'Coolys Rocks On' Festival.(Part 2)

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Coolys Rocks On Festival.(Part 2)

The yearly Cooly's Rocks On Festival which takes place in Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia has just been celebrated again and so I am sharing my images of last year's event which I attended with much interest.

This Bob Marley fan was also a keen photographer and I spotted him at one of the outdoor concerts. I couldn't resist giving him a funky digital makeover, especially for this blog.

This is Part 1 if you missed it. Click here:


Seating was in short supply when the Rock n Roll music bands began performing.


Keen 'Rock n Roll' dancers of every age burned up the temporary dance floor whenever the music was played. I noticed a lot of toe tapping among those sitting down. It was hard to sit still with quality musicians filling the atmosphere as they featured energetic and iconic 'Rock n Roll' songs. The effective sound system ensured that people from quite a distance away would not miss out either.


Food stalls provided a variety of fuel for all visitors and participants.


There is so much happening over a period of three days that one hardly knows where to start but if you love Classic cars, Rock n Roll, live concerts, street parades, dancing competitions,good food, and a festive atmosphere you will be in your element.


I'm not sure if this lady was helping her husband park the car or pointing to an especially interesting sight but she was dressed for the 'Rock n Roll' era to perfection. I LOVE those red stilettos and lacy stockings!



Streets are closed off to traffic allowing visitors free reign to admire the huge number of classic vehicles of every shape, size and colour with most gleaming to perfection by their proud owners.




This purple sandman/mobile hotel came complete with a comfy bed and cushions in the back. Very cosy!


Tom has seen better days for sure, and her body has lost her former glow but she deserves to take her place in the line for her unique features.


Admittedly, I am still trying to work our her best features but she did have the words 'Detroit Specialists' painted on her door, so perhaps I can assume she has immigrated to Australia form Detroit in her prime?



What do you think of the cool (or should I say 'hot') air brushing on this yellow Pontiac?


I love it when the number plate matches the brand of the vehicle.


And if you are in the market for a unique number plate for your pride and joy you can order it here and they will produce while you wait.


These girls were more interested in playing with their dog and planning what they wanted to do the following weekend than admiring all the old cars and listening to music they'd never heard before.


It's not all about cars and trucks at Cooly's. There were some very interesting bikes making an appearance. I can only assume that this one in particular would be classified as an antique.


And while I'm on the subject of things, 'Old,' check out this red 'Old'smobile.


And before I go, here is a taste of what will be in my 3rd 'Coolys Rocks On' blog. Stay Tuned!




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WOW great shots of this fun event I love events like this as does my Wife who even did a couple of songs at local small events here, with her not so well these days we dont go to so many of them now but I hope we will be able to go again in the future

There is always a buzz at these events and we love going to them. Hope you and your wife will be able to get back into it again real soon. Thanks for your comments.

Yes its the same with the ones here, I hate the big ones with too many people I hate big crowds, but smaller ones i really love ;)

I'm not a fan of big crowds either JJ but will make exceptions for my Steemit followers. 😊

Then your better than me, I skirt the crowds to get shots but Seldom go into crowded spaces, I guess I am a person that functions better is quiet environments

This is visually entertaining. It's a photographs delight. So much to see. I would probably spend more time tasting every food there is lol! Sick digital makeover to that bob marley fan. Love it!

It is always fun going to these types of events with great atmosphere and something always happening. Thanks for your comments and glad you liked it.

Indeed. Sometimes the fun is so high it's almost palpable.

Absolutely. I agree with you there. 😊

What a fantastic event, love it, wish I was there

Thanks @farm-mom. Wish you were there, you would have loved it too.

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That looks like fun! At least, the car part does. I'm not a fan of loud music, but I suppose it's not quite so loud from a bit of a distance. I've been trying to figure out when the car shows are here. No luck, yet.

They are fun to watch. The people that own the cars are so obsessed with their cars and rightly so as they must spend hundreds of hours and dollars in maintaining and preparing them for such shows.

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Howdy Trudee! somehow I missed the voting period on this one but it sure is entertaining, who'd thought that classic American cars and music would be so popular there?

Yes, classic cars and great music are popular here no matter what their country of origin. 😊

oh, I thought you all were just big fans of the American 50's. You mean they have festivals like that featuring music and cars from other countries?