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I went live on YouTube and gave away at least 300 Steem. I didn't count but thats what it felt like. The cause for celebration was for 12,000 subscribers on youtube. The next giveaway will be at 13,000 subscribers or 6,000 followers on Steemit. Whichever comes first.

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No problem

@trevonjb ! Glad you're doing another one of these.

And yes, it might be a good time to stock up on some more BCC. 12,000 subscribers is huge, you are an inspiration!

Liking the picture in picture videos. They're the most engaging in my opinion.

Also, for me, Delegated Power would be HUGE right now :)

Thanks man,



flag for buying to much upvote

@tuvohl seriously?

I spent the SBD on it. and my comment is not spam. Explain.

I regulate value.
Upvoting yourself is a easy calculation.
It has not this value for me.

@tuvokhl - well maybe there should be some documentation on how to use these services before just opening the flood gates if people are just going to get flagged... seems pretty toxic if you ask me.

Its a battle for value posts.
Nearly nobody gets whats going on.
You are all little lemings with dollar signs in the eyes.

Ok so because I don't have a million STEEM to be seen by the whole planet, I get penalized for utilizing resources to maximize exposure? and insulted by you? That seems ridiculous.

You are still better of. So please stop crying.

I am allowed to insult people? Or you think i should be punished physicaly for doing so?

What is an "easy" calculation ?

I can upvote all my posts with this upvotebot.
I will always think that my post have value, like you think about your posts.
But spending 2SBD and get 3-5SBD by upvoting myself is easy. I could do this all time.
But i am here to stop this. In my opining you can do this for other people.
But if you do this for yourself i will flag like insane.

I see people do this for themselves all the time.

And I also did it for this post. These tools are being marketed towards users to use on themselves.

So maybe instead of going after the guy that spends a measily 2 SBD you should be going after the bigger problem and not sit here threatening me and my posts.

Maybe you should just start flaging this selfupvoter too and not cry.
Stay strong.

Gimme gimme! :D

Party Time!

This comment has received a 1.22 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @mikev.

What is the delegation power ?
How does it vary ?

hey @praveenjoshi53 -

Users can 'delegate steem power' to other users if they think it will be put to good use.

It's the number you see in parenthesis under STEEM Power. It gives your vote more value.

wait how do you do that?

here you go @tuvokhl can't stop you you got my upvote

Go steem!

Congratz for your 12 k followers on yt! I heard on the video that you quit your job but to me looks like different... you just change your work to something better happier and with a lot of information providing to the crowd! Good luck and keep posting!

Congrats on reaching 12 thousand subscribers. You'll definitely get to 20 thousand in no time.

No referral links. @steemcleaners

Sign up with bit connect! Trevon has enough followers...I want to build my me! lol :)

It is really nice of you to give back to the community. People like you change the world and i am glad i stambled upon your post. Keep it up and more rewards shall follow

@trevonjb..i always read the information in your blog of steemit..i a new steemian in this aplication..i very glad have joined in this blog..when i Sitting alone or even joining a friend. Always open this app .. the purpose is simple, get the information ..i love steemit, a dollar is Not priority, knowledge and friends are many from around the world the priority .. but do not forget also vote me and follow me..thank u

Tweleve thousand YouTube SUBSCRIBERS! Woot!

Luckily I am getting to watch you live, I always miss your lives but I am always watching your videos. 12k is huge!

money money money

Pinche Trevonjb eres un chingon

Great job Trevon, you deserve the very best man! Maybe you can deposit a little Doge for the little one.

Congratulations on 12,000 YouTube Subscribers TrevonJB, let's get to 13,000 even faster! Get this post trending!

I follow back everyone who follows me

Thats cool! What do I have to do?

What's good man. Thanks for helping the community 👊🏼
Did a $1200 loan under your sponsorship last night 😃

Steem-Bitconnect Logo.png


Reminds me of this xD

There you go bro! Trevon is the Man as always giving back to his peeps.

teaching a man to fish

Awesome man!

Trev is in tha house!

Hey @trevonjb ! Watching your live stream. Thank you for everything you are doing for the crypto community, steemit and for educating people in your own way. I'm a great follower and posting my own drawings on Steemit. It would be nice if you could tell me what you think of them. Your opinion would be highly appreciated! Be well my friend!

Oh trevonjb shows his real face.
Flags all my 3 posts without a comment.

You are a realy strong man!



Ya I won the 100 Steem :( Sucks u didnt go further up the list.


This is awesome!

The Steem will go to $10 Soon i think, we are ready for the Moon!

started from the bottom now where here boi keep giving em away my dude stay blessed

Upvoted, Resteemed, and watching you live on YouTube!

I watch your videos all the time Tre! Thanks for introducing me to Steemit!

Upvoted, resteemed and already following!! Peace!

We r live !
Keep the great job up bro :)

Upvoted and resteemed ♥ have been following you for a while now☺ You da man Tre☺

I pray and hope that you get 6000 followers soon. Free steem giveaway helps new users to boost there account fast. Thanks for your kind support

Yeay free steem . I upvote everytime i can and pound the like button on youtubes . Love from spain . Reestemed and upvoted 💲💲💲

Upvoted and resteemed. Enjoyed the video and glad to be following :) Congratulations on 12K followers :)Show some love.

Well @trevonjb you wanted to trend and 2 days later you still trending way to go man!

Hi Trevon,
I am a newbie, your videos are a valuable tool fer guys like us.
Thank you for the guidance, steem away... ;-)

I answered 8bit second, so I should get second place, and get a second prize

Helping the community maaaannne

send me some steem farts in my direction

Thank You Thank you Give me free steem.

Yo i love your channel BROTHER im glad i came across your YouTube channel it has been very helpfull and i have learned so much im still going through your older videos as anyway i just wanted to say thank you and i appreciate all that you do for this community you are the man

Good ish Trevon James... now back to the live stream!

mu dimecoin wallet 7BMREMf2xcouMcpacQN8krdzeY6QiaT2Zy

Woow verey generous thx a lott. @trevonjib

@trevonjb Congratulations from HK! I has been your youtube channel subscribers for a week . I appreciate your channel which provides so many information and opinion. I keep learning cryptocurrency these days.

Congratulations 🎉🍾🎈🎊 on 12k!!!

Wow. Congrats on nearly 6000 followers. Thats crazy. Neat concept for the contest.

done thanks in advance

thankyu for shared brother...your smart..I like you..., your leader motivation

Just make it rain..

i want free steem, can you give please ???????????????

Gratz @hagg3r, you beat me by a hair there at the end

you should be trending... @trevonjb

So apparently my internet is ten mins behind the youtube stream live. makes me feel stupid. lol

Your the best Crypto guy to go to, I recommend people definitely stay for the strea,. Followed you through so much. Thank You Dude

Upvoted and resteemed @trevonjb been a follower for a while good stuff bro!

I upvoted 100%, I've been following for a while now, and I also resteemed this post :) good luck to anyone participating the giveaway! :)

Congratulation , Upvoted, Resteemed & subscribed in youtube channel

Just upvoted and resteemed for you.

Also subscribed to your youtube channel.
Mention my name so I know live dude! hahh!

I usually watch your live streams after they air, but I jumped on this one! Lets get it!

Congratulations it's good that you're growing on youtube :-)

Free Steem that's awesome! Hope I win some!

not fair dude we all don't have the same internet speed find an another way

i have garbage internet and i managed it, although i do agree there must be a better way.

I entered this community because of your videos!
Thanks alot for all you doing for the community.

Thanks Tre!

Thank you for sharing my post I really like to see your post is interesting and nice dangan I will try menbuat interesting post because I will learn from your post post it is amazing congratulations for you may always be able to share interesting post.thanks

Congrats. Traveling in China and can't get to YouTube as it's banned. :(

That was a crazy busy room... I love it when a plane comes together...!!!🚀

congrats bro keep it up.................................... :)

I just told myself not to upvote anymore to not run out of steem and then this nice offer pops up.

I was already following you and I resteemed this post. I also already subbed your You Tube and upvoted over there too. Whew!

Thanks for doing this for us little swimmers. Much appreciated :)

yo man it's fun watching you live on Youtube right now :D
@trevonjb Massive flowing spam account right there !

haha wish i had enough steem to control my steem vote % , some time next year i guess

bro right here @mady27..............................................................................................................................

Great vids been watching since June. Youtube crypto

Currently watching your youtube video. Congrats for hitting more than 12,000 views.

Is this what is met by resteem? Probably not lol.