Admirals Arch - Kangaroo Island Journey #2

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Hello Steemit friends and thank you for coming to my blog!
Today I wanna show you about Admirals Arch, one of Kangaroo Island’s most spectacular and unusual landmarks. This is on the southwest coast of Kangaroo Island, near the Cape du Couedic Lighthouse.


This distinctive rock bridge is created by amazing forces of nature. Its been carved over thousands and thousands of years by weathering and erosion from the southern ocean. Also the long time gives the rock ceiling to create the stalactites which dangle from the bridge, these created this beautiful cave atmosphere. Opposite to ceiling, the floor looks very nice and smooth.


You can see long-nosed fur seal near the Arch as well as on the boardwalk towards Admirals Arch. From the viewing platform, you can observe those fur seals. During breeding season, you are able to see seal pups near the rocks pools underneath the arch. If you’re in the area between May and October, you’re just in time to see the amazing whale migration.


As you can imagine, this is great place to see the sunset since this is located on the southwest part of island. It’s hard decision to make, which should I go to see the sunset between Remarkable rocks or Admirals Arch, but if you have enough time to stay, I recommend you to stay lighthouse cottage and walk down to the arch.


Unfortunately if you are using wheelchair, you cannot really go down to the viewing platform of Admirals Arch because the last half part of the boardwalk is steep with stairs. However there is a viewing platform for disabled access on half way down, for the photogenic coastline, even just on the boardwalk gives you stunning, uninterrupted view out to sea.




Talk about access to Flinders Chase National Park. You can go those place anytime if you don’t mind driving in the dark with Kangaroos and Wallabies hopping out. However the information centre is close at 5:00pm so if you go after 5, you should get all information beforehand. There are Park entry fee and occasionally road close information depends on the weather and road conditions.


Thank you for coming to my blog! Hope you enjoy it.
Next Article will be about Long-nosed Fur Seal on Kangaroo Island. My first Article about Animals!
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Beautiful photographs and I must say great quality, love that lighthouse looks quite new and I like idea of leaving in in sand stone look. You are lucky to be able to photograph the whole family of sea seals, love those cute little ones. It seems they do not worry much of been photographed at all. The sunset is really amazing. Beautiful photography!

Hi southern.ranger,

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Beautiful photos, beautiful place. :)


Hi nesni996, Thank you! Yes, this is truly amazing place and there are lots more on this island!

Any post with Australian animals or scenery in it is a good post :)
Those seals are just cute (I wonder if they are friendly).
Amazing cave. Great pictures.
I admire the efforts people make in places like this to facilitate and enhance visitor's experience. Those stairs, the wooden path, just great. In harmony with the amazing natural scenery.
Lookign forward to more of your adventures. It must feel awesome to be in contact with these natural marvels


Hello hlezama, thank you for your comment. I totally agree with you, Australian nature is just amazing and I love it. There are lots more place to go, especially National/conservation parks in Australia is great! Well looked after, people maintain the area but still pure nature is there.
By the way, unfortunately I cannot tell those fur seals are friendly or not because we are not allow to get close to them, also they are over the fence :( However, you can see some of them near the boardwalk!

Thanks for sharing the trip you did. the photographs are formidable. In fact when you explain about the sunset I think I would prefer to go to the cave. You sold me the idea that the place is magical, a place where you can admire the majestic of Mother Nature. I loved finding your post.

Looks like a bake potato next to the seal!!! Haaaaa great post!

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...even just on the boardwalk gives you stunning, uninterrupted view out to sea.

Hey there @southern.ranger. Thanks for the beautiful photos.
I can enjoy looking at sea for hours from that spot. It really looks fabulous. Hope you enjoyed it!

Kangaroo island sounds quite a bit on the coast of Australia, and the place seems to be a tourist heaven just at the coatsal area with natural scenaries and cute wild animals to get accustomed to. A really spectacular place indeed.

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Wow, this place is powerful and your pictures reflect the nature's magic perfectly. The fineness of stalactites also inspires me. So artistic. One day, I'll definitely go there and see what it's to be there in real. Thanks for sharing and have a great day! :)

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Looks like a good day out and it shows how natures forces work. I am always wary of seeing the fur seals and knowing it is a breeding ground then there are loads of sharks off shore. Would like to see the cave at high tide seeing if full of water.