African Spinach Update From My Farm [ garden] And How it feels To Grow it In A Natural Way, its Natural Medicine Benefits.

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Do you know how its feels to be a farmer?

If no this is where to learn one or two things and make a simple backyard garden or frontyard garden so as for you to benefit from the natural green vegetables. In my last post I emphasized more on how to plant the Africa Spinanch which I will definitely talk little about it here because I had some questions on my Discord sometimes ago and I gave a brief answer to here I will elaborate it better and clearer.
But I will start here by telling us what I have for us to learn first which is growing Africa Spinach on a fertile soil without any form of _Chemical _ added. I learnt this knowledge from my late dad, he thought me many things which I will definitely reveal to us as soon as possible, he thought me to eat green vegetables such as African spinach, fluted pumpkin, saint leaves, Bitter leaves as it has its natural medicinal herbs, purposes and benefits.

How African Spinach Healthy Leaves Maintain its Green Pigments.

As of those of us who are truly practicing farmers out there you can see what my observations was at the time I took these pictures on the farm. African Spinach leaves do mature according to the water intake from the surrounding soil which produces more and more to the plant itself, so the water intake really matters. As for this African spinach leaves, they grow very healthy, very greenish, very attractive and above all very succulent in nature. There are some more reasons why the plants live this healthy way. I will give some points which I learnt and I have put into practices more than 10 years of farming which has been helping me in a natural way of planting vegetables.

Why African Spinach leaves Grow Greenish Without Application Of Chemical Fertilizers?

I have been in this farming practices for more than 10years and I want us to all learn because we all have something to gain one way or the other. There are still some natural way you can grow your African Spinach, Vegetables generally speaking which will end up very healthy after which its been cooked and retain its natural taste.

  • Animal Manure : This has been a major key factor towards the early maturity in Vegetables practically speaking which has no side effects on the body other than the use of nowadays chemical fertilizers to grow your vegetables. Before I started the preparation of the farm land which I now planted the vegetables, I tool some huge measures which now, I am enjoying the hard labour I did before the planting of the African Spinach. I went to my poultry farm not too far from where I planted the vegetables, I took 5 empty poultry feed sack and fetch them filled up with poultry droppings, it wasn't so easy but for a practicing farmer you have to take all risk so that at the end of the day your work will be much appreciated by people a d by yourself as well. I took them on my head and went to the other farm to dropped them after which I mixed the portion I planned to use with the poultry droppings it was smelling but I had to fix that first. So after all, I made use of manual ridge which took my time and I properly mixed them while making the ridges so as for water to be able to penetrate them well and yield more produce. After I was done, I began the planting of the African Spinach proper.

How To Plant African Spinach?

African spinach can only be propagated by seed and seed only. The ideal way is to obtain your seeds from a very reliable Sources with close to 98% viability and assurance. After you might have obtained the seeds, you can use two different method to propagate it.

a. Direct sowing. You can sow the seeds directly into the soil by hand spreading that's all. But this kind of method has some advantages. Which are
A. Overcrowded of the African Spinach.

When you do direct sowing of the African spinach seeds, you are reliable to face a problem called overcrowding which will lead to stunted growth in them.

B. Prone to diseases. When you do a direct sowing in planting your African Spinach vegetable, you will in o e way or the other face the problem of infection.

Present African Spinach Stage.

I planted this African spinach 6weeks ago and It grew very healthy , stronger and greenish color which shows the sign of healthy living. I must say, up till now I have not applied any Chemical fertilizer to boost the growth, healthful and greenish pigment in it.

Doing Some African Spinach leaves Harvesting as Charity work.


  • When I entered the African spinach farm to fetch for some neighbouring friends who made a request.


  • Operation at first.






Disadvantages Of Using Chemical Fertilizers on African Spinach.

  • It will change the PH formation of the soil if constantly used.
  • It affect the green pigment of the vegetable.
  • The African Spinach taste will be altered after been cooked.
  • The colour and aroma of the African spinach soup will be discouraging just mere looking at it.
  • Chemical fertilizers destroys plants.
  • They cause environmental pollution.

Natural Medicine Found In African Spinach / Cure.

  • African spinach improves eye sight.
  • It's reach in Zinc production.
  • When you consume African Spinach, it improves digestion.
  • African spinach contains some anti-ulcer properties which helps to fight gastric ulcer in the body.
  • Regular consumption of African Spinach helps to improve skeletal bones formation in the body.
  • African spinach is a very rich sources of chlorophyll.

My Thought.

As a practicing farmer I will like to recommend this kind of vegetable for each and everyone of us aside medical prescription it he'll to fix many damages in the body like Ulcer, skin infections, digestion, good for weight loss ,promote an healthy heart. If not always, you can as well consume this type of veggie as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Special Thanks to @earthtribe , @naturalmedicine, @tribesteemup, @ecotrain team members for the privilege giving to e to be part of this great community .

Thanks for reading.


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What a lovely harvest! You sound knowledgeable and I see that you have a great harvest so you truly know what you're talking about. I have never heard of African spinach and it definitely doesn't look like spinach that I know from Europe. How does it taste? And how do you prepare it?

Thank you for sharing such great information!

Have a lovely day!

Its good to note that your plant is doing well, we wish you a massive harvest,one small farm at a time steem will feed the world


Thanks for your warm comment. They are really growing healthy and greenish.

Thanks @farms

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Thank you

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Damn they grow quick! Awesome job mate

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Thank you

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Really enjoying seeing the African plants and vegetables, Matthew, and your perspective as a farmer. Really nice, comprehensive post! So much to learn!!

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Blessing to you on a beautiful morning in Vietnam.

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Thanks so much @artemislives. I promise to post more and more very soon.

More Blessings

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