Maximum donations are temporaly reduced to 0.1 STEEM/SBD.

in #treeplanter6 years ago

Due to low exchange rate of STEEM and SBD I was forced to reduce the maximum donation otherwise the queue would be getting longer and longer.

Thanks for understanding.

Looking forward to plant more trees!


@treeplanter @treeassistant

you scammed people out of money without notice. you promised that your voting power wouldn't go below 80% in loads of previous posts. a bunch of posts voted on yesterday got no where near what we paid for, payments sent on the previous 1-3 days by many people. You promised approx twice my donation and it wasn't delivered, please refund asap.

You can't just change the way you vote on posts we had already paid for without refunding us the difference.

edit: refund received with thanks

It was not any kind of scam. The queue was growing and so all previously donations had to be processed with the old maximum accepted donation (0.250). After all those donations were done. The post was created and settings were changed. By the way this is not a bid-bot service or get rich service, you should be aware that it is a donation and fund raising bot that gives back votes as way to promote donations to the project.

I over reacted , thanks for the explanation and the refund.

As a matter of fact if you take a look at steemd here pending refunds are still being done with the donated amount so if your post was not upvoted it will be refunded completely.

Is not it a scam? really?

He broke his own rules and then changed them without notice, many sent 0.25 SBD and received just $0.15 votes.

It is understood that it is a service to promote donations for the project, but they can not give super low vote and do not return even if it is the difference, if they really are a serious service they should do it.

I'm actively checking into the issue and I will try to come with a solution as soon as possible.

Hopefully you will find a solution and you can restore trust to many of those who were affected.

Main problem has been resolved. But I would have to manually refund the affected. I will try to come up with a solution soon. I hope the vote can help a little bit

Refunds were processed. Keep planting trees!!

Great, I'll keep planting trees

how long will that take I sent in .5 sbd before I knew this and no votes no refund been a few days.

Refunds were processed. Keep planting trees!!

The red market affects us all, I can understand your problem now, but never give up, your work must keep going and better days are ahead. My respect and my best wishes @treeplanter

I can understand your adjustments, but I am very confused that the promises before the adjustment of public notices are not fulfilled. Will you correct it?

Working on how to refund the affected donators

Thank you for replying to me. I am looking forward to your results. I will continue to support you.

Refunds were done. Keep plating trees! Thanks for using @treeplanter

I sent .25 for 4 of my posts a few days before you announced the change. And because of the delay in voting, when it finally got upvoted, I got a smaller upvote than usual. I planted .13 trees instead of the usual .25. This is very shady to give a smaller upvote on people who made a contractual agreement with your service by agreeing to get a 2X upvote with a maximum payment of .25. I sent the .25 while still under the old contractual agreement with your service. This is very shady. You should have either upvoted the full amount you originally had promised before changing. Or you should have refunded .15 of my SBD for each post if you were only going to upvote .1 worth. One of those posts is already at 7 days. So unless you can fix the others to the upvote I payed for, will you refund .15 SBD for each the posts you failed to fulfill your end of the agreement? I lost money using the service. Can we find some way to remedy this wrong?

I will try to solve this problem in the coming days.

Thank you for responding.

Thank you so much!

So this why your votes hasn't been that high these couple of days. And how do I get my refunds from my 5 previous transfers?

I will take care of that no worries


I didn't know until I check the voting power from treenplanter. It would have been easier if this was included on the comment from treeplanter. Thanks!

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