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Go green... Yup... Tree photos to be shared today... Since I started steeming, I have been walking and shooting for a long time. I will shoot everything everywhere whenever possible. Some times my girls will complain why is mommy always taking photos first... 😅 But they know it's for Steem.

OK, cut the talking and look at the trees now.

Shot this yesterday. Went to one of the restaurant opposite the road for lunch with my colleague. Trees by the roadside... Be careful of these trees... Especially during the evening after 6pm. Never stand under the trees or park your car under the trees. Or else you will be having "gifts" from above. 😂 🐦

This one was captured last week. Morning time... Mr Sun went on leave... Mrs Clouds were taking over the sky. This was captured at the open car park behind my office block. I think that's two or three trees right into middle of the photo.

This was captured way back on the day of the Blockchain Week event I attended at the heart of KL city. Love the trees here. Huge tall old trees.

One more from the heart of KL city. Just trees. No traffic... 😂

That's my TreeTuesday for this week. If this is the first time you stumble upon TreeTuesday, do check out @old-guy-photos. He is the one that started this TreeTuesday. For more trees, check out here.


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Hey... is there a different theme everyday?

Halo! Yes... Everyday got different themes to take part... Mostly I am doing the below themes: -

  • ColorChallenge with different color daily
  • Monochrome Monday
  • Tree Tuesday
  • Wednesday Walk
  • Market Friday
  • Caturday on Saturday
  • Beautiful Sunday
  • Sublime Sunday

Actually there are many many more.

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wahhh... okok will look into your post history haha
saw a new thing 'Partiko Android'.. more like steemit in mobile app??

Not new liao... There are many many interfaces now we can post through...

Partiko is one of the app that is easy to use if we are on the phone more.

Esteem also is another app that can be use on the phone.

Wherein is developed by Chinese. Also easy to use mobile app.

Then now have many many tokens given from different platforms.
Sportstalk, Palnet, SCT, Steemleo, Zzan, and etc...

You got a lot to catch up... 💪

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head spinning d wei.. haha
stick to old style first.. explore Partiko later :P

Just download Partiko and use it to post. Download via my link. You should have some Partiko Points and can redeem it for upvote from Partiko

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Done. will xplore later..