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Hi everyone @LivingUKTaiwan here with today's #traveldigest. Let's see what we have in store for you today.

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Travel Digest

#1 Hiking Penon de Ifach, the Gibraltar of Costa Blanca by @ctdots

"From everything I’ve ever seen, there is only one place like legendary Gibraltar. Take away the strategic importance with its historical significance from Gibraltar, and add remote beauty of the wild nature, you get Penon de Ifach. Located on the tip of Calp City, it is separating the urban area’s beaches into two. Having in mind the Les Salines, a salt lagoon located in the middle of Calp City, the beauty of views from the top of Penon de Ifach is somewhat iconic on Instagram."

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#2 Wild camping the West Highland Way, part 1 by @natubat

"Anyone who reads my blog regularly will not be surprised that I have fulfilled the QMDs requirement. But I still needed to do a few more wild camping nights. The Mountain Leader assessment involves a two-night camping expedition, so I decided to prepare for this by doing a two or three-day wild camping trip, carrying everything I would need on my back.The weather has been very cold recently, with snow at high levels. I didn't want to have to carry heavy winter walking gear along with my tent, sleeping bag and extras to keep me warm! So this would have to be a low-level expedition."

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#3 Fort Kumasi and the Armed Forces Museum by @for91days

"A military museum is not usually something that most people would put into the top tier of an African sightseeing itinerary. But in Kumasi, the Armed Forces Museum leaps to the top of the pack, thanks mostly to its fantastic setting: an old fort in the center of town, which was the site of one of the region's most historic armed conflicts."

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Another great selection of superb blogs @traveldigest.

Congratulations @ctdots @natubat
and @for91days for your featured blogs. Thank you @steemitworldmap for the kind honourable mention. I'm delighted! (U & R ) 💐


Glad you liked the selections @trudeehunter


I did indeed. Thanks again. 💐

Thanks for including my post! :)


Hope you get your certificate very soon


Thanks! Fingers crossed :)

Oh my. That camping trip is inviting. It makes me want to go camping, too!


It's amazing to read the great adventures from the other Steeminans isn't it

Oh!!! So happy you like the article about the Armed Forces Museum. We just got back to Valencia and are happy to be home. We miss Ghana already but the good news it, we still got over 50 Ghana posts coming up.


Must be great to back home. Looks like you guys had a great time in Ghana, looking forward to the rest of your posts

Thanks so much for the honorable mention!
A great selection of posts and that scooter tour in Greece by @ikarus56 sounds really fascinating!