Dreams of Lost Treasure

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One of the most common dreams people report is digging for treasure. Like dreams of falling, being naked in a crowd, or being chased, the dream of digging for treasure comes up repeatedly. According to psychologists, it can mean either that you need to rediscover yourself or that there is a simple solution to an uncompleted task that has been bothering you.

There are folk tales of treasure dreams. One is the well-known story from 1001 Nights in which a man from Baghdad goes to Cairo after having a dream that he will find his fortune there. Instead, he is arrested and beaten. When he tells his story to the policeman, the officer laughs at him and recounts how he followed a similar dream that directed him to a particular house in Cairo with a fountain in the yard, but that he found nothing. The Baghdad man realizes the officer was describing his house, so he returns, digs in the garden, and finds a fortune buried there.


A similar folk tale comes from the Jewish tradition in Eastern Europe. A baker named Josef, who is from a small town, has a recurring dream that he can find a fortune under the bridge in Prague. When he goes there, he finds it heavily guarded at all hours. When he tells his dream to the captain of the guards, the guard laughs at him for his foolishness. “If I listened to crazy dreams like that, I’d go to a small village and look behind the oven of a Jewish baker named Josef to find treasure.” Of course, Josef returns to his own home and finds treasure buried there.

The moral of the story is probably that the treasure is your own life, your own family, to be found in your own home. You don’t have to go far. Just appreciate the treasure you have. And that is a good message for the stories.

The Peralta Stones, which some believe to be a map to the location of the Lost Dutchmen's Mine treasure. Creative Commons via Wikpedia by Latin Heart Reader.

But it’s fun to think about treasure-treasure as well

In 1914, a man named A.W. Lehrke awoke from a dream at his home in Sonoma Valley in the U.S. State of California. It was 2:00 a.m. and his dream was fading from memory already. But he remembered it had to do with digging in his basement for treasure. Still clad in his pajamas, he went to the basement, grabbed a spade, moved away some junk from the floor, and began to dig.

Almost immediately, he hit metal. It was the lid of a Dutch oven (large pot, usually made of cast iron). Inside the Dutch oven, he pulled out the first thing his hands touched. Cleaning it off in the light, he realized that it was a bar of gold. There were more. All in all, the treasure in Lehrke’s basement was worth $42,000 in 1914, which today would be worth more than one million dollars.

Scan of Santa Rosa Press Democrat newspaper, May 23, 1914.

And he dug there because a dream suggested he do so. But looking beyond the dream, it also was also a known fact that a 19th Century Sonoma Valley resident, gold miner Granville P. Swift, had buried a fortune in several spots around the region. Swift “was one of the best miners I knew,” a fellow prospector was heard to say. “He made an immense amount of gold.” But this miner was disorganized, scatter-brained, and soon forgot where he had hidden the riches; any secrets had died with him in 1875. Just a decade before Lehrke’s find, others found two caches of the Swift treasure totaling $37,000. And the ground beneath a nearby house is not too far-fetched of a possible hiding place.

Granville Swift, the successful gold miner who buried his loot and forgot where he put it. Public domain.

So it could have been on Lehrke’s mind, perhaps something he’d heard about in conscious conversation. The dream may not have arisen randomly or been delivered by an angel or ghost. Also, many people have dreams of treasure and go out looking for it, never to find anything. And still others probably look in vain without reporting their failures.

On the Trail of Treasure

If you have any treasure dreams (for the record, I haven’t), perhaps you can follow the trail of one of history’s mysterious lost treasures. Many of them are based on stories that may have been misinterpreted. There is no certainty that the Lost Dutchman’s Mine, Custer’s treasure, Dillinger’s treasure, Steve Buscemi’s ransom money from Fargo (just kidding, though the Kumiko movie followed that trail) really are buried in unfound locations. Feel free to “Google” any of these to learn more. But some maintain faith that treasures like these exist. And Lehrke’s story proves that searches can have happy endings.

Kumiko film, in which the main character seeks the treasure from hte fictional Fargo movie. Amplify Pictures.

The modern world also features some planned treasure hunts. These are organized with certain rules and clues. Participants who solve the mystery have an opportunity to collect the loot.

Currently, the world’s “longest-running (organized) treasure hunt” is Sur La Trace de La Chouette d’Or (On the Trail of the Golden Owl). Though it’s far more recent than lost treasures of past centuries, the Golden Owl hunt was launched 25 years ago. While other similar quests, like artist Kit Harrington’s Masquerade, were solved, the Golden Owl is still out there somewhere. Golden Owl creator Max Valentin hid the object somewhere in France and published a book containing 11 clues, or enigmas.

To date, thousands of people have searched for the Golden Owl, but no one has solved its mysteries yet. If you’d like to try, here is a copy of the book with its 11 Enigmas. It is in French, but you can get it translated if you do not read the language. https://www.lachouette.net/enigmes/Enigmes.pdf You can read more about it here along with the supposed solutions to the riddles: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_Trail_of_the_Golden_Owl . By the way, the buried owl is a replica only, but once someone has found it, that person can exchange it for the original Golden Owl, a unique object which may be worth up to several million dollars.


For many treasure hunters, it’s the waking dreams (as opposed to the night dreams) that drive them. It’s easy to become obsessed with finding lost treasure. Hunting for treasure is, in effect, a form of gambling, where people risk their time and money for the unlikelihood of ever finding a big prize. Yet the allure of that prize is so strong that dreams define the journey. The journey defies all reason and becomes worth any cost, even though logic would argue against the chances of finding the big score.

Many have tried and few succeed. For some, the search itself provides the fun.



Image source: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WorthlessTreasureTwist
Other images public domain unless otherwise credited in the text.

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One of the most common dreams people report is digging for treasure.

What??? Really? That's amazing, I don't think I've ever had one of those, yet I've had plenty of the naked, falling, being chased type dreams.

Thanks for turning me on to that Kumiko film, that's just the sort of quirky stuff that I love.

On the subject of treasure, have you ever seen the film The General?

It's the story of famous Irish gangster Martin Cahill (not sure if last name spelling is correct). Cahill was basically a prolific high-end cat burglar who apparently buried masses of treasure in the Irish countryside, most of which has not been found till this day.

Anyway it's a great film and is well worth a watch if you haven't seen it, and who knows? It might give you a clue (or a dream) which leads you to the Irish hills with a metal detector and a spade! :-)



Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to check it out.

Sometimes, what we are looking for is not far from within us; but onus is laid on us to look within to discover the "dream".
For this reason; and maybe some other reasons; it is always advised that we look beyond what we can see.

The truth is; the journey to the realization of our dream begins with self-discovery. And not until we've discovered "self", the dream might not be in view.

Nice piece again sir


Very well said. You have a mature soul.

I have dreamed of picking up coins from the ground, or coins partially buried in the soil. And as I picked one up, I discovered more, I keep digging and there was more. I was overjoyed. In the dream, I told myself that it may be just 20 cts, 50 cts, and $1 coins, but they all add up. And if I can picked up some coins every day, I would be happy. That's usually when the dream ends. Weird
Maybe it is because I am not adventurous and therefore not a treasure hunter, that's why i dreamed of small money. haha...

Only a few people realize but the greatest gift of all is being healthy and being able to walk or run, able to enjoy food, travel, and this life itself. It is what I am aiming to achieve but in the back of my mind it is all one lost treasure for me @donkeypong


Stay strong. Much of the journey is inside and it must be very difficult. Quite honestly, very few of us are going out in search of lost treasure, but for some reason, it is a fun set of dreams. Dreams, also, are mostly in the mind.

Great opportunity if you search for this treasure, if we find it will become a billionaire, and a big whale in steemit. hehe


Sure, why not? :)


many thanks Sir, im happy you reply my comment :)

Aww, I just discovered that I love treasures! I found myself content at the thought of other people's found riches. I want some of them. :D Perhaps that's the reason why I'm into cryptocurrencies. You do have a treasure, though, that little coin you showed the other day.

There is some kind of a treasure hunt game, without a real treasure, called Geocaching. It's a nice game where people hide something and tell a clue or a GPS position and others look for it. It's international and it's lovely, though I'm too lazy to take part in it, at least here in Venezuela.

I remember I watched a strange variation of a treasure-hunting film not long ago. It was Tomb Raider, and the treasure was something really unexpected and not positive at all unlike most ideal treasure hunts that end in gold or riches being found.


Good points. I hadn't thought to mention geocaching, but some people love those games.

@donkeypong, I heard and read lot of folk tales came from Egypt included middle east. Lot of once can't believe. There also only beliefs of the community. Lots of Treasure indeed movies made and will produce in my country. Sri Lankan citizens trust about old treasures came since oldest king's generations. Current generation think, if find worth treasure it's bigger opportunity to be rich instantly. So they find location and lid a stones there. Lot of stories finished with big confuse. About treasure stories in ma country's situation was it.


It belongs in a museum.

The boss, this is very interesting. People dig for a treasure, when I was in High School some group of people came to our school field to dig for a treasure, but at the end I was so surprise that the found some treasure, like calabashes, coins, etc.

Most of this dreams work for some who believed in it, and for those who want to try faith fall in the hands of police and it become sorrowful to their situation.

The moral of the story is probably that the treasure is your own life, your own family, to be found in your own home. You don’t have to go far. Just appreciate the treasure you have. And that is a good morale for the stories.

This is a nice surjection, and I pray for all treasure dreamers to always key in this first to their mine b4 announcement of their treasure dream.

Thanks so much boss for this another interesting article I have recorded down. @donkeypong

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I've had dreams of flying, being chased, half-naked in a crowd, but never searching for lost treasure. I had to laugh about the scatter-brained, forgetful miner who couldn't remember where he buried his treasures haha

For whatever reason, your post reminded me of the story, The Monkey's Paw. Weird.

Well @donkeypong it is the human psyche that he/she always goes towards the best in any way specifically to make their financial condition better. That is why everyone wants to discover the treasure for his life.
In my opinion the finest treasure for one can be his family, his country, his own people. As you mentioned above,

The treasure is your own life, your own family, to be found in your own home. You don’t have to go far. Just appreciate the treasure you have.

By the way sometimes such stories give an immense motivation to achieve something incredible. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog.

Stay Blessed :)


Sometimes, it's not having what you want, but wanting what you have.

This reminds me movie “National Treasure”. But there actually are few treasure hunters I’ve heard about recently. One is from Poland and he has guaranteed to find German train loaded with gold. I wish him good luck. They spend a lot just to find any clue though.


Oh yes, some still believe there's some hidden WWII treasure out there somewhere.

Interesting stories, especially Golden Owl one, although I had only heard about 1001 night one before :)

I’ve seldom had any dreams about treasure hunting, maybe my life doesn’t have many uncompleted tasks 😂

Nice write up, I kept thinking about crypto mining when I read miners lol


There are some clear parallels to crypto.


It’s so difficult to hunt treatures nowadays!

As far as treasure concern, I want to share my story, I have heard from my mom that, My grandfather's father had a treasure box and He dig some space and kept it there, and after many years he dig again to take it out, it wasn't there, some has said it travels from there, Some said someone took that, But he was the only one who knows about it!


Readily come to mind when talking about treasure hunt is a hunt tagged Gulder Ultimate Search, a hunt where the contestants are in search for a lost treasure. And when found, such contestant shall be rewarded with a loot.
If only those treasures are really worth the search...


Yes, there are some related video games.


I guess I will check them out then.

So I dig for gold here in SoCal and it's really hard to find so my plan has always been to take a portion and make a "treasure" and bury it out there where another prospector will find it. I can imagine what it would be like to stumble upon a little cache out there.


That's nice of you to share.

I feel like I'm treasure hunting any time I go to the coin store. I know that I'm exchanging money for the silver or gold, but it's still treasure that I get to keep. I like that. Someday I would like to find a buried treasure, but I don't have any leads right now, so I'll have to wait... until I get a dream about it. :P


Discovering something old and good in a store is a form of treasure hunting also.


I sure think so! It's one of the reasons that I have a difficult time being a good little stacker and only buying the cheapest stuff. I really like finding coins that I don't have. I enjoy the different designs and colorings as the coins get older. I can't help it.

I'm trying to get the doctor to write me a prescription for 100 ounces of silver per week. Apparently the insurance company is pushing back on that one. ;)

Never heard about the Golden Owl?
Cool idea for Max to write a book to promote the hunt. smart

Dreams...? Believe and it becomes.

I have spent many hours on Google Maps looking for Slumach's lost mine.

Good luck on your search.


Pitt Lake's lost gold mine
Pitt Lake's Lost Gold Mine is a legendary lost mine said to be near Pitt Lake, British Columbia, Canada, the supposed wealth of which has held the imagination of people worldwide for more than a century. Ever since the years of the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush prospectors and adventurers have been looking for the mine and gold-rush rumors have evolved into legends repeated and enriched over time. The mysterious riches are known as Slumach’s Lost Mine, or Lost Creek Mine.

My treasure fantasy would be the Oak Island treasure in Canada. It is an amazing true story. I have followed it for over 30 years. Just google Oak Island Treasure for the full story.

Stories touching the subject of treasures are probably some of the most interesting ones to read/watch in a movie. Finding a treasure has such a magical charm to it. For me personally, apart from the fact that you could be rich, I'd be super excited to find some historical artifacts that these treasures are. While I was in school, I wanted to be an archaeologist, as I badly wanted to be around a historical place and be involved in the digging and finding maybe a whole charming city? Whenever I go to a bookstore to pick up some books, if I ever find a book that has a blurb revolving around this, I can't not buy it.
Your post is invoking me to go into a "Google Search" spree and I am struggling hard to control myself from it. Haha.
I have this dream of visiting the Pyramids in Egypt one day and to soak up all that beauty and charm. Maybe one day I'll start making more than few cents on my posts on Steemit & coincidentally Steem prices also shot up and the next thing i know, I might be booking tickets to Egypt :)
Never say never eh?

Oh, how I would like to find treasure!
I need to buy a bus for my daughter's large family and an apartment near Kiev for me :)
So I think of treasure hunting...)

More stories of treasures heard my student's age. It was included inside pyramid. More believers think those treasures protected by older mummies. I watched mummy movie series. Lot of one mysterious. But I trust there has more valuable wealth. So more peoples search valuable treasures around the world. You introduced more stories about stories of treasure tales. Thanks you.

HelloThank you very much sir, thank you so much for your great treasure.Sir, Sir, I learned new things from the story of this mystery and learned new t.hingsI learned new things from the story of this mystery and learned new things

You have all the reason the treasure itself is what gave you happiness in what you invest your time since everything we live and gives us good times is in itself a treasure or maybe it is that in my dreams I embezzle the box office of a auction of horses and I end up with empty pockets hehehe but keep looking for the treasure ok

It was very good story The story is exactly the same as the reality. I have never heard such stories before. But I could learn a lot from it. You really post very well. Thank you very much for sharing the post among us

Many people have come to know from the ancestors of many hidden treasures that are not yet found. Many people have laughing after looking for some treasure hunts laughing But the secret of the treasure is that which does not cut. Curiosity is a lifetime.

Wow, space is information, that gold tho ...

I would be fun to look for actual treasure if there weren't governments that would take it from you like in some eastern european countries.
At least for the people who just enjoy watching other's treasure seeking adventure there are a ton of tv shows out there - maybe you could do a post about your favorites.

So much inspiration I get from going through your post @donkeypong, I don't know if you believe in Christ but may God bless you sir, when I grow up I wana be like you, so much I have learnt from you. You are an inspiration. As usual to show my little contribution I have resteemed your post

While reading this my mind keeps remembering some dreams I've had in the past but I never followed them, dont know if I should check on them again, you're right, dreams do lead us on so many occasions.
You stories too are worth taking note of.

This carita, is very and almost the same as my experience last year about treasure

Really it's very interesting post, treasure hunt i believe this and true. My dad said his cousin brother got one big Pitcherful and that was full of gold coins, oh my God that was unbelievable! But he got this and within a month he were a very rich man and still he has lots of property that hadn't before. Your story remembered me that real story, thanks.

Treasure hunt? Really? I taught it happens only in movies.. lol..

You are right!Sometimes what we seek is right before us..

interesting!! i like the Golden Owl one

Hello Friend how are you? I like the stories you tell, I have always thought that if dreams came true, what would the world be like? I have not dreamed of treasures but with money and they tell me that I am going to have a lot but that has not happened. Sometimes dreams can be messages sometimes I dream very often with people and they want to see me, those who dream about treasure or anything should sometimes take into account that dream maybe dream about treasures or what values everything you

Today's stories I liked a lot

The search for the Golden Owl began in 1993 and in so many years nobody has found it? will it be true that Regis Hauser hid that golden Bhuo?

This story is intriguing because Regis Hauser died, will it be that one day they get the Golden Owl if he is really buried?

studying and working hard is one of the excavations in the present era to achieve dreams, which are not just dreams but also come true.

To fulfill our dreams we need the resources and environment as we think for working.
And sometimes situations do not support us on our place then we migrate from our home place to another place.
But sometimes our decision proves us wrong..

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dream is an unknow treasure..

That is awesome you mentioned the Lost Dutchman Treasure. That is supposedly located in the Superstition Mountains, which are only about 25 minutes away from where I live. haha It is always fun hiking around on the trails over there. I haven't had any treasure hunter dreams, but always thought it would be fun to pull out my inner Indiana Jones and search for treasure. haha. Every once in awhile I will turn on the TV and watch some treasure hunter shows on the Discovery Channel. You are right thought, lots of time and money are poured into the quest for treasure.

I used to have a recurring dream of finding a cache of valuable coins but its been a while and I have not come upon a bunch of mint condition old coins.

Oh wow, I've never had a treasure hunting dream ever. My childhood dreams involved adventures like Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys. 😅 Fun childhood dreams. ❤️

These are nice to know. 😁 Treasure hunting can be fun! I have only experienced a scavenger hunt for required pics for IFC and that's it.

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the treasure is ourselves

Please upvote me master

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Yes, it is the dream of many people. And many families have their own legends about treasures and relics hidden somewhere. My father was keen on searching in his youth. And he managed to find some ancient coins and Church values. And he gave us, his children, a similar legend. In an old ruined house, my father's great-grandmother hid her jewelry. He spent a lot of time looking for them, but without result. Sometimes I think about it. What if this legend is really true? But the old house is long gone, only ruins remained from it. It would be very interesting to continue the search, armed with modern equipment. Haha, who knows, could there really be a hidden treasure?

But dude I have never had those dreams.
If you say that these are common, I guess I am abnormal then.