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RE: How to use thermal mass to harness the incredible power of the SUN and to grow food year round!

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I always heard about using thermal mass through rock but I never knew about water. I mean it seems obvious now you say it, but this is a super cool idea. I've also seen some set-ups where people prop chicken coops against the greenhouse so the their body warmth transfers. I feel like this would be a good energy exchange between the tanks and the chickens for colder months... Nice idea though!


Yeah water is excellent. It's really neat to see the steam rising from the tanks in the middle of the night. Chicken coop is also a good idea. Critters produce a lot of heat. I did another greenhouse at a farm I was managing last year with worm compost bins for heat. They worked great... that one pushed all the way through the cold Taos winter with just a tiny electric space heater as supplemental heat. The house was 10' x 30' in size and the bins were about 4 x 4 x 3 and there were two of them. Thanks for the comment :)

I like the worm bin idea! That's awesome! I read a thing about people use the heat from crypto mining which tickled me!