Back in Tbilisi - The story about the traveling band Caspian Caravan and the Journey Over Land to India.

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Welcome again to the story about when I travelled overland to India with a band, funding all our expenses with music. A journey that took 1 year and 8 months, through 32 countries!

Last time I took you to the top of the Caucasus mountains to the hidden villages of Ushguli.
This time we are still in Georgia, and back down in the Capital Tbilisi.

Tbilisi, Georgia

June 2011

We start our tour at a flea market!


I love flea markets in other countries, it really shows the background of the place, and here in Georgia it is a wonderland of old Soviet Merchandise!

Jeff rocking the Soviet hats!

Matt and Sparrow checking out some more cool gear

Beautiful old instruments!

On our second visit to Tbilisi, we again stayed with our hospitable Latvian friends. And here James, a traveler we met in Greece and then met again here in Tbilisi, is catching a glimpse in the mirror.

Then we had a little walk around town and dreamt about squatting all the old empty buildings. I find them so beautiful and enchanting! They look so full of stories and mysteries!

I mean, all these houses are just empty! Aren't they pretty?

Then we were invited to play in a place called Pur Pur, so we went down to talk with the people and see the place

One of the amazing lamps in Pur Pur café!

Wow, this place was so beautiful! The nicest place we were invited to play so far! And the plan was to make a proper concert with entrance fee and everything! We were really excited about this, since we always played on the streets or in sleazy bars, going around with the hat. So this was really next level!
I made a flyer for our show..

And we told everybody to come to our concert..!
Until, suddenly the concert was canceled... And moved to another less fancy bar.. Well.. I don't remember the excuse they came up with, but I think the manager of the bar saw us on youtube and (maybe rightfully 😂) thought that this bunch of dirty loud hippies weren't really fit for the fancy place..! And well, we were a bunch of barefoot street travelers, so maybe he was right, and whatever, we had a great time in the other bar!
And a photographer we met took some great shots of us (looks like her website doesn't exist any longer, so can't quote the right source..)

No videos from this concert, but if you still hang on for a bit, you'll get a chance to hear us too!

But first a little look from the balcony..!

-- Because from the disappointment at Pur Pur Café, we quickly had a literal uprise!
We got invited to play at Aivani TV, which got filmed at a rooftop overlooking Tbilisi!

The band playing before us

View over Tbilisi from the rooftop

Aivani TV means Balcony TV, and it was great playing on a high rooftop balcony overlooking the Georgian capital!

Here you can see the two songs recorded at Aivani TV rooftop (intro in Georgian ;P):

Phew, that sounded pretty horrible, but it was fun!

I'll end this post with a few last pictures from Tbilisi before leaving this wonderful capital to the next chapter on the way towards India!

Thank you for joining in on another part of this long journey! One day we will get there!

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Oh you guys... It's always refreshing reading your travel posts!!! Thanks for making me dream again. I like that tutu lamp!

I'll a listen to those videos soon... I like dirty lpud hippies 😁!

Impressive knock-offs, comrade frejafri...

Namaste, JaiChai

What a trip! I wish I had the 'balls' to do such a trip! It must be literally a life changer. I find it so brave to go there and make your money by performing on the streets. You never know how much and if you'll make something but you all survived so I assumed it went all well :)

How cool for you to appear on TV! :) Your music is a lot of fun and I can see that you really enjoy playing and singing. I wouldn't necessarily talk about great singing but it could be the video as well :) Most importantly, you had fun and it was fun to watch your performance too! :)

Thank you for sharing yet another adventure of yours :)


Haha, thank you! No this band definitely wasn't about the singing, but more about being loud enough to be heard in the street and make people jump! The recording doesn't make it better though 😂

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Wow, what a trip. That street art on the wood that seems to be sealing off that fancy old house is interesting. Such a contrast.

I always find it fascinating that travelers meet so many wonderful people. I am naturally of a suspicious nature, so I love hearing about all the good experiences you can have with strangers :)


Yes it's such an interesting contrast right?
Thank you. these experiences has helped me trust in the goodness of people 😊

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Memories of a lifetime!!!

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First time when I hear you guys singing. It’s not bad, considering that you in this vids you just started to play 3 months ago. You look like you’re having fun my dear, keep sharing, steem on 😊


Haha, thank you - was more about being loud than good back then 😂 but considering that we were all new to our instruments too, I guess it's okay 😆

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The houses are empty? How interesting and sad. I imagined the lives lived there years ago.


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gosh, you are so awesome and your life, your life is like a book! AMAZING! 32 countries in 1 year and 8 months... that must have been incredible ! I can only dream the things you have seen, the people you've met, all the experiences, the bonds, the life!!! OMG Freja * ___ *

The photos are super interesting and VERY inspirational... those abandoned houses * ___ * they are so pretty and I feel like they tell silent stories... aaaaahhhhh

Love the lamp, too :D Love the flea markets with all of its gorgeous items <3 Love the songs and the videos and everything in this post is really super cool :D :D :D

I keep going up and down this post, mostly in awe hahahahah <3


Thank you! Yay, I'd love to write a book about it one day 😁 You're so sweet, it definitely was an amazing trip 💙

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