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RE: Introducing TravelFeed: Featuring Steemit’s Best Travel Content

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You do realize we already have @steemitworldmap dedicated to this? With an app, a proper map and a travel digest?


Hey, thanks for letting people know, but I want to point out that the organizers have reached out to me to let me know what they planned to do. It's not bad to have more initiatives for travelers in my opinion.

Just figured I'd let people know so there are no misunderstandings!

Thank you @martibis and thank you for your helpful advice during the creation of TravelFeed!
You also had a good point with not wasting VP, we will probably do 10 upvotes with @travelfeed soon :)

Thank you for your comment @anomadsoul! There are many curation projects carrying out good deeds for Steemians! They might have different concepts but one goal - working towards the improvement of the experience for every Steemian! @travelfeed is here to help! We are building a travel community with future plans! And we would like travellers to join us on this mission! 🌍

I love @steemitworldmap, but #travelfeed also aims to cover travel topics that don't necessarily have GPS coordinates. Take Travel Tips for example :)

@anomadsoul, did you even read our intro post before you left this comment?

I LOVE @steemitworldmap and what they are doing; TravelFeed is not aiming to be some kind of competition to steemitworldmap, but rather an addition: I encourage everyone to use the steemitworldmap code snippet AS WELL as the tag #travelfeed.
While Steemitworldmap provides an amazing map and daily best-offs in form of the travel digests that I love reading, it lacks of a way of browsing new travel posts like it is possible with a tag on steemit. Of course, there are the honourable mentions in the daily travel digest, but they lack an image and some first words to spark interest like a Steemit tag does. There is the #swmchallenge tag curated by @runicar which I love to use for my own high-quality travel posts, but only few posts are using this tag. Now go to #travelfeed and see for yourself how many great travel posts you can discover and this just one week after the introduction of this new tag. Now image seeing finding even more of the good content from #travel there without all the spammy posts in between...

Since you were too ignorant to actually read our post explaining our curation concept, I will try to explain you the differences to the steemitworldmap travel digests by comparing two of my favourite photography curation projects: @photofeed and @photocontests. They do have very different curation approaches which complement each other; @photofeed curates the best photo posts of the day (similar to the steemitworldmap travel digests), while @photocontests has two themes on each day of the week. If you now take the time to actually read our curation concept, you will see, that we are doing something very different from the steemitworldmap travel digests - not better or worse, but different and in my opinion a long needed and welcome addition for the travel community on Steemit.

Lol calling someone ignorant out of one question he made over one post. Cool, good to know thats how you roll.

And yeah, i did read it, so its a tag with RS and a curation post. Where is the innovation?

I actually read other people's replies to me here and i was thinking of voting the posts from time to time to support the project and the new users (your co workers @adonisabril and @rimicane gave good replies) but after reading yours, maybe I'm too ignorant to find the @travelfeed posts, so sorry if i dont vote them.

Btw quick tip, not a good strategy to insult people in the blockchain, im not the flaggin for personal issues type of dude, but you may find there are many others who are exactly that way, so watch it when you call someone ignorant, mate.


Mate, you are doing curation yourself, so I think that you do realize how much effort it takes to create a project like this.
Maybe you can understand that after having put in all this time and effort to start a non-profit project for the benefit of the travel community, reading a comment like yours on top of our intro post seems very insulting. I don't go to your blog and write something like "You do realize there are better blogs than yours?".

If you as an established travel blogger who benefits from big upvotes for good content decide not to support small bloggers because you are feeling offended by my comment so be it, but don't blame me for that. I respect people for their actions, not for their SP, and before you wrote this comment I was actually looking up to you and the work you are doing on Steemit.

I was not aiming to insult, but to encourage you to try and bring more to the table, this project has some very capable people and i think you could do so much more. If i had the time i would develop so many ideas but ungortunately i dont have it. If you care to bounce ideas hit me on discord, i actually wilr reading the i tro thought about 2-3 things.

The way i am and write is crude (you can actually read my airport post) and youll see my comment here is not personal, its just what i think without sugarcoat and honey, but dont take itpersonal vs the project.

Im already spending a lot of SP, SBD from my own posts and following the vote of a lot of communities, all towards minnows and projects. Im still a minnow which is the reason i try to support as many people as i can, but ypu cant blame me to be biased about a project where one of the leaders insult me, after all we are all humans. I actually try to keep personal isues out of curation and taje the posts as they are no matter who they come from, thanks for letting me see my mistake about being biased because of personal issues, that shouldnt matter when curating.

Thanks for clarifying this, I am sorry we started off on the wrong foot. Pinged you on Discord.

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