My Paradise Koh Samui Island.

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One of my most loved islands in Thailand is Koh Samui island and when i am asked to go their by my work company it is always a pleasure to jump on that plane my only regret this time was it happen to be Steemfest here in Bangkok which i was looking forward to and i was going to be away on work but unfortunately work comes first.

I was booked to leave Bangkok , Wednesday the early morning of 6th November how coincidental and was due back Sunday morning the 10th November so i was going to miss it all but i hope all that turned up and made it had lots of fun i can only read about it now. I boarded the 6 am train link to the Bangkok airport and flew with Bangkok Airways direct to Koh Samui airport.

It's just over a hour's flight to Koh Samui airport from Bangkok airport once we arrived we were pick up by the hotel staff driver who took us directly to the resort we had booked called the Chaweng Bay View Resort.

After checking into the Chaweng Bay View Resort my colleague and myself made our way up to the restaurant area for some breakfast before our meeting which was scheduled for 11 am that same morning.

The pool and restaurant area was very inviting with great views as the Chaweng Bay View Resort sits high up in the mountains a very lush and peaceful resort with beautiful nature surrounding the hill side.

The views from my room were just breathtaking this is what i call a work holiday it doesn't get any better then this. The room itself was very tidy and spacious.

They did have golf carts to take you up and down the mountain to your rooms but if you were fit enough you could climb it along the road ways i did a couple of times it certainly got the heart :)

Apart from our work meetings i did get a chance to wonder around on the beach front of Chaweng beach which to me i just love that clear crystal blue ocean water the coconut trees along the beach front and the feeling of that smooth white sand between my toes.

This is one beach front that you can set yourself in what ever way or mood you prefer you either go crazy and party all night with a section of the beach just dedicated to deep house and trans music.

Then you can find the resorts along the beach front that will set up tables along the beach in a romantic way so you can dine with your loved one by the sunset or moonlight.

Their are also many resorts along the beach front that you can book in advance if you like to have a business function meeting night , weddings , birthdays , anniversaries or what it might be they will assist and organize it in the way you would like the function to be. This was a function that was just kicking of the early evening i was walking along the beach front.

The evening along the beach are full of vibes no matter if your just strolling along taking a evening dip with the family or just having a romantic dinner this beach really makes you feel the freedom.

Koh Samui has really got these picturesque sunsets and whether you're sun seeking , dozing in a hammock , feasting on world class cuisine, beach partying Koh Samui Island has it all for you.

And just like that it was all over the meeting were a success the company was great the food was awesome and my favorite island of Koh Samui didn't disappoint me but it was time to head back to Bangkok first by ferry across the Gulf of Thailand and then a flight out of Surat Thani airport and home we are.

I hope you all had a great Sunday like me thank you @ace108 for hosting #beautifulsunday and thank you @c0ff33a for hosting #SublimeSunday.
Thank you @travelfeed for providing this opportunity for us to create travel content of interest to the people out there it's the next closest way to imagining of be there in person.

Chaweng Bay View Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand.

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Wow, I would really like a little bit of paradise right now!

Pack them bags and do it :)

A lot of nice Paradise Koh Samui Island photography.

Thank you a really nice island to visit :)

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Thank you @pixresteemer 👍

Hey @hangin, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Thank you @beerlover ....Cheers 👍

A shame you had to miss Steem Fest I was wondering if you would be there, but if you had to miss it its not so bad when you were in such a beautiful area

I would have loved to have been there but it wasn't possible unfortunately just bad timing with work but i was at a nice place so no complaints from :)

LOL Seeing how beautiful it is there I would not be complaining also :)

Your not wrong a place i love to live :)

I could happily live there also

It is a great island it has everything you need and cheap 👍

Sound about perfect

La calidad de estas fotos son de otro mundo!

Thank you Sir :)

Thanks for share your memories

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Thank you your most welcome :)

The island is beautiful or the photos are great! I think they are both.

One of the advantages of reviewing the Travelfeed content, is that you will discover sites that didn't even go through your mind. In this case, I was pleasantly surprised.

Thank you very much for sharing this excellent report of your paradise destination in Thailand.

Thank you @janaveda this is truly the way you see it here a real paradise and their are a lot more hidden gems like this in Thailand one place you should travel once in your lifetime and you are most welcome 🙂

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Thanks for the updates @steemitboard but i have passed the 20,000 mark .. lol 🙀

Beautiful pictures! Is January the best time to visit Thailand?

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Thank you @jocieprosza much appreciated :)

No worries, your post deserves proper response

That looks like such a beautiful place to be! As always your photos are wonderful! When I was watching all the Steemfest live feeds I was wondering if I would see you and was hoping for first hand reports from you.

Thank you my friend i should have taken all them Steemfest people to Koh Samui with me first hand reports were coming from the blue water tropics...hehe skies and sunny again today :)

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Thank you @steemitworldmap 👍

I also love this island your post brings back lots of great memories for me🙏

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My pleasure it sounds like you have been there and would love to go back again...yeah :)

It was many years past so I expect it has changed but yes I would like to go back some day.your pics starting me reminiscing.

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Glad it bought back some good memories for you hopefully you can visit this paradise once again 🦋

Very beautiful.. thank you dear friend 🌷

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Thank you my friend happy you enjoyed it :)


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Thank you dear friend 🌹♥

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Most welcome 👍

You are so lucky to be sent to paradise to do some work. 😀
Fantastic pictures!

Soon I will come over there, OK on another island but I am looking forward to it. Next Monday I am travelling. Yay, I can't wait. 😀
Btw, my son and his girlfriend have planned to show me the Paragon Mall and if you are free (I am afraid that will be during working day) we can meet there.

This is what i love about this job surprises all the :)

Next Monday awesome be looking forward to catching up my work schedules are flexible i will give you my Line ID or phone number when you are here :)

I don't know yet which day we will go to the Mall, probably it will be somewhere on 25th or 26th after we return from Koh Lipe and before we go to Pattaya elephant sanctuary.
I will have Thai SIM card when i will arrive. If you use Discord you can find me there. I am Neli#2479

I am on countdown mood now LOL Almost ready for the trip.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Oh...Koh Lipe you will love that paradise island you won't want to ☀️

I saved your phone, you can delete it from here.

I am sure I will fall in love with Koh Lipe, 😀

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Oh ...good i am on Line also your son or girlfriend will know what that is everyone uses Line in Thailand so when your in Thailand call me and i will give you my Line ID 🙂

And you will fall in love with Koh Lipe ❤️

OK. Noted. 😀
Aww, I had no summer holiday and this is going to be the long awaited holiday and I need to charge my batteries. What better than paradise island 😀 have certainly chosen the right paradise to recharge your batteries seeing you soon ☀️ 🤭 🌞

Really it is crystal blue place. We all love the color blue. As we are the creature of this blue planet. Is not it?

Also, your every photographs is awesome in this Samui Island.

Thank you @impressions it is a truly piece of heaven :)

Wow, what a beautiful place...

Most definitely is a breathtaking paradise one worth visiting :)

Ah.. too bad. I'm also not rich enough so I'd have also choose the job which pays fiat currency over steemfest honestly... but, who can complain about a job that sends you to a place like that. :-)

Hey you never know what Steem can do and then you will be able to afford it but it is nice when you can sent over under company expense it makes it even better and no complaints from :)

Are you still in Thailand ??

No, left yesterday and missing Thailand now.

Oh really i knew you would love it over here am sorry didn't get to meet you maybe next time 🙂

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Thank you so much @arcange for the mention in the Steem Hit Parade 👍

You're welcome @hangin. Koh Samui looks great.
I really wish I could stay longer in Thaïland and be able to meet you.

videotogif_2018.11.22_16.54.17 (1).gif

Thank you @templo 👍

Such a beautiful place @hangin! Good to see all the blue sky
and warm looking climes! Zoomed in to see what was around
the outdoor tables! :-)

Thank you @shasta i guess it's cooler over there now did you like them colorful boulders :)

You are most welcome! Oh yes especially the boulders! :-)
Much cooler here, like a ice box lol

Damn i can't believe it is winter over there again well keep rugged up and keep that log fire 👍

Interesting placesnad photos. Thanks for your job.

Most welcome thank you @jakub1234 👍

Oh, this is truly paradise on Earth! Thanks for sharing. I'll dream about going there)

Thank you my friend hopefully your dream comes 👍