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What a great sharing @joanstewart, I particularly adore the tractor...

The artworks are very unique too, even that the birds are still colourful and lively!

Oh the birds were having a lot of fun outdoors, some arrived indoors stealing sugar on the tables @joelai

Wow, stealing sugar? Is that common over there?

enjoyed the birdie mosaics part most -- very cool artwork!

She definitely has a lovely talent to share @qwerrie

What an interesting place to get to by train, @joanstewart. The mosaics are incredible and of course your nature shots are great catches as usual. I always think I want to get to your country whenever I see the sights through your eyes :)

@tipu curate

Only goods trains up in the region Sharon, sadly our train system has gone to hell and back over the last twenty odd years very few catch trains as we knew them.

Mosaics really were very eye-catching a lovely way to earn a living doing what you enjoy, very time consuming as well since they are quite large.

Thanks for the curate and visit, have a wonderful weekend.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thanks for curating @fitinfun Sharon and @innerblocks appreciated.

Thanks for share your Friday experience

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Oh I just loooove Piggly Wiggly, it's an awesome place to stop over; no wonder the parking lot is always full no matter the time of year! Lovely post @joanstewart.

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After ambling around buying honey, chocolates and wine we had a superb brunch, where we had a good laugh at the Mossies stealing sugar bags on the tables pecking them open never seen that before @lizelle

wow beautiful photographs my friend. Nice post .
thanks for share with us.

Thanks for visiting @tussar and enjoying our little market places.

Wonderful artwork, and a gorgeous flower at the end! What a delightful post to read! 😊

The roses up there were stunning along with the art, thanks for visiting @thekittygirl

Oh my goodness! That mosaic art is fantastic and Sarah Pryke creates wonderful bird art! My daughter-in-law is a mosaic artist and I shared this with her. Thanks so much for sharing this with #featheredfriends!

She has some lovely detail on her site, her passion definitely shows through in her love for wildlife and making such desirable pieces of art @melinda010100

My sister is law does art and she too has designed some pieces from ideas seen at this little village market.

Love the tractor and the pictures and the birds, love it all..

Farming district would look odd without a tractor somewhere.

Thanks for sharing your photos! Fun!

And thanks for the tip 😊

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day.

What a wonderful adventure you brought us on for #MarketFriday this week! I just took a train from Miami to Washington, DC, which is about a 23-hour ride and I enjoyed it very much. It was a long-distance train so I was equipped to sleep. A great way to travel!

The mosaic art that Sarah Pryke created is stunning! I know others that do it and it is a beautiful, yet time-consuming endeavor. Thank you for giving us all the links to everything. It was awesome not having to look. Your kingfisher was such a sassy little devil! And those little birds, stealing sugar! Haha!

That was funny.

Thank you for sharing the artwork and links, the photographs of the wildlife and your first-hand knowledge of it all. I cannot thank you enough and it was a thoroughly enjoyable post.

I appreciate all the time and energy it takes to put a post like this together. thanks again and remember:

#MarketFriday loves you!

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I was too busy enjoying my cup of coffee, chatting to my brother I never thought to photograph these little birds up to mischief.

Yearning to do train travel again, it is not the same as when we grew up, hopefully one day soon Denise.

Talented people deserve mention, I am not a person to sit and settle to crafts, always left that to my Mom and Sister.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting and lovely comment again.

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The pleasure is mine!

A lovely post here Lady Joan.
I think we did stop there once, but it was a long time ago.
If I am right then there should be a turn off further along that road to Bergville?
Cant quite remember.

On the Midlands Meander just above Pietermaritzburg, very pretty drive when going up to central Berg Stephen.

Ah yeah, we took that road when we stayed in PMB and afterwards popped in at Marian's uncle's farm in Bergville.
Papillon placed some computers at a local non-profit in PMB.

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It looks like a fabulous place for a family day out... pity it is so far away from us lol!

Fun place to stop off, majority of visitors I would imagine go up on weekends to enjoy the day out away from city life @jaynie a little far from the South Coast so worth stopping when up that way.

There used to be a Piggly-Wiggly a couple of miles from me, but it's another store now. I also encountered a Piggly-Wiggly when I took a scuba diving vacation in North Eleuthera in the Bahamas. They get around! :)

What a beauty the Wydah bird is! I am jealous!

Piggly Wiggly really a catchy name to use, I would imagine it being a place with bacon and pulled pork eatery.

Most male birds have stunning plumage while females not much to look at, they are cheeky little birds.

Hello Joan this would have been a great feathered friday blog aswell hahahah i love the art and i would hang the one with the red birds in my Office in a blink

I loved the Wild dog running through the water @brittandjosie not that I would be able to pick any one of the birds in particular they were all gorgeous.

I did add tag #featheredfriends where @Melinda010100 has moved Feathered Fridays to so that you are able to post bird photography any day of the week.

Lovely place and awesome works of art! 😊😊 thank you for sharing your story 😉👍

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Very talented bringing life into the art pieces using materials I had not seen much of previously @iamraincrystal

I like everything, especially the white rose, you reminded me of my mother's backyard in the country.

The roses up in their gardens were spectacular @carolinacardoza nice it brought some memories of special place to you.

When you said "Piggly Wiggly" I thought there was a going to be some sort of reference to the rather silly-named grocery store chain in USA which, no offense to the people that shop there in America, is kind of a dumpy version of nicer grocery stores. It appears as though the SA version of Piggly Wiggly is a rather nice coffeeshop / cafe... or am i missing something here? :)

All kinds of goodies to enjoy here @gooddream including coffee shops, pantry stores, BBQ (braai) grills plus accessories, home-made chocolate shop, wine store, 2nd hand book store with clothing, art stores, plenty to see and do.

Nothing like a boring grocery chain stores, nor one of those, everything look familiar malls, if I post those you will know I have reached the end of the line....

haha, fair enough. I was surprised because well, in USA Piggley Wiggley means something very different. I enjoy the version you attended much more :)

Beautiful post. I loved the art work introduced here. So creative and fun.

Something anyone who is creative can get great new ideas from, practice and sell in their own regions @hlezama

Thanks for sharing Joan. Fantastic art pictures.

Got permission to photograph being totally taken by her work @redheadpei

The outdoors are a real inspiration to life.
Reminds us of what is important.
Thanks for sharing with the life that we should all appreciate.

Work up an appetite walking around, then find neat little coffee shops in this area to sit and relax for awhile @ireenchew

Beautiful mosaics @joanstewart! What a sweet place to stop, love the way nature always shows up to great us :) Interesting birds, the males and females of the same species look nothing alike! Facinating! Enjoy your visit.

Female birds are sometimes harder to identify not having brightly coloured plumage of the counterpart males. The mosaics are amazing to see @birdsinparadise

Hi. Thank you for your post. Lovely scenery during your travels. And a zipline for the kiddies. What a wonderful place to visit. I'm in Texas, and we had a grocery store only named Piggly Wiggly.

Miniature train and zip-line with playground area for children all well thought out to keep young and older happy when visiting @justclickindiva

That's some really fun artwork! Lovely!

Eye catching to say the least, will have to save some to afford one @wwwiebe

You always get the best nature shots @joanstewart 🙏

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Thanks for enjoying and visiting @wonderwop

Those are lovely photos Thanks for sharing this with us. May you have a great day ahead!

Thanks for visiting @sgbonus you have a great day as well.

the outdoor shots are great but WOW I love that art so unique and cool


My sister-in-law is creative, turned her hand to this mosaic art since she saw Sarah's work which is totally amazing. I have never seen mirrored glass used like this, very effective bringing added life to the frame.

Thats cool, I wouldn’t even tried i am not artistic at all

Oh I love all the birds and the artwork. How amazing, @joanstewart. The kingfishers are some of my favorite birds. She has captured them so well. And that stork! What a proud and handsome thing he is! Now I am wondering what such a piece of artwork might cost!

Using currency to USD 1:15 ZAR this art is approximately $300 which is well worth every penny, I see on her site people do order from around the world, yes the birds are lifelike, many sized correctly being in large frames.

My favorite is the red bishop artwork. It literally pops out of the canvass.

Red bishop pops out when you see them along river banks too @watersnake101, sizing in art was actual size to birds in the wild.

Those mosaics are amazing. nice info on birds for us too.