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This weeks theme was „Magic the Gathering“.

I’m again very late with my entry but I’m happy I have made it in time.

No way I would miss this Theme... Magic Cards has accompanied me trough me life. Back in my schooltime I got in touch with Magic Cards for the first time. A school mate had bought a Starter Deck. He shows me his cards and I immediately fall i love with the badass Creature artworks on them. Even today I like to play a online match on my iPad.

One of my favorite things to draw is characters and creatures from imagination. I’m absolut sure it’s because this Card Game! :D

...but for today I have made an illustration of an existing Magic the Gathering Card, the „Preators Voice“




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I like watching the process of your creation. Nice pose and execution but I wish you push it further.
Good luck with the contest :).


First thank you @scrawly, i always appreciate your Feedback. I whish i had more time for this one to colour it but im very busy at the Moment with my new Job. But sometime in Future i will definitly Work Out this Illustration even more...i Need to learn realistic coloration anyway ;D

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