sign that you are on the wrong track with your idea's, but more like the healthy pain you feel in a muscle when you stretch it, where you need to loosen up. This is the kind of pain we feel when we get out of our comfort zone and take a challenge that is actually good for us, because it helps us grow in Love. This is the kind of pain that makes you stronger instead of weaker.

This is very different from the allarm bells kind of pain, which in comparison would be when you do something like overstretching, or lifting too heavy a weight. This is the kind of pain that doesn't make you stronger but instead harms you. This is what happens when we hurt ourselves by having unloving ideas about ourselves.

We are not meant to overstretch nor to lift to heavy a weight. Basically we are not meant to try too hard. We Are Good the way we are.

So please believe those allarm bells of pain, they are telling you you are thinking in the oposite direction of what you realy are! WE ARE LOVE.

I hope this was somehow uplifting.

Cause that's what I want to do I want to help you lift yourself up!

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Love Clara @wombloom


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'Everything that does not feel good is not you.'

ha, LO VE it, so simple!!!


Glad you like it. The simplest things often hold the most truth. I truly believe we are not meant to hurt because of our thoughts/identifications, it means the thoughts/identifications are wrong, not us.