Day 5: 3 ways be productive and get it done!

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I was busy yesterday sun up to sun down with various stuff around the farm. Today ran the farmers market and then rebuilt the drum brakes on my Ford. Lots of work! I also am not a mechanic and usually car work for me involves lots of knuckle busting, cussing, and trial and error. But I get it done eventually!

It feels good to have those things accomplished and I'm about to run into town for a while, but I have some thoughts I'd like to share. These are three things that help me stay focused when I have a seemingly never ending list of things to do. Who knows, maybe they can help you to!

#1. Know yourself

I feel like there is lots of good advice out there about taking breaks.. for example if you read about how to best practice an instrument, it may say 'Spend 30 minutes playing and 5 minutes taking a break', or something along those lines. I agree with this philosophy but I don't think there is a set number. For me, I can work about 4 or 5 hours and then I like to take 30 minutes to 1 hour to recharge. This allows me to work all throughout the day without experiencing too much fatigue and ending up having 'diminished returns'. I also am learning the joys of a good cat-nap in the hot part of the day. Feels great and it's too hot to be outside anyway! My point is, understanding your limitations and working at a comfortable pace can actually really up your productivity because it enables you to work smarter, not harder.

#2. Know who surrounds you....

It is very true that you are the people who surround you. If you are trying to stay positive, but have someone else's negativity dragging you down, you HAVE to get rid of them for your life or confront them directly on it to see if they make a change. It's unfair to you to have someone else dragging you down! No matter how positive you try to be, someone else's negativity can really be a set back, so find the strength to do what it takes to get that out of your life so you can reach your full potential!

#3. Know your surroundings

Understanding the most efficient way to go about your day is critically important when you have lots of things to do. By organizing tasks and executing them with care and efficiency, you can accomplish much more than if you just wake up and start going at it! An added benefit to this is you may actually carve some free time out for yourself, if you are lucky! Maybe you could spend that time writing a post on Steemit...

I tend to try and get the most important and biggest tasks knocked out FIRST, and then start hitting up the little stuff. This works well for me (most of the time).

Hope you enjoyed this post and can apply these techniques to your day-to-day a way that works for you. Please feel free to upvote, or comment below...


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This is an inspiring piece of writing. I agree with the three points highlited @nickhans. Good job have a nice week

Thanks! I appreciate that

You're welcome

buen post ademas representa un ahorro y una economia que tu mismo desarrolles tus proyecto un beso desde venezuela..