Tree Tuesday - Massive Tall Talipot Palm Trees !!

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Here we are back for another #treetuesday by the @old-guy-photos,and this week i am going to show you the tallest palm tree that i have ever seen i have seen many and there may be taller palm trees around but i have never seen one as tall as this one.





This Palm is Known as the Talipot Palm Tree it's scientific name is Corypha Umbraculifera. They mainly grow in the tropical and warmer countries. The Talipot Palm tree here in Thailand is known as a very majestic tree and seen to be growing on most Buddhist temple grounds.





This Talipot Palm tree can live up from 30 to 80 years old it grows to a height of 30 to 40 meters and a interesting and unusual thing about this palm tree it only flowers once in it's life time normally after 30 to 40 years of age and as you can see in the photos it's grows just as tall as coconut trees and we all know how tall they are.





The leaf of a Talipot Palm can reach to 4 meters wide that's why the base of the branch is so thick and strong looking and i love the way all these other little plants grow out of these coupling base branch that have been cut they act like huge flower pots.





This would definitely be one amazing palm tree to see it flowering once in it's lifetime they do say it is very spectacular to see this ,i find it just awesome enough looking and touching one of these unique palm trees and it is said that once the Talipot Palm has flowered and fruited the plant will die what a shame that is sad , amazing Thailand it's all here in front of me.





This is a article from Google from the
"Botanic Gardens Conservation International" about "Flowering Talipot Palms at Singapore Botanic Gardens" just some extra interesting information about this amazing Talipot Palm. These photos are not my but borrowed from Google just to show you what a stunning magical flowers this palm tree has.


The flowering Talipot Palms have been the focus of attention for the past few months at Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is a majestic sight and a lifetime treat to see the massive flowering structure.



In August 1920, Talipot seeds were introduced from the Calcutta Botanic Gardens, India. The seedlings were planted in the Palm Valley in 1925 and now after 79 years, two Talipot Palms (Corypha umbraculifera), flowered from October 2004 to January 2005.


This palm flowers only once in its lifetime, producing the biggest inflorescence in the flowering kingdom. The palm grows for 30 to 80 years, storing up energy and strength in its trunk to send out this massive inflorescence. After flowering and fruiting the plant will die.



My presentation of #treetuesday by the @old-guy-photos



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Those really look cool and massive! I love how the plants grow in the plates on the trunk!!

They are a sight to see and yeah i found that fascinating also those plants growing out of them plates of the trunk as you put it...haha :)