A Scooter Tour on Kalymnos (Greece) - Eine Scooter Tour auf Kalymnos (Griechenland)

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Heute möchte ich euch von einer empfehlenswerten Scooter Tour auf Kalymnos berichten. Kalymnos ist eine Insel in der Ägäis und am besten mit der Fähre von der Insel Kos aus zu erreichen. Es gibt zwar auch einen kleinen Flughafen, der wird allerdings nur von Athen aus angeflogen. Kalymnos wird auch als die Insel der Schwammtaucher bezeichnet und ist touristisch noch nicht so sehr erschlossen. Man findet keine größeren Hotels und es wird meist nur von Tagestouristen oder Seglern angefahren. Dies ändert sich aber gerade, wie ihr später noch erfahren werdet. Die Tour beginnt daher auch in Pothia der Inselhauptstadt. Auf der Karte könnt ihr die Route nachvollziehen.

Today I want to tell you about a recommendable scooter tour on Kalymnos. Kalymnos is an island in the Aegean Sea and best reached by ferry from Kos Island. Although there is also a small airport, but it is only served from Athens. Kalymnos is also referred to as the island of sponge divers and is touristy not so much developed. You will not find any major hotels and it is usually only by day tourists or sailors hit. But this is changing, as you will learn later. The tour therefore also starts in Pothia the island's capital. On the map you can follow the route.

Source Google Maps

Wir sind die Tour entgegen dem Uhrzeigersinn gefahren. Wenn man Pothia in östlicher Richtung verlässt, schlängelt sich die Straße oberhalb des Meeres an der Küste entlang und bietet viele Ausblicke auf die blaue Ägäis. Wie man auf dem Foto sieht, haben auch hier Aquakulturen Einzug gehalten.

We drove the tour counterclockwise. If you leave Pothia in an easterly direction, the road winds its way up the coast and offers many views of the blue Aegean Sea. As you can see in the photo, aquacultures have also found their way here.


Nach einigen Minuten erreicht man dann das nächste Tal. Es bietet sich ein faszinierender Ausblick auf das kleine Örtchen Vathy. Vathy ist durch einen kleinen Fjord mit dem Meer verbunden und wird gerne von Seglern angelaufen. Es ist aber auch durch seine Mandarinen Plantagen bekannt und das einzige Tal auf Kalymnos in dem Landwirtschaft in einem größeren Stil betrieben werden kann.

After a few minutes you will reach the next valley. It offers a fascinating view of the small village Vathy. Vathy is connected to the sea by a small fjord and is often visited by sailors. It is also known for its mandarin plantations and the only valley on Kalymnos where agriculture can be run in a larger style.



In Vathy selbst gibt es ein paar Tavernen in denen man eine Kleinigkeit essen oder auch nur etwas Trinken kann. Es ist so wunderschön ruhig und man fühlt sich durch die Berge drumherum wie von dem Rest der Welt abgeschnitten.

In Vathy itself there are a few taverns where you can eat a snack or even just a drink. It's so beautiful and quiet and you feel like you're cut off from the mountains around you like the rest of the world.


Nachdem wir uns in Vathy ein wenig gestärkt hatten, fuhren wir weiter. Die Straße führt dann durch die Plantagen mit den Mandarinen in einem weiten Bogen auf einen kleinen Pass nach Arginonda.

After some softdrinks and small lunch in Vathy, we drove on. The road then leads through the plantations with the tangerines in a wide arc on a small pass to Arginonda.


Von dort aus geht es weiter entlang einer wunderschönen Küstenstraße mit vielen Kurven wieder zurück in Richtung Pothia. Man hat immer wieder kleine Buchten und herrliche Ausblicke auf das Meer. Auch hier findet man ab und zu malerische Tavernen.

From there we continue along a beautiful coastal road with many curves back towards Pothia. There are always small bays and beautiful views of the sea. Again and again you will find picturesque taverns.




Kurz vor Masouri kam dann für uns die Überraschung. Plötzlich standen mehrere Scooter am Straßenrand und wir fragten uns, was dies zu bedeuten hatte. Und dann sahen wir den Grund. An den schroffen Felsen, die steil von der Küste aufragen waren Free-Climber am Klettern. Wie wir später herausfanden, ist Kalymnos mittlerweile ein international bekannter Kletter-Hotspot und wird von Kletterern aus der ganzen Welt besucht.

Shortly before Masouri came the surprise for us. Suddenly there were several scooters on the roadside and we wondered what that meant. And then we saw the reason. On the rugged rocks, which rise steeply from the coast, were free climbing climbers. As we later discovered, Kalymnos is now an internationally recognized climbing hotspot and is visited by climbers from all over the world.




Nachdem wir eine Weile den Erfolgen und Misserfolgen zugeschaut hatten, fuhren wir weiter und kamen wieder zu unserem Ausgangspunkt Pothia zurück. Hier sieht man dann auch wie groß Pothia wirklich ist. Dies ist vom Hafen aus gar nicht zu erkennen.

Ich hoffe, euch hat die kleine Tour ein wenig Spaß gemacht und ich kann jedem nur empfehlen diese auch einmal zu fahren. Noch ein kleiner Tipp: Man kann sich auch mit einem Taxi für wenig Geld nach Vathy fahren lassen. Es ist auf jeden Fall empfehlenswert.

After watching the successes and failures for a while, we drove on and came back to our starting point Pothia. Here you can see how big Pothia really is. This is not recognizable from the harbor.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour a little and I can only recommend it to anyone. Another small tip: You can also drive by a taxi for little money to Vathy. It is definitely recommended.

All photos made by myself.

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What an awesome tour! I love the idea of tooling around an island on a scooter - it must be an amazing way to see the sights. Speaking of sights, those free climber captures made me weak in the knees, but you captured them very well. Thank you for sharing this beautiful spot in the world with us, @ikarus56!

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Awesome shots :) That trip surely was worth the effort you made to enjoy it.

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Thank you so much @joelsegovia.

Beautiful photos!
What would they be growing in the aquaculture? Very interesting looking!
It looks fairly dry there do they irrigate in the plantations?

That's so strange to see so many climbers on the one rock front - did they come as a group?
Thanks for sharing - it looks like Greece is a beautiful place!


Thanks for reading @porters. I don't know what kind of fish they are growing in the aquaculture and if they irrigate in the plantations. I know they have groundwater in this valley. And the climbers come from all over the world, some come in groups.


Thanks for the information! It's a beautiful valley!

What a lovely place to explore, quiet little bays with turquoise water going into deep blue. Being in a secluded area would appeal to likes in travel.

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Yes, @joanstewart, we always love to go to places where normal tourists don't go.

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Thanks a lot.

Wow! What an interesting island! And you traversed it on a scooter? :O So fascinating ! :D I wish to experience this one day !

The photos are very nice and I love your writings, as well... Those climbers must have been really cool to spectate :)

Great post <3


Thanks, @veryspider. All the Greek islands are different. Each one has its own character and a scooter is the best way to explore the islands in a comfortable time.

Lovely tour, Greece is still one of the places on my travelling list... so beautiful!


Yes @joelai, Greece is an awesome country with a huge history and lovely people.


Can't wait to go there!

It looks beautiful!

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Thanks, @felt.buzz. Appreciated that you enjoyed it.

Fantastic photos. It would nice to visit one day. Unfortunately, flights from the US are pretty pricey, especially for families.

Proud member of #powerhousecreatives


Thank you @toddrjohnson. Yes, Greece is worth a trip. Not only because of its history but also because of the people. They are very hospitable and incredibly proud of their country and their history.

I think I could spend the whole day in Fathy! Awesome beauty there. Thanks for putting this little tour together. It really sparked my interest and I am putting this on my bucket list!


Thanks for passing by @bdmillergallery. Yes, we stayed there on a second trip for a whole day and it's worth it.

wunderschoene photos @ikarus56


Danke @claudiaz.



It certainly looks like a lovely place my friend!


Yes, my friend. Greece is lovely and every island is different.

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Thanks a lot.

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A huge thanks to all at #powerhousecreatives.

I thought Kalymnos sounded familiar and when you mentioned Kos, it triggered my memory as I stayed there for 2 weeks many moons ago! Although we never went to Kalymnos, we went to another neighbouring island called Nissyros, which is an active volcano (if memory serves right). Pretty cool to walk in if you haven't had a chance to visit yet!

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Thanks for passing by @nickyhavey. Yes, I've been on Nissyros several times. I hope you also visited the small villages on the crater rim. It has a beautiful view of the crater. And you are right, this volcano is still active.

Sehr schöne Artikel mit super Fotos. 👍

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Danke vielmals, @emeliya.

Those views look amazing. I really like the cliffs. But I have concerns about people climbing. I guess they know what they are doing, but it looks uncomfortable.


Thank you @abitcoinskeptic. I think these climbers there are no beginners and for us, it looked like they knew what they are doing.

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Amazing sightseeing I would gladly climb them cliffs


Many thanks, @psyceratopsb. Nice to watch the climbers, but never do that on my own. lol

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Thank you.

Incredible pictures, @ikarus56! I love Greece. It is such a beautiful country. I had no idea it was such a destination for climbing.


Yes, @jayna. Greece is a wonderful country with wonderful people.

That scooter tour sounds very exciting. Great job on the photos. I could almost feel the tension on the rock climbing. It is something I would not dare attempt lol. Cheers!


Thanks for passing by my friend. You are right, we enjoyed watching the climbers but I would never do on my own. Have a great day.

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