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Today, for #treetuesday, I'm posting a few more photos from my venture last Fall to the Gunpowder Falls State Park in Baltimore County, Maryland.



The park officials mark some of the trees along the trails so people don't get lost.



Always happy to find some mushrooms along the way!




Sometimes, I will see a tree and wonder how old it could be and who is or the!


I spotted quite a few interesting looking trees on my venture that day including this one.


My last photo shows some trees among a rock formation. The rock formation was one of three I saw that day. I think one that I saw was an old spring house foundation but this may even be an old house foundation. I can't be certain but it was still an awesome find!


Thank you @old-guy-photos for #treetuesday!!





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I like the fungus and mushrooms too!

Thank you @old-guy-photos!! Always a bonus to find some! ;)

Great shots Dee. the 2nd last photo of the tree was awesome.
I have to smile every time you mention ‘Gunpower’ as the name of the park. You will have to tell the story of how it got that name.

Thanks Jo! I'm so glad I spied that one too!
Hmmm..I guess I should figure that one! Never really thought about it but now you really got me thinking about it! ;)

Wonderful photography, trees are amazing

Thanks so much @hananali!!

enjoyed the trees

Thanks so much @rebeccabe!! :)

Looks like a great place to go for a walk!

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Thank you @pardinus! It is a truly great place! :)

This was my kind of treewalk. Thanks @deerjay

You're very welcome @manorvillemike and thank you so much also!!

This is a very nice place to visit. Me too curious about the name. 😀

Thanks so much Neli!! I'm definitely gonna look it up. I know what I've heard but it would be good to find out for sure. .and even make a post about. :)

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looks like a nice day out

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OMG I am so sorry you are having difficult times and for the loss of your family member. You do what you need to do and we are delighted to have you part of this when you are ready :-)

Thanks @paulag! I'm getting pretty close and appreciate the help and encouragement from so many people. I'm def committed to powering up and getting to and maintaining minnow status.