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RE: Maximum donations are temporaly reduced to 0.1 STEEM/SBD.

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I sent .25 for 4 of my posts a few days before you announced the change. And because of the delay in voting, when it finally got upvoted, I got a smaller upvote than usual. I planted .13 trees instead of the usual .25. This is very shady to give a smaller upvote on people who made a contractual agreement with your service by agreeing to get a 2X upvote with a maximum payment of .25. I sent the .25 while still under the old contractual agreement with your service. This is very shady. You should have either upvoted the full amount you originally had promised before changing. Or you should have refunded .15 of my SBD for each post if you were only going to upvote .1 worth. One of those posts is already at 7 days. So unless you can fix the others to the upvote I payed for, will you refund .15 SBD for each the posts you failed to fulfill your end of the agreement? I lost money using the service. Can we find some way to remedy this wrong?


I will try to solve this problem in the coming days.

Thank you for responding.

Thank you so much!

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