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Hi @LivingUKTaiwan here with today's #TravelDigest. We're going to do a lot of walking today, from the Scottish Highlands in UK, to the busy city of Kandy in Sri Lanka then finally to the beautiful Swiss Lakes. Let's go!

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Travel Digest

#1 Wildcamping the West Highland Way, Day 3 by @natubat

I can understand why people find this section of the walk so uncomfortable. If you try to go fast (and you're not a fell-runner) it must feel like hell! But if you slow down and enjoy the surroundings, it's an absolute joy.In the end I decided not to stop for lunch at Doune Bothy, as the ground was quite boggy. Instead I found a small beach at the shore of Loch Lomond, where I sat down, took off my boots, dipped my feet in the freezing water, and ate my lunch. The weather was warm, and it felt like bliss.
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#2 Travel Diaries - Kandy, Sri Lanka by @tggr

Kandy is a city with a population of approximately 125,000, right in the middle of the country. It's buzzing and busy and as loud as a South Asian city can be. With all the people running around with their everyday tasks, it's nice to just stop and observe how the world works differently for them. There are all these TukTuks and scooters with up to five people on them, none of them wearing a helmet.
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#3 My European Adventure: Part 12: Walking the Olive Tree Path to Gandria by @seangold

I didn't really have a route planned out or anything, I just figured if I followed the edge of the lake I'd end up there eventually, right? So I began walking, but still on the look out for great views, such as this one of the side of Monte Bre in the mist and clouds!I crossed a small bridge, checked out a small boat club for a few minutes, then back to the main road along the lake. Every so often there would be little rest/viewing areas with beautiful trees, and I lucked out that the foliage was still pretty decent for the time of year I was there.
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