My Berlin vegan experience

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Did you know that Berlin is also known as a vegan paradise? Its vegan scene is amazing because there is vegan food everywhere you look!

I hope you're hungry as I'm going to take you with me on a culinary tour in this cosmopolitan city 😊


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Lucky Leek

We will start our culinary tour with Lucky Leek.

Lucky Leek is a trendy restaurant located on Kollwitzstraße 54. The owner, Josita Hartanto, started as a chef in a restaurant that was serving meat. She didn't feel comfortable preparing meat after she became vegan, so she started her own small vegan restaurant with two tables. It didn't take long for her to move to a bigger restaurant and gain popularity among Berliners.


The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Sunday and it only serves dinner. Make sure to reserve a table a few days before you plan to come. It is important especially in colder months, when you can't sit outside.

The ambience of Lucky Leek is very warm and welcoming. The waiters are nice and helpful. You can choose either 3 or 5 course menus. They will gladly assist you with your choice. They are also very flexible, and you can combine your starter, main and dessert the way you want.

We decided to go for the 3-course menu.

Our dinner started with a complimentary amuse-bouche. One small toast was topped with snap peas pure and oyster mushroom and another one with sweet potato salad and quinoa falafel. It was so delicious! We couldn't wait for the next course!

My starter was carpaccio from smoked carrots with cucumber rolls, lettuce, flax seeds crisp and stuffed chili. Just looking at the meal made my mouth water. It was fresh and so good!

My husband started with consommé. It is a strong vegetable soup with baby corn, mushrooms, and small pancake rolls. The broth was very strong and comforting.

After we finished our starters we had to wait for about 30 minutes before the waiter came with our mains. It was a little long for my liking, but we had enough drinks to keep us company 😊

The main course was the best celery risotto ever. It was creamy and al dente - perfect Italian risotto. It was served with breaded celery, truffle and vegetable pappardelle.

After the main, it took another 30 minutes before we were served our dessert.

Have you ever heard about strawberry pepper ice cream? If not, you should give it a go. It is amazing.

I must say that our dinner here was the best vegan dining experience that we ever had. It all took a little bit too long, but good things take time 😊

The menu consists of two starters, two mains and two desserts. It was very difficult to choose as all meals contained exciting combinations of flavors.

It is a bit pricey to eat there so you can leave it for a special occasion. The 3 course menu is EUR 36 and the 5 course menu is EUR 59. You can also add a glass of wine to each course for EUR 29.

Overall, it was a beautiful evening and I would definitely recommend this restaurant further.

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It is difficult to choose an Asian restaurant in Berlin. There are so many of them that are vegan or vegetarian! We decided to try Tianfuzius located on Regensburger Strasse 1 because it was close to our hotel. Let me tell you that it was a great choice!

The restaurant is open everyday for lunch and dinner.

Tianfuzius is a vegetarian restaurant serving Vietnamese meals. They only have 3 meals with eggs and I am surprised that they keep them on their extensive menu.

This is another place where you have to reserve a table in advance as it's very popular.

They serve a variety of soups EUR 3.90, salads EUR 3.90 - 4.50, dumplings EUR 4.50 - 5.50, hot pots EUR 12.90 - 16.50, tofu EUR 11.50 - 14.90, eggplant dishes EUR 10.50 - 12.90, rice and noodle dishes EUR 8.90 - 9.50, vegan alternatives EUR 12.90 - 15.90 and desserts EUR 3.80 - 4.90.

We chose a couple of meals without focusing on starters and mains.

We tried dumplings with smoked tofu, carrots and zucchini, green beans in a ginger vinegar sauce, hot and sour soup with vegan chicken and water chestnuts, mixed Asian vegetables with garlic, and hot tofu stew Sichuan with garlic and peppers.

The food was amazing! My husband keeps talking about the hot and sour soup even two months after we returned back from Berlin. It was apparently the best soup that he has ever eaten.

This is a 'must go' restaurant! It is situated in a quiet residential area and it has a very nice homely atmosphere. If you like spicy food, don't forget to go to Tianfuzius when you're in Berlin.

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Geh Veg

Geh Veg (Go Veg) is a small cafe on Birkenstraße 30, right across the metro station. It is open everyday and it's a very nice place for breakfast, brunch or lunch.


We went there every morning as we enjoyed their breakfast. From the first day I thought that the name of the cafe was Geh Weg which means Go Away. I thought that it was a strange name and shared my thoughts with my husbands who couldn't stop laughing. Well, then I understood I was wrong 😊

They offer homemade, fresh, vegan and gluten free meals and drinks.

They serve chia pudding EUR 4.90, muesli EUR 4.90, porridge EUR 5.40, smoothies EUR 4.20, smoothie bowl EUR 5.40, bagels and sandwiches EUR 3.90, avocado toast EUR 5.20, black bean burger EUR 4.90, wraps and soups EUR 4.20.

We came there straight from the plane. We were tired and hungry. We ordered smoothies, sweet breakfast and tempeh bagel. The food was great, and we ordered a piece of apple pie as well (I don't have a photo of it). It looked good, but it was frozen. We asked the waitress to warm it up. She gladly helped us, but after she brought the cake back we realized that it was still frozen. We were disappointed but we didn't want to let a piece of cake spoil our day.


The next day everything was perfect. When we came for the last time, I ordered a black bean burger which was cold and there was a dog hair in it! I returned it back and didn't make a big deal out of it as I got a new one (which was still cold) and an ice cream for free!

If you ever go there, don't order the apple pie and the burger, and you will be fine 😊

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AtayaCaffe is located on Zelterstraße 6. It is not that far away from the Berlin Wall Memorial. The owners are a married couple - she is from Sardinia, Italy and he is from Senegal. She is a vegan chef and her meals are a combination of Italian and African cuisine. It's a very interesting concept and I couldn't wait to try her food.


You need to order your food at the counter and the owner will bring it to you. The menu is changing everyday and it's reasonably priced.

We ordered gnocchi with tomato sauce, Italian salad and sandwich with hummus, arugula and sun dried tomatoes. The food was very good but heavy. It didn't really matter as we spent there a couple of hours drinking delicious wine and chatting with the owners about how they got to know each other, why they moved to Berlin and how they started their business. The atmosphere was super nice, and we even got to meet their kids!

Please visit this place, but only when you have a lot of time to talk 😊

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Brammibal's Donuts

How should we finish our tour today? You are right, with something sweet!

Brammibal's Donuts is a Berlin based vegan bakery specialized in handmade donuts. It is located on Maybachufer 8.

They specialize in unusual flavor combinations and you can choose from rose-hip jam, pumpkin spice and cream cheese, choc pretzel, salted caramel hazelnut, maple smoked coconut, hibiscus sprinkles and many more.

Each donut is EUR 2.50 and you get 1 EUR discount if you purchase 4 of them.

We tried rosemary orange, rose-hip jam, peanut butter fudge and almond.

All of them were so good! But let me give you an advice. Don't go there before lunch, you will spoil your appetite 😊

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I hope you have enjoyed our tour. There are so many places in Berlin that it was impossible to try them all. This is just my experience and if you've visited another vegan restaurants there, please let me know as I'm planning another trip to Berlin, and I would love to receive some recommendations.

Thank you for reading,


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This is another nice post, I like the picture on the wall that is very interesting (with the eyeballs)... And the food looks tasty too :D Good job (again)

Hahaha, oh man! You made me laugh.. I post about food and Dave comes: I like the picture on the wall :D :D :D

howdy there delishtreats! my my my...where do I start with this thing...well, I know almost none of the dishes, it all was totally foreign to me but somehow it also sounded wonderful!

I have no idea how they make much of the things with no dairy products like the donuts! Oh my gosh those donuts looked amazing, I'd love to try vegan donuts! How do you make those anyway? Do you make them at home?
Anyway this was very informative and educational, in short: a wonderful post!

Good Morning cowboy! I'm so glad that you liked this post!

All of them were delicious. Dairy products are replaces by nut milks. You have different sorts, such as milk from soy, almonds, hazelnuts, cashew, etc. The eggs are replaces by flax seeds, chia seeds or aquafaba (depends on what you're making). It's very easy to live without dairy and I'm very happy about that as dairy made me sick.

I'm not preparing donuts at home as I don't really have a sweet tooth :) I eat sweets just occasionally.

Thank you for your comment, jonboy! :)

howdy this fine Saturday delishtreats! oh how interesting, I didn't understand how dairy can be replaced. what form is the seeds in, something made into a more liquid form? I have a hard time envisioning how seeds can replace butter or cream cheese or something.

And what is aquafaba? never heard of it but I'm so glad that you were able to get away from dairy. I also found lenasveganliving I think it is? very informational and interesting, I'm sure you are good friends because vegans stick together like white on rice.

Maybe she has recipes for donuts! wow...the only thing I like more that castles are donuts! but I haven't have one for probably 6 months.

So what is your plans for the weekend or is that classified?

It looks like normal milk :) You blend water and nuts, then filter it through a cloth and voila! MILK! :)

Butter can be made from vegetable oils - very delicious! Cheese can be made from cashews. I make one at home and my friends love it. Aquafaba is the liquid that you have in a can with chickpeas. It works like egg. You can make mousse or meringue out of it.

Yes, I know Lena :) And we are good friends. Me and you stick together too and you're not vegan, are you? :D

I never had donuts before I went to Berlin :D It's not that usual here..

Yes, that is classified information. You'll have to wait for my posts :)

what the??? we stick together but I can't ask what you're doing this weekend? yawser! I suppose that is another one of your dragonian rules that you just made up? lol. I used to be able to ask a simple generic question like that but now new rules?

You need to print out the rules for talking to you each week to know what is allowed! lol.
Just for that I ain't tellin you what I'm doing for the weekend, so there!

In some ways I'm vegan of course. But I know that wouldn't be an official vegan, the strictness would take a great deal of discipline. Not that I don't have discipline but it would be a hassle in changing things around and more time than I have at the moment but at least unlike some people I have an open mind about almost all subjects. hehehe

Did you like those donuts though? weren't they wonderful? I need to find a recipe. Do you ever watch The Simpson's or do they have that show over in Europe?

How in the world can Aquafaba work like an egg? You just use a mixer and whip it up? I don't understand that one.
You are a treasure trove of great information kiddo!

I can't tell you what we've done as then you'll know what my post will be about, lol!

Hahaha, you're such a child! Are you going to post about it? No, you're not! So tell me :)

Being vegan is such an easy thing to do. I was also afraid of it, but we manage quite well and it makes us both happy.

I loved those donuts! I would not order it again as it was too heavy, but I liked it for one time :) I watched Simpson long time ago. My brother likes them a lot.

Exactly. Just like that. Then you add chocolate and some vanilla and voila - perfect chocolate mousse. It's much better than from eggs, believe me. So light and fluffy :)

Well, I had to learn a lot as I didn't want to miss anything while being vegan :) So you can ask.. if I have an answer, I'll share it with you :)

delishtreats! haha! well I wasn't quite understanding that you would be posting about your weekend, that didn't compute in my mind but now I see.

As far as being a child...thank you thank you thank you! from your mouth to God's ears! lol. you know how I like anti-aging products and methods, at least for newer readers it's in my profile description so yes I'm younger than I look, thanks.

The Simpsons, well Homer Simpson LOVES donuts and will do anything for them so in that way, and only that way, I am similar! lol.

the vegan thing is very fascinating and I keep an open mind about things and I'm learning alot from you so thank you for being so gracious and helpful!
I gotta go do some things and try to throw some kind of post together so I'm off for a few hours or so. God bless you richly!

Hahaha, yes, that was actually a compliment, lol. You should limit those products as you'll be so young soon that you'll need diapers again :D

Oh, that's right! Totally forgot about it!

I'm glad that you're open minded. That's the most important. It's my pleasure. I like to help whenever I can :)

Ok, cowboy, go and do necessary :) Talk to you later!

Upvoted and resteemed!, Wow @delishtreats - I got here so late! Life has been hectic here in Spain but lots of fun and achievement. Your post is so very good once again. The food in these photos just leaves me feeling hungry. I think you found the best of Berlin’s finest eating houses. So much love goes into making these inspired dishes it really is lovely to see -and for you, to eat 😂 I think it would be hard to choose a favourite.
Thanks for taking so much time and care with your posts to bring us such quallity reports. We are blessed to have you amongst us. 🤗🌈🌴🦋💛

No worries, I understand that you must be busy with enjoying the sun! :)

The food there was so good and we were awed by the presentation! Especially in Lucky Leek, the presentation was spot on. Tianfuzius was really the best Vietnamese that we ever tried. We were so frustrated that we couldn't try more restaurants. There are so many in Berlin! We have to go back.

Thank you for your kind words dear Sallybeth. I'm happy that you are enjoying your time in Spain :)

I am not surprised Berlin is full of awesome vegan places. Vegan is the most chic food of this decade. It has grown into the most popular food of all at this point I think which is a great sign the world is getting smarter..... finally 😂

Oh my god, you just made me so hungry. This was such a fun tour of vegan restaurants… who would of thought Berlin was such a vegan hub?!?! That first restaurant is quite fancy- I’ve never seen vegan food look so “regal”…🤷🏼‍♀️ Haha… but those donuts are the ticket right there. Pumpkin spice cream cheese and chocolate pretzel… uh I’ll take two please!

I love how abroad you end up meeting the most fascinating people while doing the simplest of things, such as eating. I would have loved to hear the couples story and why they moved to Berlin.… the beauties of traveling.

Thank you so much for today’s tour @delishtreats… one of my favorites yet. Maybe because I’m such a foodie. :)

Go and make something delicious :) I know you can do it :)

We've heard about it long time ago and wanted to experience it ourselves. Oh, let me tell you, the best vegan food I ever had was in Berlin. When you get a chance during your travel you should go there.

Those donuts were delicious! I have never eaten a donut before, lol. We don't usually eat them here :) I must say that 4 was a bit too much :D

You will get a chance to talk to people while traveling very soon :) I'm so looking forward to your stories! How is the preparation going?

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting! I'm glad that you liked it! I'll be sharing my own recipes as well as I'm not planning to travel so much this year, so I'll have time to create :)

We wouldn’t pass up the opportunity if we got it. And I’m not a huge donut fan, usually, but I could definitely scarf two of those bad boys, no sweat. They are very sweet!

Our preparations are going well. You would t believe how expensive some vaccinations are in the US… it’s kind of disgusting. Hopefully, we need just the two 🤞.
Oh and I can’t wait for your recipes @delishtreats… I’ll keep my eye out :)

I didn't find them too sweet but just very heavy. There was also a lot of filling. I could have a bit less but I understood that this is how people like it :)

I'm glad that the preparations are going well. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that and I hope it really will be just the two. You should maybe start posting about your progress. I'm sure that many Americans would appreciate to know how it is to plan such a big trip in the US :)

Huh… there’s an idea 🤔. Although we are not very organized about it.… maybe that’ll work :) Thbajs for the idea @delishtreats.

P.s. I never liked the donuts with filling.

The place looks very warm and comforting. I especially love their presentation of the food. It all looks so beautiful and very interesting to eat. Although that dog hair on your burger is a bummer. I hope it didn't ruin the rest of your day.

All places that we visited were great and the food was really good. The presentation was spot on :)

You know, they apologized and give us some things for free so we didn't make a big deal out of it. It should not happen but if it does it's up to you how you take it :)

Thank you for visiting!

I've been missing way too many of your lovely posts lately, it's so nice to now just sit down in peace and read a travel post from you! Lucky Leek seems such a fancy place, maybe a bit too fancy for me, but I'd love to taste that dessert! Strawberry pepper ice cream sounds really intriguing and looks delicious! But at least Tianfuzius and Brammibal's Donuts are on my list if I decide to travel to Berlin again! How do you find all these incredible places? I'd have to travel with you to get the most out of the trip, haha!
Great post, Martina! :)

Yeah, it's a bit too fancy, but you just must go there when you're in Berlin. It is such a great experience and the flavors.. oh, you just MAKE SURE you go there :)

Tianfuzius was amazing too. The food was so good and fresh.

4 donuts were a bit too much :D Couldn't move after that! But they were very good!

I do some research before I go somewhere. I check what is available on review, then I search some bloggers, then magazines, etc.. it takes a little bit of time :)

When you come to Switzerland, I'll be happy to show you around Jasmin!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Have you ever seen any "cheat day" or "10 000 calorie challenge" videos from youtube? People are eating like 10 donuts in one sitting, that's so crazy, how do they do that? Your comment about the 4 donuts made me think of this, a bit sidetrack but anyways, haha.

Anyone traveling with you can't complain about the company, you're the best kind! I'll keep your proposition in mind about traveling to Switzerland! :)

Oh, I don't want to know how you feel afterwards. I wonder if you go crazy with sugar or if you fall asleep. Knowing myself I would fall asleep, lol.

You're so sweet! Thank you for the compliment. Sure! Make sure to let me know :)

So many beautiful, yummy looking plates. Great post @delishtreats You hit so many of my favorites - gnocchi, dumplings, smoothies. How do you have time for sightseeing with all these great meals? haha

Hahaha, it's long days when I travel :) I'm glad you enjoyed the tour. The food was amazing! I hope to go back very soon! Thank you for visiting, Steve!

Delicious post! I'll definately save your recommendations for the next time in Berlin. I've found a good vietnamese restaurant called Cowei in the James-Simon-Park, I had some fish with an amazing mango sauce, I still dream about it.

Thank you for stopping by Dan. There are so many places. I've actually never seen such concentration of restaurants like in Berlin :) Mango sauce is delicious! I love everything with mango :)

Nooo! Soo hungry now :D sitting in the train and don't want to buy the junk they're offering here :D but now you made it even worse, dunno why I clicked on it .. btw it's weird that that caffeteria is open everyday as you said. Is it normal in Germany? Cuz in Innsbruck where I study, it's mandatory that most cafeterias are usually closed on Sunday

Posted using Partiko Android

Hahaha, poor you! I hope you'll be soon at your destination so that you can get something delicious :)

I'm glad you did, lol! :) Well, I think you can ask a permit to have the caffeteria open every day. Usually in Switzerland you should close for 1 or 2 days a week too (not sure how many days exactly) but I know that there are a few places that are open. Of course there will be a down side to it - maybe higher taxes or any other kind of 'punishment'? No idea..

Thank you for visiting :)

Hah not really..5 hours to go :/ but I'll buy somethin on wien hbf :) oh ok, makes sense, might be case also in Austria, not sure either :D

Posted using Partiko Android

5 hours to go? Good luck! I hope you won't be exhausted tomorrow..

Yes!! I've been waiting for this one, and your review definitely did not disappoint! I don't know what I would try first. Those tofu buns sound so yummy, and if your hubs is still talking about the soup now it must really have been good. I am a sucker for sweets on the occasions that I do indulge, so that peanut butter fudge donut might just be the first thing I would dive into...

If it has dog hair in it is it still vegan? 😜 Haha, well not the best dining experience, but sounds like overall you found some fantastic spots!

Aawww, I was postponing it for ages! But I finally made it! Thank you Katie!

It was so hard to choose from the menus. We were full all 3 days, it was incredible. We always ordered more than we could eat :D but we couldn't resist.

That soup was great, a bit too spicy for me but he loves his food hot. Donuts were so delicious! But let me tell you, don't get 4 :D It's simply too much.

Hahahah, I should have asked them that! :D Yeah, we found fantastic places and ate amazing food!

Hi there, thank you for those restaurant ideas. They sound absolutely delicious. Here is another one. Hummus & Friends at Oranienburger Str. in Mitte. Try their quinoa filled bellpepper or roasted cauliflower and of course hummus. Cheers from Berlin.

Thank you for the tip! I'm planning another trip to Berlin and will make sure to give Hummus & Friends a go :)

Lovely photo shoots, the food looks delicious there and the prices are cheap compared to restaurants in Belgium, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day

Thank you for visiting!

Yes, Germany is cheaper than a lot of other countries in Europe. I was surprised by the prices in Berlin. I thought it would a bit more expensive.

Have a great evening!

The dishes looked more like pieces of art than actual food! Amazing!

You are right! Vegan food in restaurants is usually a bit boring.. but this was amazing! And it was really good. I'm sure you would love it! Thank you for stopping by!

Was in Berlin recently and can totally relate this your experience. There were more vegan restaurants than zebra. I was so surprised. Loved the food but they do taste a bit blunt. I think they did not give much salt or sugar into it.

I like your expression that there were more of them than zebra :) I might start to use it :)

I think it depends on what you're used to. I don't use that much salt at home and I don't really have a sweet tooth so I found it ideal. BUT it's better when it's not too salty as you can add a bit of salt yourself as well :)

Thank you for stopping by!

Never knew about vegan berlin. You made me belive with yourbsuper awesome post that it is indeed a vegan paradise.
The only problem that a -vegeterian get is to find a good veg restaurant....especially for the people travelling from india. There are many people who do not eat non vegeterian and also porks and beef are not the courses meal for many.....these vegan restaurant is really a boon to many .....
Seems you got ful tummy stacked with all the delicies.....i am feeling hungry now...
Thanks for sharing super awesome post.

Posted using Partiko Android

This is also my issue. When we want to go for dinner here it's so difficult. In Berlin it was difficult as well but the reason was completely different. There are simply too many places to choose from, lol!

We were full all weekend. We always ordered way too much :) Wanted to try a bit from everything :)

Thank you for visiting!

Amazing tour of vegan foodie spots in Berlin, thank you for taking the time to make such quality posts.

Brammibal's Donuts looks and sounds incredible!

Thank you my dear! I consider it to be my diary as well so I enjoy making them :) And sharing here is a pleasure!

They were delicious! But 4 were too much! :)

4 is a lot BUT just think, you have to sample enough for a good review! It's all in the name of quality content ;)

It's true! Berlin has soo much amazing vegan food! You have given me lots of inspiration with restaurants I didn't know about though- thanks! 😀

Thank you for stopping by! I'm glad that I've inspired you! :) Are you visiting Berlin often? Or do you live there?

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I see that Berlin is way more vegan friendly than Florence. All these restaurants are truly impressive, especially the firs one. But the donuts looks super yummy as well. Great blog as usual my Dear Marina 🌸💖🌸

It's much more better. There are more than 40 vegan restaurants in Berlin (if I'm not mistaken) I loved the first one! I forgot to mention that she is about to obtain a Michelin star. How cool is that? A vegan chef with the Michelin star! Thank you for stopping by dear Lena!

Wow! Fantastic! I am very happy to hear that!!! Good for her and the vegan movement. Always a pleasure Dear Marina; you know how much I love your blogs, if I only had more time to read them all 😊

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Now I'm hungry and want to go to Berlin 😍

Hahaha, you should go! :)

Wow Martina what a great food tour! You know how to help us feel like we are there with you.

Hey Sara! Thank you for stopping by! I'm so glad that you feel like that! :)

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They all look so good but the donuts definitely gets my thumbs up!

Oh, Pauline. They were so good! But 4 of them was a little bit too much :D

I did not know about this, but with Berlin being Berlin it doesn't really surprise me! These dishes look super delicious!

Thank you for stopping by! It was my first time in Berlin and I fell in love with everything in the city. It's so cool! I was not expecting it to be so cosmopolitan.. and the food! SO delicious!

Berlin is incredible, I live on the opposite side of Germany but have been there three times and really enjoy the city, it doesn't feel as German as other parts of Germany :D

You are right! I live in Switzerland, about 10 minutes drive from the German border and I go to Germany quite often. It's VERY different to the rest of the country. We were a little bit surprised but I must say that it was a positive surprise :)

Thank you for stopping by!

Thanks for showcasing Vegan paradise of Berlin.
The sweets really got me 🤤 salivating

They were delicious. But four donuts were a bit too much :) Thank you for stopping by!

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Thank you @jpphotography!!! And @travelfeed, of course too! :)

Stop! My mouth is watering! ❤️

I never thought there were so many vegetarian options in Berlin, I thought that the people there loved meat with beer above all things 😅

Actually, all these meals are vegan :) Berlin is a very modern city with so many different cafes and restaurants and everybody will find something. Of course, there are many places serving bratwurst and currywurst but this is German, so it's ok :) I like that everyone can find what they like there.

Thank you for visiting :) and have a nice day!

Dear @delishtreats,

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Geh Veg and AtayaCaffe look so homely! Just love its atmosphere, very comfy and welcoming. Not forgetting all those veg dishes, so appealing! yumyum...

You are right. These are the places where you can spend all afternoon drinking great coffee and reading a book. The food was amazing. I find it difficult to find delicious vegan food in restaurants, but this was not the case in Germany. Thank you for your support Kim :)

Ah, it has been sometime since I have the time to spend an afternoon reading. Next time when I am visiting Germany, these will be my go to spots 😋😋 you are most welcome @delishtreats!

Waoo in love with the color of the sky and the food <3

Thank you! :)

Looks delicious! The vegetarian culture of Berlin came as a surprise for me when I went there, and it was a very good one. Great place, Berlin.
Good post and photos, I'll have another look if I go back ;)

Thank you for stopping by. Yes, I was also surprised how Berlin is. I was expecting something different and was positively surprised :)

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Thank you for your support! :)