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Since my comic character sambie is a zombie, I decided to make a version that is gruesome and totally opposite of his character. And this is what it looks and I named it "The Albino".


A rare zombie that can scream so loud and eerie that makes you dizzy and can summon other nearby zombies. He is easily noticeable around a horde of zombies that is why he likes to stay around dark rooms surprising victims with his eerie scream.

This is an entry for the #trialbycomics contest by @kommienezuspadt. This week's theme is zombies, you can visit the contest here


I am still an amateur when it comes to drawing without any reference, so it was a struggle especially the shading and coloring part. I had to make some action poses in the dark that made my brother think I'm crazy. XD

My first plan was to make the albino suddenly appear behind a plank covered door casing (you'll see it in the process below) , but I wasn't really going as planned when I added the colors.

I started with a rough sketch. This was the initial sketch that I had in mind but later on as I progress, I decided to change the scene a bit.

Then I made a simple sketch without any details. I just wan't to know how it looks and made some adjustments until I was happy with the pose.

This is the final look of the sketch. As I said earlier, this is a scary version of sambie that is why he has also an exposed skull on the right side of his head, but made a bit of exposed ribs on the side and his left arm cut off. I made the skin around the cheeks and his mouth like a torn pieces. Also on this image I already added the cloth in advance.

The next 4 images are the coloring process. The coloring process I made here is a bit different from the previous entries I made. I decided to explore and try to color it with less outlines visible



This is what it looked like after the coloring process. I added a dark gradient around the image on the final piece(the top image) and instead of a police line I added a zombie line.

Hope you enjoyed reading and have a great day!

Software Used: Medibang Paint Pro
Graphic Tablet Used: wacom Intous draw

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Kinda looks like a Titan from Shingeki no Kyojin :)

Attack on Titan, right? I've only seen a few clips of it.
I should have made a wall instead of the police/zombie line :D

Sheeesh! I'm sticking with Sambie! Albino here does not look very friendly! 😨

hahaha...Yeah, he's not very friendly in here. Sambie ftw!

Sambie for PRESIDENT!!!! XD

Good entry friend, Lucky in the contest.

Thanks! You have a good entry too and wish you good luck.

Nice, man!!
This is veeerry nice!
Yes, I really like the new "no outline" style!
But all in all, like it more that it's ...
I dunno, just a job well done!! :D

Thank you! I like it too :D
I kinda hesitated at first, that's why there is
a clean outline as you can see on the process.

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