New Curation Policy & Updated Rules For Slothicorn

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We are excited to see so many new artists joining our community and we are now receiving almost 80 posts per day. However, this increased number of posts is making impossible for curators to upvote extraordinary artworks with 100% weight and adding to this, our VP is not allowing us to upvote every post. (Original artwork by Artists). Keeping this in mind, we have decided to change our curation policy. Before we explain our new curation policy, we would like to show some statistics so that you all get a clear idea about what we have done so far and why we have to adopt this new method of curation.

Number of Posts Received

The total number of posts we received in November, 2017 was 4 and in December 2017, it was 32. However, you can see the huge increase in the number of posts we received in the last three months. We received 2,422 posts last month (80 Posts Per Day), 967 posts in February, 2018 and 1697 in March, 2018.

Number of Upvotes Given by Slothicorn

Month Number Of Upvotes Average Upvote Weight
November, 2017 6 100%
December, 2017 220 80.24%
January, 2018 311 66.79%
February, 2018 888 51.10%
March, 2018 821 40.34%
April, 2018 1326 23.23%

You can see from the above table that our average upvote weight is constantly decreasing with the increase in posts and eventually, it will be impossible for us to check and upvote every artwork before it's payout is released.

New Curation Policy

From now, we will be upvoting 4 outstanding posts (1 of them would be curator's favorite) with full 100% weight and 13 posts with 50% upvote who meet the following criteria.

How To Be Considered For A Slothicorn Upvote

  1. All art genres will be acceptable except for music and photography at this time. Some possible art forms: drawing, painting, animation, video, film, cryptographic puzzles, macrame, sewing, fabric, environmental art, sculpture, street performance, graffiti, collage, food art, comics, puppetry, opera, comic video series.
  2. Add the Creative Commons Attribution License if you want let others to use your art without imposing any restrictions.
  3. If you want to retain the full copyrights, add this statement! Copyright @username - All Rights Reserved
  4. You must include every possible detail to prove that the art is created by you. This can be done by sharing pictures of your art in progress (Example) or through a video.
  5. If you're sharing your previous work, you need to write some details about your artwork along with your picture holding the artwork. If it's a video, then you can share the Youtube link and write your Steemit username in the description of the video (Youtube)
  6. If you are sharing any digital art, you need to mention the program that was used to make that artwork. For example Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop etc. Artwork made with the help of mobile applications will not be considered for an upvote.
  7. The decision of curators can't be challenged and you are not allowed to indulge in any kind of argument/discussion/argy-bargy with curators on why your post wasn't upvoted.

You can contact us in the #help channel on Discord if you have any questions.


Thanks for the information. Truly the slothicorn tag was abused.

Thanks everyone for responding so positively to the new guidelines. This generous spirit is so essential to Slothicorn and we're going to do our best to make sure we're cultivating abundance for artists in the blockchain realms.

Nice info. Keep up the good job.

Thanks for this information @slothicorn. I love this community :)

that's true there are many people who use your tag
, Thank you so much Slothicorn for your nice support <3 ,
new rules will increase our effort

This is good news! I noticed the decreasing percentage upvote and knew it must be because of the popularity of Slothicorn increasing... This was inevitable.

I'll continue to strive for excellence with every post! Thank you for supporting artists with such diligence <3

Looking forward to see your fantastic mandalas in the .

thank you , we must do our best :)

Thank you for your constant support

Thanks for info, good for protect from waste:)

Thank you for this information, I will do the best for @slothicorn comunity and following the rules.

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