Paths Are Many - What Does It Mean To Be A Lightworker? (@TribeSteemUp Bi-Weekly Question)

I used to believe lightworkers come a certain way, that they are forgiving, compassionate and ambitious people trying to spread a sense of positivity regardless of the situation. That understanding however has evolved, and while positivity is a great tool in the hands of a lightworker, he sees that he is liable to overemphasize this aspect of his being to unwittingly become a tool in the hands of other people with less applaudable intentions.


Firmly rooted in his center he acts to help society break rigid and "established" habits and dogmas, and uncover the dark aspects in this world that are trying to keep everybody in line for benefit of the system-matrix. If the situation calls for it, he is able to put his foot down in a fitting way to the situation despite his positive and compassionate attitude to people and life and despite the deep respect for the pace of their development.

And while the term sometimes still comes up in discussions with my close friends when we are out spreading positivity, the meaning of the term has changed significantly for me towards a more integrated and holistic interpretation that I would like to share.



Lightworkers, more than anything, are willing to build bridges to and between other people and seemingly irreconcileable narratives. Instead of taking issue or offense with the dogmas of the people he is talking to, he realizes the progressive nature of learning and helps others achieve their next step in understanding the world and their own misconceptions by their own volition and at their own pace. Instead of helping them to graduate on their second day of school he starts where the other individual is at spiritually, intellectually and experientially and does his best to connect to the other being in diplomacy and compassion.

As such, the lightworker does not go around imposing his understanding on others, regardless of how wrong they may be. A lightworker will instead meet people at their level of insight and offer hints in an unemotional and neutral manner so that the other individual can develop his own understanding and stumble upon new revelations on his own terms.

A lightworker realizes from his own research, experience and insight that shortcuts in understanding are seldomly sustainable nor particularly helpful to help change rigid beliefs that draw their merit from several different areas of indoctrination and programming much too complex to be brushed aside by even the most convincing attempt to change somebody's mind about socially held "truths" on the spot.

Instead he sees that the right hint at the right time for the right individual can set off an avalanche of self-motivated inquiry in the individual he is talking to.

A lightworker starts connecting and relaying bits and pieces of information based on the interests and topics the other individual brings up naturally in conversations. He does not try to change subjects, to "correct" provable misconceptions in the other individual's worldview, nor is he interested to brag with his depth of understanding to someone who assumes it all to be "conspiracy theories". Instead he is knowledgable enough to run with the topics brought up by the other individual and mention odd discrepancies in the official viewpoint that are directly related to the other's "naive" frame of reference.

He understands that everybody starts out somewhere and has his individual path of realization and awakening from the illusions of his culture and age.


Frames of reference

Lightworkers are aware of their own frame of reference and its underlying assumptions they are working with.

A lightworker is thoroughly prepared to be misunderstood and doesn't hold it against people when they recite unprovable arguments they have learned from some self-proclaimed authority. He understands that everybody means well by their own definition and degree of knowledge, and that finding common ground with the other individual is more important than "being right".

When dealing with other people who display by some means that they do no longer subscribe to the societally-held assumptions of the majority, he does his best to share bolder bits of information he could never get away with with people who are still too thoroughly indoctrinated into beliefs and assumptions he has long seen through.

In meeting other apparent lightworkers, he trusts that they have done their homework and he plays with it consciously to make sure that it is so before he shares any of his more recent revelations. Though not every open-minded individual would call himself a lightworker, he develops a keen eye for recognizing others of his own tribe on a similar mission, even when they meet for the first time.



A lightworker understands that his capacity to spread transformative information and attitudes is directly correlated to his own capacity for self-love. As long as he is denying love, patience and compassion to himself and his own worldy mistakes, he can't expect to help others work on theirs.

While positivity and a life-affirming attitude are cornerstones of the ability to impact other people positively the lightworker is experienced enough to understand that he does not need to be passive or silent when he is prompted to give the other side of the story in any discussion with multiple people. He carefully words his knowledge to meet people where they are at but he does not stay silent when contemporary delusions are openly celebrated. He shares what he can get away with in the hopes that if only one individual present is able to reconsider his own positions, as inspired by the lightworker's communications, his sharing of information was worth it.

A lightworker is never too certain to re-examine any and all of his basic convictions and interpretations, as long as there are good arguments to support the change that jive with his own understanding and intuition.

A lightworker realizes that many paths lead up the mountain and that no one path is mandatory to take for everyone in order to see through illusions.


Holistic approach

Though he is observing atrocities and societal blunders on a daily basis he also recognizes that the positive and the negative go together and that they are linear ways of interpreting a non-linear reality within our trained human minds, incapable of grasping the totality of experience. He trusts that while humanity can benefit from life-affirming information and deeds, it is neither his mission to save everyone nor the world.

Despite his bening wish to help bring about a world of peaceful and voluntary cooperation he understands that the world doesn't need to be changed nor improved by him, rather he has experienced that the world needs to be seen for its merit in exactly the way it is, even when his ego wants to give it a bad connotation. His mystical and transcendent experiences have shown him the necessity of the existence of two perceived poles to any idea, argument or situation, and that they are part of the human game of separation into bits and pieces for the sake of being talked about and for gathering experience in the human realm. He does his best to never take the world too seriously or to confuse perception with the truth. A lightworker understands that light can only be perceived where there ~is~ was darkness.

A lightworker feels free to disagree with even the most seemingly established "truths" of his society when he has reason enough to do so, if only to be able to eventually come up with better models for what reality might be for all those willing and ready to listen.

A lightworker takes care of himself in realizing when the weight of the world seems too heavy for his well-being to continue on his mission until he has taken all the necessary time and energy for himself to find back to center. He realizes his profound connection and interelationship to nature and makes use of its timeless qualities to recharge his inner strengths.


A lightworker forgives himself for his own failings and obsessions with his own indoctrinations and works tirelessly to help himself out of self-imposed deadlocks in solitude or societal judgments by those who have not yet had firsthand experience with the unspeakable far-outness of "what's going on".

A lightworker understands that lightworker is just a word. And that his being, his actions and his attitudes will always have priority over any title, concept or notion fostered by other people.

A lightworker sees the merit in forgiving others in order to overcome mistrust and ill will on a mutual basis and is never afraid to be the first to show compassion to those who can't yet muster up the courage to do the same.

A lightworker goes with his inner compass and knows when to stop his current activites in order to pursue other ones he feels cosmically prompted to pursue, trusting the value of his own intuition to guide him even when his ego is screaming that the task is nowhere near completion.

A lightworker follows his own definition of the term and its implications for his life. Rather than converting others to his interpretation of the cause, he offers his understanding as one of the countless non-binding interpretations of the concept to others similarly inclined.

More than anything a lightworker is a contemporary Mediashaman and thus thoroughly acquainted with his unique approach to the larger mission in his life.

Special thanks to @tribesteemup and @trucklife-family for the inspirational question.

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Much love to all of ya out there <3

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Well presented and easily comprehensible; I enjoyed reading "What Does It Mean To Be A Lightworker?" by @paradigmprospect

Reading the above makes me feel that I'm closely related to lightworkers / I am somewhat of a lightworker myself, even though I hadn't even heard of the word.

Beautifully put! The world needs more lightworkers