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Hi everyone, @itchyfeetdonica here with another edition of #traveldigest! Due to our Worldmap's holiday break itself, the posts we are curating now are a few days behind. But no worries, you won't miss any great ones. Enjoy! =)

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Travel Digest

#1 Travel diaries day 3: Swinging on the edge between Georgia and Azerbaijan

@ctdots got up early to visit David Gareja monastery complex and Kakheti region of Georgia. After a tough ride in a taxi, they reached the unique monastery built near a cliff between two rocks. At a hilltop closeby, they saw the magnificent natural border of Georgia and Azerbaijan. Their journey went on to Kakheti wine region, where he showed us the Bodbe monastery and picturesque winery town Sighnaghi. We can also see the traditional Georgian cuisine in his post such as Khinkali dumplings and Kharcho soup.

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#2 Travel: No wind blows in favor of a surfer without direction ????

Next, @guchtere takes us to Istria region in Croatia. They had a MTB ride following the fruit trail around the hills in medieval Motovun. This wine area also boasts the largest white truffle ever found in the world. They walked on the well-preserved city wall and found out a legend about a giant who lived in the surrounding hills. At the end of the day, they biked through the charming town Rovinj. And during the left days of their trip, he captured the beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea.

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#3 Sandefjord - my FIRST time in Scandinavia!

At last, let's follow @lashotta to Sandefjord, a small port town that is said to be one of the sunniest places in Norway. It's an ideal weekend getaway which is easy to reach, and the water there in the Baltic Sea looks cleaner than his home side in Poland. He recommends cycling through the peaceful nature around. You will soak in the typical Scandinavian atmosphere with fjord, marina and huge ferries. Also have a look at his photos of the colorful murals and old churches.

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You are welcome. Cheers to the sunny coast! 🍻

Thank you for mentioning! Congratz for other authors. Great posts, Guys!

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Keep your good ones coming!

Thanks for featuring my last travel post from 2018! Honored to stand between the other featured persons @ctdots and @lashotta.


Well deserved! Epic series you created there.

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Thank you for mentioning me honorably. ;) I appreciate your continued support!