Ten Bitcoin ATMs installed in the Prague subway system!

Hi everyone!

I am excited to share a great news with you today - people using the subway in Prague, the capital city of my homeland Czech Republic, can now purchase Bitcoins and some other cryptocurrencies right at several subway stops.

Source: Max Pixel (Creative Commons)

As many as ten new Bitcoin ATMs have been recently installed at the following stops: Mustek, Florenc, Hlavni Nadrazi, Zlicin, Nadrazi Veleslavin, Dejvicka, Pankrac, Flora, Skalka and Cerny Most.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

With the Czech government being quite friendly towards the crypto-world (at least so far), my homeland has a reputation of a flourishing cryptocurrency center. There are several major Czech companies that already accept cryptocurrencies for payment and the producer of those ten Bitcoin ATMs, General Bytes (the largest BTC ATM manufacturer in the world) is also headquartered in the Czech Republic.

Right now, there are almost 50 Bitcoin ATMs in the Czech Republic, which I think is not bad at all for a country with just some 10 million people :) Are there any BTC ATMs in your country? Can you pay with cryptocurrency for some products or services? Let me know in the comments!

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The capital of the Czech Republic receives ten more Bitcoin machines. The new machines were installed in the local subway network.
The company General Bytes Services is responsible for over a quarter of the world's distributed Bitcoin machines. Now General Bytes Services set up ten Bitcoin ATMs in the Prague subway network. This makes it easier for newcomers in particular to invest in cryptocurrencies and to get in contact with the technology first.

However, you can only buy cryptocurrencies for fiat money on the machines and not exchange cryptocurrencies in Fiat. The installed machines support the crypto currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Monero.
The operation of such a machine is quite simple: You give your fiat money in the machine, selects the desired cryptocurrency, then holds his phone with QR code of the corresponding wallet in front and directly receives the equivalent to the mobile wallet.


Is there an app to download or do you just need to have a public key in the form of a QR code?


I think it's pretty sweet since not everyone is able to open up an account at the exchange. I had a horrible time not opening one but moving the funds to it. The whole process took me almost two months and I almost gave up. I know things are much easier nowadays as few years passed by but this sure is a great way for someone to spend few hundreds buck to get invested. Have a good one. Tomas

One of the largest Bitcoin ATM manufacturers in the world, General Bytes, has recently installed ten new cryptocurrency ATMs throughout the Prague subway in the Czech Republic. Now commuters riding the Prague Metro can purchase digital assets at various locations spread out across the fifth busiest metro system in Europe.

man how blessed you people are !
here the govt has banned the exchanges and still they want taxes on crypto
we are caged ,BITCOIN ATM is something like dream to us
hope we will get freedom from this centralised shit soon!


They sure are shooting themselves in the foot. I am really sorry to hear that. T.

In New England we have a bunch in Massachusetts which offer both anonymous transactions as well as ID neccessary transactions so you can be as anonymous as you want;) New hampshire is great because bitcoin is not taxed up there unlike CT which taxes capital gains at 20%

Great post!


Geat to hear that!

Wow that's awesome! I can understand your excitement. May this be set as an example to be followed by other countries. A Great news of the day!


It sure is.... the good thing is that this is the trend globally, not only in Prague....

This is so wonderful. I wish the same is installed here in Uganda.

Great news:)


Let's hope for a good new for your country in the near future...

Bitcoin ATM. Wow that's amazing, quick BTC service.
I hope the price of BTC recovers


It sure will, the world just needs some patience:)

Well, with a heavy heart I want to let you know that Bitcoin is banned in my country and the neighbor country, but we are still attached to crypto currency, and will remain attached to it, hoping for the good future of bit coin in our country. Congratulations to you for 50 Atm's in Czech republic
Ps: Pakistan is on the 4th number in freelancers in whole world. ☺️


I am sorry to hear that.... I hope things go in a different direction pretty soon.......


We are hoping for it too.

What a success! Congratulations to Prague, excellent idea, that is progress and wellbeing for the inhabitants and tourists of the world, to facilitate commercial and banking transactions, generate more tourism, even in my country Venezuela needs a lot for that, since everything is going backwards, sadly


Hopefully things will get better in the near future.


God listen to you, heart

I don't how these machines work.

Prague rocks! The crypto scene is booming in Prague and is home to many popular Bitcoin companies like Trezor, Satoshilabs (home of Trezor) GENERAL BYTES, Paralelni Polis, Slush Pool and many others. Adoption in Prague is booming.

This is very exciting. I'm glad that cryptocurrency is growing in Czech Republic!

Wow wonderful news friend ... Congratulations for living in the crypto-monetary revolution. They are an example to follow. In my country there is still no service paid with cryptocurrencies and although it is not prohibited there are no advances.

Yeah very good information for sharing sir..
I love it trading Bitcoin

Wow wonderful news friend ... Congratulations for living in the crypto-monetary revolution. They are an example to follow. In my country there is still no service paid with cryptocurrencies and although it is not prohibited there are no advances.

That is what called revolution.
Crypto and btc are banned in my country :/
And i am really sad for that :(
My best wishes are with you sir.
Prague us going to rock.
Many many congratulation on this success

Huge celebration!
I would love to congrats you all for this amaxing news.

Wow wonderful news friend ... Congratulations for living in the crypto-monetary revolution. They are an example to follow. In my country there is still no service paid with cryptocurrencies and although it is not prohibited there are no advances.

When I am visiting Prague i will look forward to test this bitcoin ATM's ;)
Do you know how much fee we have to pay using it?
Can you also buy other cryptos?

Yeah very good information for sharing sir.
I love it trading Bitcoin

This is great news!

Great news.
Slowly but surely everyone else will join too.

This sounds like a wonderful idea, especially for people who cannot obtain bitcoin the traditional way (i.e. mine them). I would love to have my international clients pay me in bitcoins because the traditional currency (Argentine pesos, in my case) devalues too much too quickly and there is a heavy tax on inward transfers of foreign currencies like USD.

At the moment I get them to pay to my bank account in Singapore (a relatively freer financial hub where international transfers are concerned). Bitcoin would be a great cross border alternative that does away from the numerous commissions charged by this and that bank when you do multiple currency exchanges.

It is really a great news!! :D Cryptocurrency is capturing the world :D

I would love to have more bitcoin ATMs in Prague.