How do you Move Forward When Faced with Dissension? - A Tribe Steem Up Question (Video)

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I decided to create a video for my answer to this week's @tribesteemup bi-weekly question. In the video, I discuss and demonstrate my most common method of dissolving dissension, discuss what I see as the best way to move forward from dissension, and was even able to throw a little joke with some truth in there.

The Question is:
"What is the Best Way to Move Forward
When Faced with Dissension within Your Community?

The word that seemed to keep popping in my head was "learning", as I feel the most important way to move forward from any kind of dissension in communities, is by both sides learning some truth about the topic itself, and how to properly handle dissension better in the future. Please enjoy the explanation of my answer in this video - click pic below to play:

Music by: @alaisclay


Actual Google search results for dissension define:
"Dissension - disagreement that leads to discord"


Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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You are ridiculous haha.

I do agree cannabis reamly can help deesculate a situation. I believe every police officer should be armed with prerolls.

I agree with everything you said. Learning from the experience is seriously key, I am glad you brought that up.


I thought you might like that, did you also see the blooper at the end? HAHA... the idea of law enforcement officers being armed with standard issue pre-rolled joins gives me a chuckle, but they really should in all seriousness. Learning from dissension is the best thing we can do.

Great answer, even if there was a lot of Discord within your answer!
Learning is key, everything happens for a reason and it really is up to us to grow from all these experiences xx


haha, pun intended right, Dicord, Dicord, Dicord, Dicord! Thanks for the love.

I think the question was fantastic in response to what happened, and I agree, I think we all learnt something from it. I absolutely believe that we need to speak up when things don't feel right, and I thought about it for seriously weeks before I couldn't keep quiet anymore about the post(s) in particularly that were upsetting me and seemed to really go against my values, which is why I raised it in the first place. I did really admire the way everyone stepped in and had a conversation about how to deal with that kinda dissension and I have loved this flow on this week into ways we can handle it in the future. Super impressive. Big love TSU and all our tribes, we're doing okay x


Thank you and exactly. I would say we are doing more than ok atm though. I would say we are doing the absolute best we could be right now, and are constantly evolving to be even better. We live in a wonderful time in history, where we have a chance to drastically change this world for the better.

this post is selected for the teamgood nomnom post of great content
dissension happens, sometimes who knows why and this post literally has my fave 'newer' initiatives on it that are doing a lot of good on here. <3


THANK YOU! I knew I forgot to mention couple groups in the video, @teamgood was one of them, sorry about that. I kind of put myself on the spot and free-flowed this one. I also delegated 100SP to TG the other day just so you know :-)


ahhh sweeeet, I was away for a bit and not able to keep up as usual...Awesome and THANK YOU!


My pleasure homegirl, I am proud to be supporting your initiative! You soooooo have my approval. Looking forward to interfacing all our projects even further soon as well.