Return to GR 131 (Day 0)

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After the first failure of the GR 131 route to Tenerife, I knew I had to come back here and finish the route. This time was 15.1.2018, when I met a friend in our favorite pub. We met quite early, it was 14 hours. So we managed to have lunch in the form of a Szeged goulash. After a few beers we went to the airport, where the check-in went smoothly and we sat on a plane to Zurich. On board we got another beer and a roll with butter. The flight lasted only an hour and we landed at Zurich Airport. Another flight to our destination departed after five o'clock in the morning. So we went to the city center for a night walk. We bought a public transport ticket and boarded a train that went to Central Station, which is right in the city center.

The first thing we wanted to see was the lake, so we went to it. We walked along Bahnfhofstrasse which was about 1km. When we reached the lake it was terribly dark, and in addition, the lake was foggy. So the plan didn't work out well. That is why we headed back towards the station, this time along the right bank of the Limmat River, where several historic buildings are located. It was after ten o'clock in the evening and the streets were quite empty. Since we had enough time, we looked at shop windows and found interesting stores. Such as store design lamps.

Then we headed back to the river with a plan to buy beer. we found an open shop and bought Czech beer and stuffed baguette. By the river I found a place where I could take pictures of a long exposure using railings. I had my tripod closed at the airport in my backpack.

It was close to midnight and we needed to get back to the airport, so we started looking for a connection to the airport. At the Zurich Central tram station, we found line number 10, which goes to the airport. But not this late. The tram terminated in Zurich Oerlikon. By this surprise we were forced to walk another 5km to the airport. Thanks to good orientation, we arrived at the airport around 3 am and we had 2 hours to check in and catch the flight to Tenerife South.

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