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Hi. It's @lizanomadsoul here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!

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Travel Digest

#1 Crossing one of the world's most remote borders // Irkeshtam // China to Kyrgyzstan by @timezonejunkies

Welcome back to all you Steemians! In the last post we wrote about our experiences in Kashgar, Xinjiang Province, China and making it to one of the world's most remote border crossings, Irkeshtam.
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#2 Havey’s Australia & New Zealand Adventure Part 4 – Great Ocean Walk (Apollo Bay to Shelly Beach) by @nickyhavey

I have barely had time to write the so called "micro blogs" on Steem, let alone these slightly longer travel ones from my website but finally I've found a moment to get this one out to you. Since the last one was around 7 weeks ago, we have some serious catching up to do! Let's hop back to the serendipitous moment I found out I was going to start hiking towards the 12 Apostles in Australia.
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#3 Mysteries of the Camino de Santiago: San Vicente de Serrapio, Asturias and the mystery of the Grail by @juancar347

'I tasted the honey of the unlimited in the Cup of the Eternal Lotus. I crossed the tunnel of suffering and found the hidden path of happiness. And I saw some rays of light crossing the silent desert of the night … '.
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Thanks for honorable mentions

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Honoured to have my name in honorable mentions:

Thank you!!

Thanks so much for the top 3 feature today! Upvoted and resteemed! Keep up the great work, love this map 😊

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Thank you as always! Love @steemitworldmap and we often check out what is on there before we reach our destination! Thanks again!

Thank you for the honorable mention. :)

Awesome selection in #traveldigest once again, thanks for ongoing curation for people with itchy feet!

Great selection! If only we can just pack and go lol! For now, let's enjoy these lovely blogs.